8 Years of The Girl Who Games- Sims Freeplay Contest!

To celebrate 8 years of The Girl Who Games I am running a contest!

There are two categories:

Create a Sim and Building

The aim is to screenshot your favourite sim or favourite room (or both!) and tell me a little backstory for the sim or room you have created

I will pick a winner from both categories and the two winners have been promised some premium currency (LP or SP) from The Sims Freeplay team!


Email or Tweet your pictures and backstory using the contact information below:


You have until 6pm BST on the 30th October 2021 and the winners will be contacted shortly after.

Good luck!



8 Years of The Girl Who Games

Today I have been blogging for 8 years however it feels very difficult to celebrate after the year I have had. I would firstly like to apologise for being so absent, for those of you who don’t know my mum died in January so this blog hasn’t been my main priority. On this day in previous years my mum made me a ‘Happy Blogday’ cake, my blog anniversary was in her important dates diary so she never forgot. I know a lot of you are still waiting for replies to questions asked long ago and I have no right to say I have been very helpful recently but I am trying hard to change that although to be honest I still have many days where I don’t really want to talk to anyone.

Most importantly I would like to thank all of you for your continued support, some days your kind words really help me get through. It may seem like I have given up on this blog but I have no intention of doing that, in the past couple of weeks I have noticed my motivation returning so hopefully that will continue in the months ahead.

To celebrate 8 years I am holding a Sims Freeplay Create a Sim & Building Contest, click here to find out all about it

The Sims Freeplay- Mysterious Masquerade Update

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA Creator Network) may differ from actual version

Update available from 18th October 9:30pm UTC

Host your own mysterious masquerade ball in this spooky update! Keep reading to find out what is happening in the latest Sims Freeplay update.



Downtown Developer 5 Event can be started from downtown as soon as the update is live. This works the same as the other four and this will be available forever so don’t panic if you don’t want to complete it just yet! The aim is to collect resources to build a brand new 3 story apartment block. Read my post here for more information on how the Downtown Developer Events work

Watch my Contempo Penthouse Tour here


Complete the Mysterious Masquerade Live Event (not available yet) from the 28th October in the 10 day time limit to unlock the Mysterious Masquerade house template

Watch my Mysterious Masquerade House Tour here


Influence Island Season 18: Scandinavian Decor (available now) starts on the 19th October for 10 days

Star Ratings and Prices:

0 Star Rating: Ash Essential Coffee Table (S106,000) Pine Essential Coffee Table (10LP) Silver Hanging Basket Lamp (S65,000) Black Hanging Basket Lamp (6LP) Ash Bathroom Shelf (S55,000) Pine Bathroom Shelf (5LP) Grey Venetian Plants (S105,000) Grey Venetian Plants Double (S125,000) White Venetian Plants (10LP) White Venetian Plants Double (12LP)

1 Star Rating: White Essential Seat (S120,000) White Essential Wall Shelf (S56,000) White Morning Newspaper (S40,000) Ash Essential Mirror Sink (S96,000) White Wall Plant Assortment (S46,000) White A-Frame Shelf (S85,000) White Essential Chaise (S160,000) White Kids Shelves (S66,000) White Kids Hanging Space (S68,000) White Kids Corner Closet (S82,000) White Essential Computer (S155,000) White Essential Double (S140,000) White Essential Triple (S150,000)

2 Star Rating: Tan Essential Seat (12LP) Pine Essential Wall Shelf (5LP) Green Morning Newspaper (4LP) Pine Essential Mirror Sink (9LP) Green Wall Plant Assortment (4LP) Teal A-Frame Shelf (8LP) Tan Essential Chaise (15LP) Green Kids Shelves (6LP) Green Kids Hanging Space (7LP) Green Kids Corner Closet (8LP) Green Essential Computer (15LP) Tan Essential Double (14LP) Tan Essential Triple (14LP)

Influence Island Season 19: Diwali (not available yet) starts on the 3rd November for 10 days

Outfits, shoes and hairstyles for female and male adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

0 Star Rating: Red Hanging Toran (S80,000) Pink Hanging Toran (7LP) Copper Hanging Kandeel (S45,000) Pink Hanging Kandeel (4LP) Long Red Rangoli (S15,000) Long Pink Rangoli (2LP) Red Corner Rangoli (S25,000) Pink Corner Rangoli (3LP) Red Double Hanging Toran (S90,000) Pink Double Hanging Toran (9LP) Copper Kerosene Table Lamp (S20,000) Silver Kerosene Table Lamp (2LP) Large Red Rangoli (S35,000) Large Pink Rangoli (4LP) Red Quad Hanging Toran (S125,000) Pink Quad Hanging Toran (12LP)

