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This page will show you the links to all the career guides, including every job you can get, the hours they work for, how much money they make, how to get a job and send your sims to work!


Getting a Job and Sending a Sim to Work

How much does it cost to build a workplace?

Which career earns the most money?



Fire Fighter



Real Estate



NOTE: You can send your sims to work again at/after 12am as it is the start of a new day

Profession Careers

Guide to Profession Careers



Medical Staff

Which career earns the most money?


VideoQuick Guide to The Police Career

Video Frequently Asked Questions About Profession Careers

Should you change your sims career when you reach the highest level? I don’t recommend it as you earn less money until you reach the highest level again.


119 thoughts on “Careers

  1. What job earns the most money at the highest level?

  2. This blog has helped me navigate through my Sims freeplay over and over. Thank you for all of your hard work ☺

  3. Will there ever be a veterinary profession???? That would be awesome!!!!!

  4. If my sim is at level 8 of a professional career, and I change his job, do I lose all his career levels and the unlocked rooms in his career? I’m wondering if I could keep quitting job to get 2 different sims work their way up to level 10 in the same profession…just one has to quit in order for the other sim to work…

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