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  1. Hi i cant watch the cooking show on tv it doesnt give that option. Im on Level 14 and i have a stove and a toaster i have it all but it says i cant cook unless i do the bread winner quest. How can i do the quest when it doesnt pop up please help.

    • You have to wait until you get the quest to be able to watch the cooking show.
      The quest is probably in your queue, you need to finish previous quests to be able to do this one.

  2. My sims free did an update, and you can no longer see quests before the new week starts. That’s fine, but how can I get to my keys for the mystery boxes??

  3. Hi, I just updated to the Christmas update, the update after the RED update. There are prizes given out everyday next to the mailbox. My first prize was a dragon ice sculpture. I located it in my decorations tab marked 1x free. When I try to place it it won’t let me. In my biggest open space there’s a x and it’s red instead of green for placement. What am I doing wrong ?

  4. I haven’t gotten the xmas update. Is this because I have an android phone? Are they only giving this to Apple users?

  5. On the weekly quest it wants me to have a toddler talk to a sim. When I click the option talk to, it won’t complete the task. How can I pass this??

  6. Question about Sims Free Play (Apple) monuments for the volcano. I feel as though I hit a point where I”m not finding many resources any more. I’m at level 7 for all, and 11 for the Riches of Terra. Otherwise I’m stuck and not finding more of the ones that are hardest to come by. Same with the Teen Idol sign. I don’t want to waste 30-50 LP just to level up on them. Then this also limits me on the Ancient Goddess one too.

    • I am in the same position, it takes a long time to find the rare pieces
      I used LPs to build my sim sign otherwise I would have been on it for ages, I didn’t mind using LPs on that because it unlocked the teen mansion
      I haven’t even started on the ancient goddess, there is no point until the other monuments are done as it uses resources you need from the other monuments.
      There isn’t much we can do apart from keep going!

  7. Do you know how to get to the mystery box shop now that they’ve capped the number of weekly quests you can do? I finished my weekly quest, but I have 10 keys that I’d like to cash in. Do I have to wait until the next set of weekly quests starts up?

  8. I am not able to go to santa’s workshop bcz i have left the slieh there.and i cant even use simtracker to approach santa….how can i go to his workshop?

    • Thanks!
      I’ve deleted it because everyone moaned at me the quest was wrong, I haven’t had the chance to delete the links yet though, sorry.
      Well that post wouldn’t help you with that anyway, that is just the first quest in the game, the main quests list post will help you find out where you are.

  9. hi …im on day 10 of the xmas quest and have to implore the grouch to turn off the locomotive…..when i click on my sim ( and the grouch is standing next to him) it goes to another sim in that household and i dont get the option to implore the grouch….ive tried going to santas workshop but grouch just stays at the house….hopin you can help …im stumped ….many thanks

  10. I’m not sure you’ll know the answer to this. I have been searching the web and can’t find anything about it. I can connect to the party boat and go to every neighbors house EXCEPT the ONE who has the most stuff – which is the one I use for 99% of the neighbor tasks. When I choose her town and then the sim I want to go there – the sims logo pops up as if it is taking me there and then the app crashes. I saved to the cloud and deleted the whole game the other day. After reinstalling I was able to go to that neighbors town for a few hours and then it started crashing again. I repeated the whole process of saving and reinstalling again, but it didn’t allow me to go to her town as it did before. Have you heard of this or do you have any idea how to fix it? Thank you for taking the time to help all of us.

    • Yes the problem is the RAM, my iPad does it all the time when I visit neighbours
      The game is trying to use more RAM than your device has, so it crashes as it can’t cope
      The thing I do, which isn’t a permanent fix but it works for a while is just turning my device off and on again

  11. I’m not asking any questions, this is just to say a big thank you to the girl who games. I play Sims free play with my children and the very arbitrary nature of the timings on quests used to make it difficult for me to know whether I needed to do something or could wait for them to do. Your website provides all those answers and is simple to understand and well laid out, so a very big thank you from me (and my little two)๐Ÿ˜Š

  12. Hi again!:)

    Im on a quest . ” a dance to remeber” – Have you write the quest in here ?

    // Carolina

  13. Hi. Happy new year! With the dance to remember. It says 2 pairs which I took to mean 2 couples but I only got the ‘chat’ option once

  14. In an earlier posts, there was a picture of a house that was made just to get the needs done and I want to recreate that house in my game so if you know which post it is in could you please tell me?

  15. i’ve sent you friend request on facebook and message, if you allow me to be your neighbour, plz add me ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Hi. In your town you have houses that are gated and your car is on your property. How can i do that too??

    • that is called the teen mansion, you need to complete the teen idol quest to unlock the sim sign, once you have built the sim sign you will be able to build the teen mansion.