1 Star Rating: Pink Urli Bowl (S45,000) Brown Painted Jute Baskets (S103,000) Copper Diwali Sweets (S42,000) White Diwali Sweets (4LP) Gold Jali King Bed (S120,000) Yellow Arch Seated (S850,000) Double Yellow Arch Seated (S950,000) Red Diwali Dining Chair (S28,000) Red Diwali Table (S105,000)

2 Star Rating: Silver Urli Bowl (4LP) Pink Painted Jute Baskets (10LP) Brown Jali King Bed (15LP) White Arch Seated (75LP) Double White Arch Seated (100LP) Brown Diwali Dining Chair (2LP) Pink Diwali Table (10LP)

RETURNING- Influence Island Season 1: School Cafeteria (not available yet) starts on the 17th November for 10 days

If you started it before but didn’t finish it you will start from the beginning (the clam progress will also be reset), if you unlocked any of the prizes before you will earn a free one of each in buy mode and any create a sim items will earn you SP instead

I will not be creating a new post about the Influence Island Event for each season, the only thing that is different is the prizes shown here, click here for more information if you are new to the Influence Island



SimChase Season 35: Scandi Scrimmage! (available now) starts on the 19th October for 9 days

Tops, bottoms and shoes for female teens

Star Ratings and Prices:

0 Star Rating: Gray Rectangles 1×1 (S10,000) Green Rectangles 1×1 (1LP) White Essential Buffet (S124,000) Pine Essential Buffet (12LP) Gray Rectangles 2×1 (S15,000) Green Rectangles 2×1 (1LP) Gray Rectangles 2×2 (S25,000) Green Rectangles 2×2 (2LP) Gray Rectangles 3×1 (S35,000) Green Rectangles 3×1 (3LP) Gray Rectangles 3×2 (S45,000) Green Rectangles 3×2 (4LP) Gray Rectangles 3×3 (S55,000) Green Rectangles 3×3 (5LP) Gray Rectangles 4×1 (S65,000) Green Rectangles 4×1 (6LP) Ash Parquet Table (S110,000) Pine Parquet Table (11LP) Gray Rectangles 4×2 (S75,000) Green Rectangles 4×2 (7LP) Gray Rectangles 4×3 (S85,000) Green Rectangles 4×3 (8LP) Gray Rectangles 4×4 (S95,000) Green Rectangles 4×4 (9LP)

1 Star Rating: Gray Blanket Basket (S25,000) Cream Toiletries (S20,000) White Bath Shelf (S78,000) Green Splotches Painting (S66,000) White Essential Vases (S50,000) Cream Snake Plant (S32,000) White Essential Shelf (S75,000) White Essential Corner (S88,500) White Essential Dining Chair (S30,000) Cream Essential Frames (S80,000) White Marble Island (S160,000) Essential White Stool (S35,000) White Essential TV Unit (S300,000)

2 Star Rating: Green Blanket Basket (2LP) Green Toiletries (2LP) Pine Bath Shelf (8LP) Mint Splotches Painting (6LP) Green Essential Vases (5LP) Green Snake Plant (3LP) Pine Essential Shelf (7LP) Pine Essential Corner (9LP) Green Essential Dining Chair (3LP) Brown Essential Frames (8LP) Gray Marble Island (20LP) Essential Gray Stool (3LP) Green Essential TV Unit (30LP)

RETURNING- SimChase Season 21: Thanksgiving Throwdown! (not available yet) starts on the 19th November for 7 days

If you started it before but didn’t finish it you will start from the beginning, if you unlocked any of the prizes before you will earn a free one of each in buy mode and any create a sim items will earn you SP instead

I will not be creating a new post about SimChase for each season, the only thing that is different is the prizes shown here, click here for more information if you are new to SimChase


There are new time limited prizes when you complete the 9 day pregnancy event in the time limit and earn the baby bonus between the 2nd-10th November

If you start the 9 day pregnancy event anytime during the time frame you have the chance of earning the maternity items in that pack if you complete the event in the time limit, for example if you start a pregnancy event on the 10th November and complete in the time limit you will earn the items above

You need to have completed the first pregnancy event in the A Bump-y Ride Quest before you can earn the maternity prizes


Returning Quest and Event?

