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  1. I have a question. on the Sims Freeplay, I’ve completed the in Da Clubhouse quest. I did not do it in the time allotted. However I can not find where to buy the trike at. I look online but can’t find any answers. Can you please tell me where to get it at? thanks I appreciate it.

  2. okay so, i just made my teen sim get a hobby as the singer. its been awhile since she finished doing all the little levels like guiatrists, piano, drums singing, and etc. but i can only build the sign if i collect those things tht is needed, like tht record CD and all. but how can i get those resources?

      • like am i suppose to do the collection again using another sim or something? cause i cant use the same sim to get the colection again since i alrdy did. am i right?

  3. Wait im confused lol, i can use the same sim right? And so basically i just make the same sim practice and play the piano, drums, and all instrumenrs again? Or do i have to click something tht says restart or whatever?
    -thanks for ur help and patience πŸ™‚

    • you can use whatever sim you want, the same sim, a different sim- whatever, but you can only use one sim.
      if you have completed the collection then scroll down to the bottom of the collection and click start again.
      then you can play all the instruments again and you will find the notes.

  4. Quick question. I have completed all of the in Da clubhouse quest besides that last part when you have to return the magical book. My todler won’t return the book for some reason. Why is this?

  5. Hi im level 17 i had to an update i can now get my sims to do cooking but it wont let me me its saying ” cooking a little to hot to handle quest available at level 7″ any ideas

  6. My sims can cook now πŸ™‚ do you know how i could get more neighbours not alot of friends on facebook play sims

  7. I’m not sure where to comment this on, but for my weekly task it was to buy 3 cars. I bought the 1 star ones since they’re not as expensive. However I put one of them the mansion I bought which comes with the 3 star luxury car and lost it to a 1 star car. How can I get it back, if I even can? Thanks!

  8. Did you ever buy the Unicorn? Does it do anything differently than a 3 star horse? Was it worth the huge amount of lp?

  9. Hi have you done the ringlets of fire quest where your sims can have long hair is there a breakdown on what to do like you have done on your other quest

  10. Can you please remove me from your sims freeplay neighbor request list? My Game Center friends list is full and I can’t add any more requests. My Game Center name is danie 33. Thanks!

  11. I cant believe how long it has taken me to do the ringlets. Of fire quest I’ve had six sims designing fashion non stop and i only have 4hours i dont think i will get any hair styles. 😦

  12. I have the newest version of sims freeplay downloaded last month. I’m on level 26 and cannot find any options to hunt ghosts. Have they removed this option? I’m on “alien concept”. I have the midevil mansion and the lights flicker, but there are no options to purchase in the home store that have the ghost option. In the mansion the lights flicker at night in the dining room with the chains and they glow red but I cannot click on them. Is this just a feature of the house or am I missing something?

  13. I’m trying to skip to the highest level. (if that’s possible) without using utorrent and all that. im at level 26 and I just want to skip ahead

  14. Hi sorry to keep bothering you lol im a pest but i didnt complete the quest for multi story can i still hace stairs im having trouble fitting them in does the room have to be a certain size or shape

  15. Hi again..
    Well I’m still stuck up in need for stead task of cleaning up the mess in the yard..I contacted ea n I got a reply from them saying they are trying to fix it which was 2 weeks back.I’m still waiting but no response from their end.please help me…

  16. I use to be a big Sims Freeplay gamer but had fell off once I heard about the life’s and dreams update. I decided to update the app to see how the new updates look and actually had the pleasure of completing the recent quests backwards. I am now about to complete the cooking quest to get the restaurant so that leaves me with the life’s and dreams quest which I do not want to complete. Will there be a way for me to have access to the carnival, arcade, beach and the new animal park update if I don’t complete the life and dreams quest? I haven’t updated my app yet in the App Store for the animal update.

  17. For the sims Freeplay, I’m in love with beach side escape ! Three bed rooms, and extra little area on the other side. You can sell those rooms and build a pool! I just started the sims freeplay about 10 minutes ago, I was wondering of there is a fast way to get that house?

    • There is no fast way to get this house, the ocean view estate needs to be completed on time to get this house and I believe it costs 50LPs so maybe you should start saving up πŸ™‚

  18. Please help! I did a time cheat in a game few times and it messed up something. It shows that I can play simoleon sprout in 193 days! And also I was building a horse stable – so it show that it’s gonna and up in 1500 hours! It’s means like never!!! :((( I cannot cancel building so I can not build anything else!!! :((( please help!!!

