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You can find The Girl Who Games on:

  • YouTube– I post at least 3 videos every week! Some of my latest ones include the Back to the Wall Discovery Quest walkthrough and I am currently remaking all the main quests walkthroughs for 2018!
  • Twitter– you can see whenever I post on my blog or YouTube if you follow me on Twitter, I also post other information and small news pieces that aren’t really suitable for a full blog post
  • Instagram– you will be able to see my progress in events, my opinions on things in the games and I also try and let you know when new events begin through my Instagram and again like Twitter I post information that isn’t long enough for a blog post!

You can also find me on Google+

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Facebook still haven’t given me access back to my account so please don’t ask me questions on my blog facebook page as I cannot answer them, sorry!

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