The Ghost Flustered Quest will be back between the 15th- 28th November


The Magical Morocco Live Event (not available yet) will be returning on the 16th November for 10 days, complete in the time limit to unlock the Moroccan Marvel house template (the link is from when this event was last available, I will create a new post when it returns)

The Daring Do’s Hair Hobby Event (not available yet) will return on the 20th November for 7 days, complete in the time limit to unlock hairstyles for your female adult sims (the link is from when this event was last available, I will create a new post when it returns)

Timings may change

What else?

  • The Sims Freeplay have collaborated with Funko to give players a FREE ‘Funkoween Fun Pack’ which can be claimed from the online store during this update (as this is a collab it probably won’t return next year so make sure you claim it quickly!)

The pack contains 2 Halloween Pop! style decor and 3 playful masks:

  • Once claimed you can find the Funk-o’-Lantern (S15,000) and Funkghost (S15,500) in the decorations section. These can be placed on the ground or surfaces and sims can admire them. The Funkghost even glows in the dark!
  • The Pumpkin, Skeleton and Witch masks can be found in the headwear section for Toddlers, Preteens, Teens, Adults and Seniors

Watch my Funko ‘Funkoween’ FREE Pack video here

  • Filter System– Building just got easier! The home store now has a filter so you can find items in no time at all:

You can filter by:

  • Type of object
  • Type of currency it costs (free, simoleons, LP or SP)
  • Star rating of the object

For example, here I have filtered my electronics section to show 3 star Phones & Stereos that cost simoleons:

We know this was designed for the decorations section, here I have filtered it to show me Paintings & Pictures that cost SP:

Check out my Filter System video here

  • Check-in rewards– be rewarded for just playing the game! Each day you log in in a row, the larger the prizes. You can find the prizes in the ‘check in rewards’ tab of the mailbox:

These pop ups appear the first time you click on the mailbox after the update:

  • Day 1: 100XP and S100
  • Day 2: S250
  • Day 3: S500 and 1LP
  • Day 4: 1LP
  • Day 5: 500XP and 1LP
  • Day 6: S1,500 and item (item varies depending on what you have already unlocked)
  • Day 7: S2,000 and 2 items (items vary depending on what you have already unlocked)

You can also earn Cumulative prizes which are bigger rewards for bigger check ins:

  • Day 10: 500XP, S500 and 1 Hobby Lucky Spin
  • Day 20: 750XP, S1,000 and 1 Cupcake
  • Day 30: 1,000XP, S1,500 and 1 Mystery Key
  • Day 60: 1,000XP, 1 Simoleon Sprout Spin and 1 Cupcake
  • Day 90: S1,000, 1 Hobby Lucky Spin, 1 Cupcake and 1 VIP Point

What is a-

  • Hobby Lucky Spin: On each row of a hobby collection you can spend LP on a Lucky Spin to find 1 of the collectibles in that row, with this reward you get a free spin instead of spending LP:

  • Cupcake: A Cupcake usually costs 5LP and can be used to inspire a sim. You can have up to 5 free cupcakes stored, any over that amount will be lost so make sure you use them:

  • Mystery Key: Mystery Keys are usually earned by completed Weekly Tasks, these keys can then purchase boxes to unlock items:

  • Simoleon Sprout Spin: You can find this spin from a garden patch, these spins usually cost S250 and the jackpot is S15,000:

  • VIP Point: These are usually earned by purchasing items from the online store for real money, the more VIP Points you earn the higher your VIP Level will be and the more VIP Perks you will unlock:

If you forget to claim your prizes when you last logged in they will be waiting next time you play, you can click on the mailbox icon on either the daily rewards or check in rewards tabs to collect all rewards at once.

Watch my Check In Rewards video here

  • You will also be able to get double rewards from the paperboy between the 25th October- 1st November and 24th-29th November:

Update Videos:

Funko ‘Funkoween’ FREE Pack:

Filter System:

Check In Rewards:

Mysterious Masquerade Live Event Prizes:

Mysterious Masquerade House Tour:

Contempo Penthouse Tour [Downtown Developer 5]:


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The Sims Freeplay- Mysterious Masquerade Live Event

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA Creator Network) may differ from actual version

Starts 28th October 2021

Complete this brand new live event (starts 28th October 2021) to unlock masquerade themed items and if you complete the whole event in the time limit you unlock the Mysterious Masquerade house template. This event is only here for 10 days and the aim of it is to collect enough arts and crafts items from the arts and crafts stations (found in the event tab of buy mode) to unlock all the items in this event.

