This page will show you the links to all the career guides, including every job you can get, the hours they work for, how much money they make, how to get a job and send your sims to work!


Getting a Job and Sending a Sim to Work

How much does it cost to build a workplace?

Which career earns the most money?



Fire Fighter



Real Estate



NOTE: You can send your sims to work again at/after 12am as it is the start of a new day

Profession Careers

Guide to Profession Careers



Medical Staff

Which career earns the most money?


VideoQuick Guide to The Police Career

Video Frequently Asked Questions About Profession Careers

Should you change your sims career when you reach the highest level? I don’t recommend it as you earn less money until you reach the highest level again.


135 thoughts on “Careers

  1. Does your sims job affect their life Dream if their life dream is NOT to
    say go to work as a Musician every day? It’s something else like singing on the microphone?

  2. In some of the quests you have to have a sim hybernate, can I get credit for this step by having a baby hybernate?

  3. Which career would you suggest as the best?
    I have all my sims as athletes as when they are inspired and at max promotions, then they earn 2700 each.

  4. Ever had a Sim who couldn’t go to work?

    Yesterday at 9 PM I used 1 LP to have them finish bowling, then sent them to work at the Town Hall. This morning their briefcases are greyed out. Normally when I send them to work before midnight, I can send them again the next morning…

    I hope this resolves tomorrow. Is this a common issue? 😦

  5. Hi, could you please help me with that? I want to send my Sim for a firefighting competition. He achieved a high level in this career, but now he works as a real estate agent. Does he still remember his firefighting skills? And same question I have for hobbies, when they changed it do they forget what they’ve learnt in previous hobby?

  6. Once a sim is at the top level as an actor, do they earn extra money at work if they keep practicing film making at home?

  7. Quick question about jobs. I have the majority of my sims as actors because of the pay. Is there a reason you have them as athletes? Also I’m on the seniors quest but I have a few things I want to do before LD&L Quest (get the ski lift running, build Deer Park Falls). How much money should I have before going onto LD&L and would you recommend me finishing those things before going to the last quest?

    Also I LOVE your blog. I’m so glad you have it it’s kept me going when I’ve felt like quitting!

    • Who knows! Probably just said athlete when I meant actor or they have changed the amount you earn.
      Its impossible to say how much money are are going to need, but the quest itself shouldn’t cost you anything. And if you want to complete all quests within the time limits to get the prizes then I would recommend doing the quests first but if you aren’t bothered about completing them in time then you could build those things now but I personally would wait

  8. Why can’t they have ballet as a job. Or superhero. Spy would be epic and I know they have secret agent in sims 4.

  9. Is it possible to get the outfits they go to work in because some of them are nice. Love your blog thanks a mill!!!

  10. Hello, thanks for your guides. I have a question about inspiration.
    I always send my sims to work after making their needs(motives) 100% fullfilled. Is it logical to always keep them at 100%? do they drain while my sims are at work? Even if i don’t have all the motives 100%, inspired status stays for a while till they drain to certain level. I mean, if I send an inspired, but not 100% sim to work, is there a chance to lose payment bonus? Can they lose inspiration? Thanks.

    • They won’t lose money if you don’t send them to work inspired, I only inspire my sims when I want them to plant, I don’t when I send them to work and they still earn bonuses from the monuments

      • What does it mean to be inspired? 100% for every need (hunger, bladder, hygiene, energy, conversation, and the inspiration bars) or just the last bar will do?

        And what/how will it affect if our sims aren’t inspired while completing certain actions (like planting)?

      • Yes, all the bars need to be completely or almost completely full up
        If your sim isn’t inspired they earn less money and XPs when planting and less XPs when completing actions.

  11. Hey!
    I know all
    About sending a sim to work and I have read all through your blog but I can’t seem to find out how long I have to wait between pulsing suitcase and sending a sim to work and then returning until the suitcase pulses again. If that makes sense!? I’m on the extreme home takeover quest and am about to run out of time and I need to send a sim to work at the real estate agency right away! But she already had returned from work at around 10am or so and its been 12 hours and I’m still waiting! Let me know! Thanks 🙂

  12. My sims cant go to work its been like 2 months, is there a way to fix this? I already tried changing the career but the go to work button doesnt light up…

  13. Can you update this page to include the police officer jobs I wanted to see what the new upgrades would be for each equipment like desk and can

  14. Is it worth having all sims to be police cause it has professions and they seem to be quite hard to get

    • You can only have two sims specialise in either metro police or special agent so the other sims will only be rookies so I wouldn’t have all sims as police because they won’t all be useful in that job.

