Buildings In Simtown

When to Construct Buildings


How Much Does it Cost to Build a Business?

Car Dealership and Driving

Costume and Swim Store

Guide to the Mall

Maternity Store


Pet Salon

Pet Store

Promotions R Us Store

Building the Restaurant 

Using the Restaurant 

Sorcerous Supplies Store




House Guide Part 1

House Guide Part 2

House Guide Part 3- Templates

House Guide Part 4- Penthouse Apartments

House Guide Part 5- Prize Houses

Houseboats Guide

Sim Sign and Teen Mansion


Building Guides:

Empty House Options

Building Deleting and Resizing Rooms

Buying, Selling and Storing Items

Adding Stairs

Adding a Pool

Adding Patios

Adding Balconies

Adding Basements

Adding Mezzanine Floors

Adding Exterior Balcony Stairs

Submitting a House (Architect Homes)



Building Quests:

Ocean View Estate Quest

Multi Story Renovations Quest

DIY Homes: Peaceful Patios Quest

DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balconies Quest

DIY Homes: Basement of Kings Quest

DIY Homes: All Mezzed Up Quest

Extreme Home Takeover Quest

Sims and the City Quest

Back to the Wall Quest

L-Shaped Rooms Quest





Bingo Hall

Guide to the Campgrounds



Community Center

Competition Center

Pet Park

Snow Park

Guide to the Stables


Workplaces (Careers)

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Workplace?

Art Gallery (Artist)

Fire Station (Fire Fighter)

Hospital (Medical Staff)

Movie Studio (Filmmaker)

Police Station (Police Officer)

Real Estate Agency (Real Estate Agent)

Recording Studio (Musician)

Science Lab (Scientist)

Simtown Elementary (Teacher)

Simtown Elementary and Simtown High (school for preteen and teens)

Stadium (Athlete)

Town Hall (Politician)