Check out my Guide to Completing Live Events (including tips!) HERE!

NOTE: if you did another Live Event then you will find your arts and crafts stations in your inventory (or in the house you left them at) you will only be able to use the candle ones until you unlock the other stations in this event

Can’t find your arts and crafts stations? Click on the craft station in your event tab to get the option to find your station, it will take you to the house where your stations can be found!

Want to skip the tasks list? Click here to head straight to the prizes!

Place a crafting station (find the candle station in the events tab of buy mode (or your inventory)- you can only buy 4)

Make some arts and crafts items (click on the candle station to make)- 23 seconds

This takes you to the prize progress tab (you can get to it by clicking on the button in the corner of the screen)

Here you will see you have collected enough items to unlock the Victorian Encaustic Tiles pack. When you unlock each pack, before the items are available in your home store you need to purchase them with the arts and crafts items you make- this goal is coming up!

Restock a crafting station (when the stock runs out you will have to restock before you can make anymore arts and crafts items)- You can restock instantly for 18 uses for 10SP or restock for 2 uses which will take 10 seconds this time

Buy the Victorian Encaustic Tiles pack (click on the event button, scroll down and click purchase- this will cost you 50 candles)

Use a coin flower patch (buy the coin flower patch from the event tab and select the spin plant option)

Check the daily goals (click on the event button and find the daily goals tab- claim the ones you can!)

Remember to claim your rewards each day!

Collect bonuses (while collecting after a certain amount of time you will see the arts and crafts item appear above that sims head, click to collect the bonus item!)

Continue collecting arts and crafts items- this is the last step but the event is not over, keep collecting the arts and crafts to unlock everything!

If you want to speed up a collecting arts and crafts action it will cost you SP, you will get the bonus arts and craft items as well if you speed it up!

Arts and Crafts Stations

Candle Station costs:

1st- Free
2nd- S2,000
3rd- S4,000
4th- S10,000

(maximum of 4)

  • Collect 250 Candles- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 360 Candles- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 455 Candles- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 510 Candles- 8 hours 30 minutes

Pottery Station costs:

1st- S5,000
2nd- S7,500
3rd- S10,000
4th- S15,000

(maximum of 4)

  • Collect 375 Pottery- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 540 Pottery- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 680 Pottery- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 765 Pottery- 8 hours 30 minutes

Jewelry Station costs:

1st- S7,500
2nd- S15,000
3rd- S20,000

(maximum of 3)

  • Collect 565 Jewelry- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 810 Jewelry- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 1025 Jewelry- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 1150 Jewelry- 8 hours 30 minutes

Glassware Station costs:

1st- S7,500
2nd- S25,000

(maximum of 2)

  • Collect 620 Glass- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 890 Glass- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 1125 Glass- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect  1260 Glass- 8 hours 30 minutes


Each station (apart from the first candle one) comes with a stock of 7 which means you can use the station 7 times before it needs to be restocked (if you got your stations out of your inventory they will all need restocking first (apart from the first candle one) When you need to restock you will have two options:

  • Restock 18 uses which happens instantly but will cost you 10SP
  • Restock 9 uses which will take you 2 hours 30 minutes but will be free


  • if you store the station you will lose all the stock so when you place it again you will need to restock
  • if you cancel making something using a station you will lose that stock so if you had one stock left and then you cancelled that action you would need to restock before you can create anymore arts and crafts items

Your Progress:

Click the event button in the top corner of your game to see your progress

Daily Goals

Check on the first tab every day because if you complete all the daily goals you will get additional constructor coins

NOTE: remember to click CLAIM once you have completed a daily goal to collect the reward and remember to claim your free constructor coins and free items each day!

Prize Progress

The prize progress is how far you have got on this event, the more arts and crafts items you make the more prizes you will unlock 

NOTE: the bar at the top of the personal progress tab shows you how close you are to unlocking an item, the more arts and crafts items you collect the more the bar will fill up. Once you have unlocked an item on the bar at the top you will be able to use the arts and crafts items you have collected and constructor coins to purchase that pack which you will then be able to find in the home store.