  15. Thanks for all you do. Appreciate all the help and read lots of your tips and suggestion it has been a great help.

    Question is: above you do not include police which i assume it has just become available and not much has been stated about it.

    What your experience with this job?

  16. Wish i would have taken the survey after i built the hospital. 18-30 minutes to complete something? Thats just alot of time. 10 mins max like the other jobs.

  17. Great blog.

    So.. I’m doing well on my sims. So you know how on sims 1, 2, 3 you can read something or play chess to level up for your careers. In free play is it possible to read up on something to help with your job sans the career nor hobby items. Example scientist track reading a science magazine or actor reading celebrity gossip

    I read whatever I get prompted but sometimes I’m busy with other tasks and want my Sim to do something besides leveling up.

  18. Hi, does your sim lose their career level when switching between careers? I have a level 3 Jogger at the studio and thinking of switching to Doctor. If I don’t like it and switch back, will i begin at level 1 again?

  19. I currently have two sims at those profession workplaces, one as a Director and one as a Detective. For the next badge I need Award Statues and Fingerprints. I have unlocked the rooms, so I should be able to collect them but I don’t know how. Are they just like the other resources (Donuts, Flashlights, Popcorn,..)? Do I have to wait for people to show up with that kind of bubble?
    Thankful for any help I can get 🙂

    • Have you definitely unlocked all the rooms? Because I have sims that come in all the time with award statues and fingerprints, you can also get them as the reward for completing your quota so they do show up!

      • Yeah, right after I wrote the comment someone appeared with an Award Statue 😅 It took about a day that’s why I asked, thought something went wrong.
        Thank you though! 🙂

  20. First of all, THANK YOU for your effort and patience.
    My questions are:
    Are there rewards to basic careers (Fire Fighters, Artists, etc.) such as Town Worth, or items available for Sims or Houses? I maxed out my experience level, and I can’t recall if careers offer something rewarding.
    What would you suggest: gardening or careers to get Simoleons?

    • You’re welcome!
      No there aren’t, you only get simoleons and xps in these careers.
      I tend to send my sims to work during the day then they garden beans through the night 🙂

  21. Hi… I have a new option for professional career as medical staff to work 12 hours at hospital but I can’t find hospital to build and I can’t find that option at your professional career lost. Can you help me?

  22. Hey… I’m at level 8 of doctor’s career, with the xp bar of full level, but I can’t get promoted! What do I do? I already got all the badges! All my careers are with this problem! 😦

  23. Does anyone have any tips for completing badge requirements before helping the number of sims that lets your sim leave early? I keep almost completing my level up requirements but then they help enough sims and their shifts end early.

  24. Hello. Thank you so much for your fantastic advice. I refer to you regularly. Always very well explained and helpful.
    I wonder if you could help me or give me the contract details of someone who could. I love the automatic pool cleaners, but would really really love it if there was something you could get that would keep your pets happiness full. I have a lot of pets and find it hard to keep them all happy and I don’t like it when they are sad! I would be willing to pay up to 7.99 for something like this that kept all my pets happy automatically. Many thanks xx

    • You’re welcome!
      Oh that would be great if an item did that but unfortunately there is nothing currently available to do this! You could always contact the developers in a review or on facebook or twitter and let them know your suggestion!

  25. When my Sim is at 100 % and level 5/5 in their job should I change their job? As im not sure if they are going to progress from there.

  26. Once I’ve built the professions workplaces (hospital, police, film studio), if I switch careers for a Sim who has achieved the highest level so that I can start another Sim on that, do you know if I will lose progress on those workplaces? I’ve built all but the hospital to 100% and have leveled all my specialists up to their highest levels so I was thinking of having specialists quit and replace them.

  27. I am unable to interact with my baby. Whenever i choose an action the sim don’t go near the baby.

  28. Do I need to be VIP 7 to unlock police car or sketch room. I have enough resources. Thanks for your help.x

  29. Hi! Thank you for you site. I’m a long time player and have checked out your site for tips which were super helpful. I apprecite any ideas regarding my Police sim who is a specialized Special Agent at 6/10 with two badges collected. To get the last badge I have to “help two impotant sims” and I can’t figure out who these sims are or where they are. Thank you in advance.

  30. Question: In the police officer career I am having trouble. How come when I try to send people to do tasks at the training centre it says it’s busy. But it’s not! It says another sim is using it. I can click on it but a message like that comes up. Glitch? I can’t help a lot of people.

    • When this happens I usually just exit and go to simtown and then go back to the police station and it usually fixes it, if not then try to restart your device and try again.

  31. Is there a limit to how many days a sim can miss work before they get fired? Or does it not matter at all?

    Thank you!

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