The Sims Freeplay- Simtown Market

The simtown market has been added to the October 2016 update of the sims freeplay. If you have finished upgrading all the workstations at a profession workplace and have been wondering if there is any point in sending your sims to work to collect resources or if you have reached your limit on the resources you can store, and find it a waste just to sell them- then this update is for you!

The simtown market allows you to use these spare resources to earn prizes! You earn market points by shipping market orders (these orders are made from resources, for example, you may be asked to ship 1 coffee and 2 popcorns) The more orders you ship, the more market points you earn, meaning the more prizes you will unlock!

The more developed your workplace is (the more workstations you have built/upgraded) the more market points you will earn as you will receive a bonus %

Couriers appear at the workplace and they need to be helped by a sim who works in that profession. Like helping a normal sim in this profession, when you complete all the tasks and help the courier you earn market tokens but there is a time limit in which you will need to help them in otherwise they will leave and you won’t receive the tokens.

NOTE: it costs SPs to speed up helping the courier- not LPs

Shipping tokens earns you a lot more points than shipping normal resources but you can only store 3 so you have to use them to collect more!


Simtown Market Tutorial– completing the tutorial unlocks access to regular special events, allowing you to earn prizes you previously missed out on or completely new prizes!

NOTE: you cannot start the tutorial until there is an event available- check in your goal tab to see if an event has started or is coming soon!

  • View the Simtown market (go to the Movie Studio (this may be a different profession workplace if you complete this tutorial during a different event) and click on the symbol of the person holding a parcel)

  • Complete a market order (again view the simtown market and click on a box and select ship order)

  • View the workplace overview (this is the button in the left hand corner of your screen while you are at the movie studio)

  • Start helping a courier- the courier will arrive at the movie studio:

(a sim needs to be working at the studio to be able to help the courier- the same way you help other sims at a profession workplace)

  • Spend a market token (go to the simtown market again, click on the box and select ship order)




Special Events- I am not going to be creating a post each time a new one is released as I believe they will all work in the same way

All you need to do is ship market orders and earn market points to fill up the bar in the time limit. Each time you reach a line on the bar you will receive a prize! The green is your current progress towards the prizes.

Most of the prizes are different for everyone as it depends what you have already unlocked but the grand prize is a new item so that is probably the same for everyone!

If you have completed all the current orders you will need to wait 30 minutes for new ones to appear or skip waiting for 10SPs- you can also unlock new slots for SPs!

Currently I am still upgrading my workstations so I probably won’t be using this too much unless I cannot collect new items without selling my resources but I think it is a great idea!

Time Extension Event- this works the same as the other events but instead of just using resources from one profession you can ship resources from all professions and the grand prize for completing this is a time extension which can be used if you run out of time on a quest or hobby- previously only available as a VIP perk


If I’m on the last task helping a courier will he stay if the time runs out?

He doesn’t seem to stay anymore annoyingly! (let me know if this changes again!)

If you unlock an extra slot costing social points in the market event does it stay unlocked for future events?

Yes, they will stay unlocked

Can I save courier tokens for the next event?

Yes you can!

Does the courier arrive at a specific time?

The courier doesn’t seem to appear at a certain time, you need to have a sim working and the more customers you get through the more chance you have of seeing the courier

Thanks for reading!