The first one of each prize is free

1.Victorian Encaustic Tiles– requires 50 candles to buy

Floors Section: Black Encaustic Tile (S250)

2.3 Constructor Coins

3.3 Constructor Coins

4.Beguiling Ballroom- Gilded Gothic and Eclectic Eleganza

Gilded Gothic– requires 1,200 candles and 5 constructor coins to buy

Walls Section: Black (S450) and Bronze (S550) Classical Panels

Black (S650) and Bronze (S750) Classical Panels Upper

Eclectic Eleganza– requires 3,600 candles and 25 constructor coins to buy

Windows Section: Black (S105,000) and Bronze (9SP) Classical Curtains Single

Black (S115,000) and Bronze (10SP) Classical Curtains Double

5.Pottery Station

6.4 Constructor Coins

7.4 Constructor Coins

8.Deluxe Decadence- Sumptuous Secrets and Rich Reads

Sumptuous Secrets– requires 10,900 candles, 8,500 pottery and 80 constructor coins to buy

Decorations Section: Gold (S132,000) and Bronze (12SP) Classical Portraits

Doors Section: Black (S100,000) and Bronze (9SP) Hidden Doors

Rich Reads– requires 14,500 candles, 11,300 pottery and 105 constructor coins to buy

Living Room Section: Black (S90,000) and Bronze (8SP) Classical Single Bookshelves

Black (S115,000) and Bronze (10SP) Classical Double Bookshelves

9.Jewelry Station

10.5 Constructor Coins

11.2 Social Points

12.5 Constructor Coins

13.Dining Delights- Piquant Pillars and Bewitching Banquet

Piquant Pillars– requires 16,075 pottery, 17,000 jewelry and 150 constructor coins to buy

Lighting Section: Gold (S85,000) and Bronze (7SP) Candelabras

Decorations Section: Black (S180,000) and Gray (17SP) Classical Pillars

Tall Black (S200,000) and Gray (19SP) Classical Pillars

Bewitching Banquet– requires 17,000 pottery, 18,000 jewelry and 160 constructor coins to buy

Dining Room Section: Black (S45,000) and Bronze (3SP) Classical Dining Chairs

Black (S125,000) and Purple (11SP) Classical Dining Tables

14.Glassware Station

15.7 Constructor Coins

16.2 Social Points

17.7 Constructor Coins

18.Fine Festivities- Haunting Hearth and Ornamental Oddities

Haunting Hearth– requires 18,000 pottery, 19,000 jewelry, 19,000 glassware and 165 constructor coins to buy

Living Room and Fireplaces Sections: Black (S230,000) and Bronze (22SP) Classical Fireplaces

Wardrobe and Create a Sim for Male Adult Sims: 4 masks (accessories) 4 outfits and 6 hairstyles

Ornamental Oddities– requires 20,000 pottery, 21,000 jewelry, 21,000 glassware and 185 constructor coins to buy

Dining Room Section: Gold (S125,000) and Bronze (13SP) Gothic Tasting Tables

Wardrobe and Create a Sim for Female Adult Sims: 4 masks (accessories) 4 outfits and 4 shoes

19.10 Constructor Coins

20.2 Social Points

21.10 Constructor Coins

22.Mysterious Masquerade- you can only claim this pack if you have purchased all the other packs in this live event

This template can be found under the driveway homes tab and built on a standard or premium residence, the first one is free then they cost simoleons depending on how many houses you have already built. You can add up to 4 cars on a driveway homes lot!

The front of the house is the same on both the standard and premium residence but the premium has a rooftop balcony and corridors below to support the balcony:

I am quite disappointed with this house, firstly it is hard to tell if it is meant to be a house or some sort of museum, the more I look at it I think maybe it is meant to be a communal dance hall on the ground floor and the rest of the house is private but it still feels like a museum in places rather than a house. Also the 3 in 1 pantry, shower and laundry room in the basement is gross- why are we storing food in the same room as the toilet?!

The location is also a normal driveway homes lot rather than more spooky surroundings that I was expecting, I just don’t think this house showcases the items very well.