    • Liza,

      Last year, I did the cheat because I was greedy for LPs and I learned the hard way. I couldn’t finish a building because it was going to be completed in a year. Some of my sims wouldn’t work or was stuck in action. I finally kept tampering with it and was able to get the dates and times back to current state but had to delete three sims because they wouldn’t do anything but I was able to recreate them with the same names but they were not where they were before the cheat. It may be harder now to do this since they have the life and legacies aspect of the game. Hope you get back on track. I know better now not to cheat. It’s a bigger mess in the end.

  19. Nathan and Chelsea have been together since they were born. They became best friends as pre-teens, and started seriously dating as teens. Now they’re all grown up, and engaged to be married!!! πŸ˜€ I usually try to resist spending real life money, but this couple really means a lot to me, so I was going to splurge and buy the wedding bundle. Problem: Ever since the new update, I can’t find it in the online store. Unfortunately, I wasn’t offered the bundle when I completed the ‘Love is in the air’ quest. Is there anyway I can still get Chelsea the gown of her dreams?!

    • Unfortunately they have removed all of the previous items from the online store that you didn’t get as a prize by not completing a quest in the time limit :/ I have no idea why- it seems ridiculous to me!

  20. I installed ios8 a few days and now sims freeplay is crashing on me when I am trying to complete a task in a different neighborhood. It doesn’t allow my sim to stay in and complete the task…has anyone else have this problem?

  21. I just completed the cooking hobby and it congratulated me, but didn’t award me the life points and then reset the whole hobby! Now I have to start over. The same thing happened with horse tricks. Why? I really wanted to start darling the chopping boards. Wth? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  22. Hey! I’m on Sims Freeplay and my sims just got engaged. I went to do the next step of the quest but it’s reverted back to the Partners one. I can’t take the next step, which is be more romantic because the engaged bar is full. I don’t get the option to have them live together. Please help…

  23. Hi, how do I have a quick chat using my neighbors phone. I did that and it didn’t work! ~help please~

  24. Hi,
    I have the answer to the riddle from the box and now i cant find a pirate to tell the answer to, can you tell me where to find one?

  25. Hi,
    I really can’t find one clue on the queast: the pirate and his goddes.
    I’ve already found the first part of the clue, but where do I find the other one?

  26. Love your site! I always come check here first when I have Sims Freeplay questions! Thanks for your blog!

  27. I have completed the playhouse hobby, and it said I unlocked the playhouse to build in a sims home, but I cannot find it! I have checked my inventory and the home store and I cannot see it anywhere. Where can I access it?

  28. Hello! How do I contact EA? My sim has been stuck in a neighbors town for over a week and I don’t know how to fix this?! Whenever I click to get to him in the other town my game crashes. Any help welcome. Thanks again!

  29. Holding you can assist me. Currently i n process of teen fame quest. After completing reading the magazine part I can no longer buy or sell anything except for the magazines. Even I’m locked out of house editing. Thank you.

  30. I forgot to take my toddler over immediately and give the branch the mud pie, how can I complete this quest?

  31. needs friends! the sims free play (Game Center) gaMaritsa (also need someone with a fire hydrant) thanks!

    • A lot of people are having trouble with this update not loading as it takes up more memory than usual, try to find out how much memory is on your device and how much is being used up, you may have to delete some things to get it to work again, sorry!

  32. Other things which have changed in sims free are when growing green beans and other plants, the money you get at the end is less 😦

    • Which quest are you on? If its a weekly quest you will have to wait for your daily reward to arrive
      If its the mysterious island quest and the goal is Post bridge schematics using post box then you need to get a sim to click on the mailbox

  33. SO I actually got all the broomsticks with 23 hrs to spare and I must have misunderstood because I do not have a mop for free…its in the store to buy for $888,888. ? Seriously ? What was the point of completing in 7 days ?

  34. I’m really curious what you’re town looks like can you post some pictures???


  35. I had a question. Are teenagers allowed to use the bar stool at the restaurant? I haven’t unlocked the Teenagers quest yet, and I was just wondering.

  36. I have a question I am trying to get passed the “cooking burgers” but it doesn’t give me the option and I’m already in level 12… So I’m stuck because I can’t finish that task…

  37. Hi, I’m a bit stuck on the life dreams and legacies quest. I’m up to have a baby. I had 2 married couples, I uses the fermale of 1 to age to a senior and she’s since died. My other married couple already have 2 kids so when I try to add a baby it says it’s crowded. Help?!?!

  38. I’m stuck in the stitches quest! It’s asking me to make pizza, but I can’t cook on the ovens yet!
    Is there anything I can do? Pls help!

  39. My iPad died and I had to get a new one. I finished the Spell Quest just before it died and got a dragon. When I got my new iPad the quest was unfinished and no dragons available to me now. I’m trying to finish the quest and I’m on the last step. The wizard isn’t there to talk to. Am I out of luck all the way around?

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