The Sims Freeplay- The Pet Park

This is a guide to the pet park, once you complete the life dreams and legacies quest you will have the ability to unlock the pet park.


Requires 2 Bronze Animal Fanatic Orbs and 4 Silver Animal Fanatic Orbs to build

This post explains how you earn orbs

Once you unlock the pet park you unlock the Dog Obedience hobby for adults, seniors and teens

There are two other hobbies at the pet park, Dog Agility and Cat Show, these both require orbs to build the areas to start these hobbies:

Dog Agility: Requires 3 Silver Animal Fanatic Orbs and 2 Gold Animal Fanatic Orbs

  Cat Show: Requires 1 Platinum Animal Fanatic Orb and 3 Gold Animal Fanatic Orbs

 You can have sims judge and watch the cat show but you do not need them to complete this hobby, you only need a sim to partake in the cat show hobby


What else is at the pet park?

One final area requires orbs to build

Nine Lives Cafe: Requires 2 Silver Animal Fanatic Orbs and 3 Gold Animal Fanatic Orbs to build

A sim can wait on tables while another sim waits for coffee, there is also a cat run in the cafe for your cats to use while they are at the pet park
  The dog pool unlocks when you build the pet park, this can be used by your dogs


How do I send my dogs and cats to the pet park?

To be able to send them to the pet park they need to be wearing collars, you can buy collars for them from the Pet Salon. Once they have a collar click on that pet and select ‘send to pet park’  

I really like that cats and dogs can be included in the game more when you build the pet park however it does seem to take a long time to build all the places in this park so I would recommend only using Animal Fanatic Orbs to build the park, use the other orbs to pause your sims.

Thanks for reading!