  17. I want to complete the bread winner quest but I’m on level 18 and that quest was able on lvl 7 and it does not let me do it what do I do!!!!!

    • look in your quest queue, you will probably see bread winner in there, if you do then you need to complete all previous quests (the one you are on now and all that appear before it in the queue) before you can do it

  18. I haven’t been able to do any of my quest. I spent the money on that globe and don’t have the option to look for the island -.- same with the real estate quest. How come I can’t complete any of my quest ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    • what quest are you on right now? if you aren’t on that quest you won’t be able to look for the island
      You can only complete one quest at a time, look in your goal tab to see what one you are on.

  19. Hi. Love your very helpful site. Thank you for creating it. I am new to free play and on level 10. For the past 3 days I have not been able to connect to the party boat which means I cannot visit my friends. Why is this? What happened? It is flashing like it had been doing to let me know I could collect simpletons and visit my friends on Facebook but each time I click on it, it states ‘Cannot connect’ with an option to ‘Try again’ but when I choose that, it gives me the same message. Hope you can help. Thank you very much for your time.

    • I’m glad you like it!
      My game is doing exactly the same thing! I am unable to connect to the party boat and I don’t know why, I have logged out of facebook, turned my device off and back on, then logged back into facebook and it still won’t work, you could try that, it might work for you
      I’ve just been waiting for it to sort itself out but its been a week now and it still hasn’t started working again so I might be contacting EA soon about it

      • Hi. Thank you for your response. I wondered if I was the only one experiencing this. Frustrating isn’t it? I thought it might return once I leveled up but I have done that and it still isn’t connecting to the party boat. I did the same things you have done and it has not worked for me, either. I play on my Kindle HD. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not?
        It was working with no issues when I first started playing so I’m guessing it shouldn’t matter that my device is the Kindle Fire and not an iPhone or, iPad. Please keep me informed should you contact EA and get a response or a “fix” for this issue. Thank you again for your response and for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it very much. =)

      • I have finally got mine to work by disconnecting the game from facebook, you do this in facebook by going to account settings and selecting apps. it will say what is logged in to facebook and you can disconnect the sims freeplay, then close facebook and go back onto the game and connect again, it should work (but your neighbours might take a while to reappear) I’m just waiting for my neighbours to come back now, I hope this helps!

  20. Hey Im on the sous judgemental quest where the task says to have a toddler make a mud pie and I just turned my toddler into a preteen in the last quest. how do I complete this task? Do I have to make another baby? Thanks

  21. On the quest “A Dance To Remember” , I can not see inside the villa but my sims are inside. What do I do to explore the villa?

  22. On sims free play I accidentally deleted the ocean view estate quest, how do I get it back? By the I think i deleted it because it’s not telling me to do anything

  23. My neighbor has a podium but when I go to her house it disappeares every time ๐Ÿ™‚ but she sent pix n I went to the same house n place ‘ does it need to be outside? How’d u gals pass this level…..Auction podium at a neighbors

  24. I play the sims freeplay on iPad, I dont have any neighbors could someone please add me on game center my name is ahiai ? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Hi, I have tried commenting on the relevant post. I have just added the mall to my freeplay and I have completed the modelling hobby. I have not got the bowling hobby yet or I can’t even open the second part on the left side of the mall to allow my sims through to the bowling. Is there a certain date/task or something I need to do to get this.


  26. On the quest โ€œA Dance To Rememberโ€ , I can not see inside the villa but my sims are inside. What do I do to explore the villa?

  27. My sims will not open anymore. Every time I open it, it will just crash and the sims freeplay logo just repeats itself. Is there any way to fix it? And if I delete my app, will all the data in my sims remain or do i have to start over again?

    • It depends when you last connected to the cloud, if it was recently your data should all be there still if you uninstall the game
      If you don’t know you should contact EA, they should be able to help you.

  28. Hi
    Does each level you reach allow you to add another person? Is there a max number that you reach?
    Thank you!!

  29. Hi, my name is Marisa and who ever created the sims freeplay should have made you have the ability to make the horses go where you want them to and not where they want to! And I think you should be able to put them in their stable bcuz I want to be able to do all that! Do you think so?!

  30. So the Sims Freeplay will not allow me to visit some of my neighbors because they have the updated version and I do not, but my Kindle has yet to ask me or automatically update the new version. What do I need to do?

  31. How do I get three sims to speculate, I have had them pondering at the table but it doesn’t win the task!!! How do I do it. I am on level 11. Thank you. Debbie

  32. Hi! I want to meet move my family of four to a bigger house that I have but it won’t let me move any of my families is it because it is an empty lot? Thx :3!

  33. Hi! Can you help me? On sims freeplay there is a task. ฤฐt is from “The resolution solution” and it says come back in 0 min 0 sec. How i can do that? What should i do? Thank you!

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