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Frequently Asked Questions about The Sims Mobile

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BRAND NEW GAME: The Sims Mobile

What do I think of The Sims Mobile?:

Create a Sim Guide:

Add These Players!:

Getting Married:

Guide to Stickers:

Izzy’s Fashion Shop:

Starting and Switching Careers:


Limited Time Quests and Events (may not be available anymore)..

Hot Tub Dreams Event:

Spring Egg Hunt:

ASOS Fashion Show Event:

Internet Icon Hobby Quest:

Summer Backyard Barbecue Event:

Dreams of Space/Space Explorers Quest:

Back to School Event:

Countdown to Halloween Quest:

Halloween Haunt Event:

Harvestfest Event:

What is the difference between The Sims Freeplay and The Sims Mobile?:

What do you want to see in future updates?:

February 2018 update:

Waterfront update:

My Sims Mobile Playlist on YouTube:

Frequently Asked Questions about The Sims Mobile


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