Check out my house tour here 

You also unlock:

Floors Section: Oak Encaustic Tiles (S350)

Decorations Section: Black (S275,000) and Purple (26SP) Classical Dancefloors

Railings Section: Black (S450) and Bronze (S550) Classical Railings

Stairs Section: Black (S125,000) and Bronze (11SP) Grand Classical Stairs

Wardrobe and Create a Sim for Female Adult Sims: 6 hairstyles

Constructor Coins

You earn constructor coins by:

Personal Progress prizes

Completing Daily Goals

Coin Plant Patches

Earning Constructor Coins? Previously on these events I used social points on the Mega Spin Plant to win constructor points. I earn social points by completing the cooking hobby and earning LP, I can then turn the LP into SP using the social point plant on a normal garden patch- this was when it cost 5LP- the social point plant now costs 20LP so you may want to try the option below first instead:

Or you can use 450 candles for the Spin Plant (a good way to use up any spare candles) which will also earn you constructor coins but the amounts are less than they are from the Mega Spin Plant

What is the minimum and maximum amount of coins you can earn on the mega spin plant? The minimum is 10 and the maximum is 500

Now on the coin flower patch you can see the chances of getting the different combinations on each spin plant, click on the green i button to see:

Laura Craft? You may have noticed at the front of one of your houses there is a board with a bubble of a person holding arts and crafts items above it, this is Laura Craft, you can buy her for real money to help you complete the event. When you buy her, you select the item you want her to make from the options: 200 candles,  300 pottery, 450 jewelry or 500 glassware (the amounts seem to differ for most of you and I have no idea why that is!) (you will unlock all the options once you have unlocked all the stations) and you will be able to collect them after 2 hours.

Do I think she is worth it? They have improved Laura Craft a lot since the first event (although it would be great if she made constructor coins) she used to be able to collect every 8 hours, they have now changed this to 2 hours so she is more useful now so if you are struggling then you may want to splash out and give her a try but remember you will only get her for this event, you will have to buy her again to use her for a live event in the future. I personally don’t ever buy her, if I don’t manage to earn enough items or coins in the time limit I just wait until the next time the event is available!

If I brought Laura Craft in the last event do I get her for free or do I have to buy her again? You have to buy her again for this event.

Check out my Guide to Completing Live Events (including tips!) HERE!

Once the event is over it will convert your unused resources into simoleons, the conversion rate is half the amount of resources, for example, if you have 10,000 candles left over you will earn 5,000 simoleons, if you only have 1 of a resource left over you will only earn 1 simoleon. When a new live event becomes available you start from 0 resources

If I don’t complete this event this time will I have to start from the beginning when it returns? No, you will start from where you got to this time!


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Is it too late to Save The Sims Mobile?

Since the latest Sims Mobile update was announced players are not happy, you just need to head to Twitter and check out the ‘SaveTheSimsMobile’ hashtag to see that reruns and paid packs aren’t what they want from this previously much loved game.

Unfortunately I fell out of love with The Sims Mobile a lot earlier than these dedicated players, you may have noticed I only make an update post for the game now, I got so bored of making Wumples posts and even the new events aren’t exciting enough to warrant their own posts.

But maybe it isn’t just me who has felt like this for some time, maybe we all have and we are only speaking up about it now as let’s be honest, The Sims Mobile hasn’t been great for a while.

One of the biggest problems is virtually every update is the same- several boring Wumples Wishlists, many rerun events, 1 or 2 new events and that is without mentioning the multiple paid packs.

I try and avoid promoting paid packs, I don’t think it is my job to try and sell you stuff so that really limits my content as paid packs are most of it! But have you noticed how much effort it put into the paid packs over actual game content? I think if a company has to spend so much time on paid packs on a free game they need to really think about where they are going wrong because paid packs would sell themselves if the game was worth playing.

Another problem is the game has changed hands a few times now so it is difficult for suggestions to be implemented, I don’t think the current team are actually trying to ignore us, I think it is more we have given feedback to someone who is no longer involved in the game so it gets lost. I honestly don’t know who we should be giving feedback to these days!

I don’t even remember the last time I played the game and I hate that, I wish it was enjoyable rather than a chore.

Is it too late to Save The Sims Mobile? I really hope not, but remember we have been here before with Sims NObile back in 2018, the name is different but the issues are the same. I really want to love this game again but I think the makers need to take on board feedback that we all give them rather than just saying ‘I’ll pass that on’ as without the players there is no one to buy those paid packs.