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  1. Hi, what is a Auction Podium in the Sims Freeplay? And where can I find it in the home store?

  2. I have a question. Is it possible to create overhanging/cantelevered rooms in the game? I tried using a patio for a “foundation” but it won’t work. I think I saw someone do it before but I could be wrong.

  3. If I pay to adopt a baby (or toddler, etc), is it going to count towards my sim count? Meaning that the next time I hit a level upgrade I won’t get to add a sim because of it? What’s the purpose of adopting if that’s the case?

  4. My game always freeze if i am in teen mansion…do you know why??

    I upgraded my teen mansion to 4th floor and basement too as large as 1st floor, but i didnt give furniture yet in both of them…since that, my teen mansion always make my screen freeze for few seconds…

    Anyway my funitures in 1st – 3rd floor almost original with just few additional funitures…

    It happens only in the teen mansion, not other houses and even without sims in it…

    I already tried clear cache, restart game but still freeze…i use galaxy S5 and the storage still 11.5Gb / 16 Gb…So i think it isnt the reasons…

    • Its probably because your device cannot cope with the amount of data you are trying to use at once (too much RAM), restarting the device is the only way to fix this but its only a temporary fix

    • If you complete the adulthood quest in time you unlock new hairstyles
      There was a quest for long hair but it was only available for a limited time, you can no longer get that quest

  5. Can you post house tours on your YouTube please?x I would like to take a look at some of your houses because you have loads of experience and they’re probably really good! Live your blog by the way it is so helpful and I have completed a lot of quests in the time limit because of your blog! Ty, please consider my idea^^^! Xxxx

  6. How can I adopt teens? Their mom just died from the dreams and legacies and I made a mistake to make their dad marry another women but I wanna adopt 2 teens and move in with them… How can I do so?

  7. Hi I opened a 10 key box didn’t know if you’d like to know the contents?
    Rare – Japanese oven
    Rare – Scandinavian Table
    Premium – 6 LP
    Premium – 8 LP
    Premium – 5 LP
    Premium – 5 LP
    Premium – 3 pick axe
    Premium – 5 LP
    Premium – 5 LP
    Premium – 8 LP
    Premium – 10 LP
    Premium – 8 LP
    Premium – 3 pearls
    Premium – 8 LP
    Standard – ยฃ1500
    Standard – 3000 xp
    Standard – 2000 xp
    Standard – 2000 xp
    Standard – ยฃ1500
    Standard – ยฃ1500
    Standard – ยฃ1500
    Standard – 1500 xp
    Standard – ยฃ2500
    Standard – 1 Gold Bar

  8. My Sims Freeplay has been displayed popups that say the Ringlets of Fire quest will be back for a third time in a few days. Just wante to let you know. Love your blog, keep it up!

  9. I haven’t gotten the baby update yet but everyone else I know has is there a way to make it update

  10. Whenever I try to move an object such as a fridge on to the very last block of spaces on the right side It doesn’t let me!! Why? Is this happening to anyone else?

  11. In the cooking hobby how do you clean up the stack of plates with the black thing under it I can’t get it to go away

    • you need to just keep on cleaning, the black ring means there are lots of rings on that pile so it takes more than one clean up to remove all the plates

  12. What happened to the clothing option. I mean I know it’s limited but when you chose create a female sim sometimes a girl in a red Asian style dress (it’s red with gold details) and has shoes to match. But if I chose to change clothes from the wardrobe for any other sim not wearing the red dress I can’t find the option.
    Any one else find that there are some clothes that can be put on when creating a sim?

  13. how do I complete a Dance to Remember please. It is locked at send 5 sims to the house. I cannot find the house at all so cannot complete the quest.

  14. I just got the “super toddler secret mission”. Do you have any information on this quest?? By the way this website is awesome!! I’m on it all the time! Thanks for all you do ๐Ÿ˜Š

  15. im new but its asking me to buy a 3 star toilet but there isn’t one to buy? do I need to wait to move up a level or something first?

  16. I’m wondering if you could add a category next to the time limit saying how long out takes to complete each quest? I know the times vary but even if it’s just a average that would be great!? And I can’t find bree at the community center or the park??? I just finished patios

  17. For the flames of wisdom and the riches of terra, ect, what is the highest level they get up to.

  18. Hi there, I wondered if you knew how many sims are allowed by level, please? I’m on level 41 with 30 sims and have to have a baby in order to complete the life dreams quest, but when I try to introduce one, I’m told that I have reached my sim limit and can’t unlock the next one until level 50! If that’s the case, it will take me an awfully long time to complete the quest!

    Great site, by the way, it has helped me through many a quest; thanks.

    • I’m still working on a post about what levels unlock sims but if you have reached your sim limit all you can really do to complete that goal is to delete on of your sims and add the baby in their place

      • Thanks for the reply. Have just ‘given’ one to the Grim Reaper as well. Looks like I will have to give him another, because the alternative is to use 100LPs for the baby; a sim for a sim would be a better idea, in my opinion.

        Cheers Weightlessmagic and best wishes.

  19. Could u please tell me how to get the pick axe, gold bars and stone I need to build the Terra cotta monument

  20. how do i find out what my sims free play username is? sorry if you’ve already answered this xx

    • depends what device you are using, if its an apple product you need to look on the game center app to find it, if its android you need to find the google play app or if you are using facebook it will be your facebook name.

  21. I built the mall, but not in time to have the burger shop or juice bar. So basically my mall is just a first floor mall. Is their away I can still build the juice bar or burger place?

    • you can’t build the burger bar if you didn’t complete the sunset mall quest in the time limit but you can build the juice bar once you complete the bowling hobby.

  22. Bought a dragon for my wizard. Said to place the egg in a viable place as it would hatch soon. Not able to find the egg in my inventory or in the house. Stupidly bought a second dragon. Still not able to find the egg or either dragon.

  23. How do I thank the fantatise the dancers if I left the villa . I can’t even find the villa or them now .

  24. Hi, I’m here to tell you that your blog is so helpful ^^
    I’ve started playing this game last week and I’ve started reading your blog everyday.
    This help me a lot.
    Thank you so much.

  25. My town was worth almost $7 million and then I bought the restaurant and it said my town was worth $0, but when I bought a house boat it said my town was worth as much as the house boat. How do I fix it to say what my town it really worth? I have almost every building and about 15 house, but my town is worth only the amount of the house boat. Please help.

  26. I just got the Idol Mansion and I’ve converted the 3rd floor into a 4th bedroom/apartment romantic hideaway, extended the washroom (put in the heart shaped tub), moved around the kitchen, etc. Anyway, I’d love to add a fireplace to the bedroom, but the only options I see is the one for 6LP, the Spooky one for 7LP, the Flute one for 13LP and the furnace. Are there any other fireplaces you can unlock? Or do I have to wait for events to get any new ones? I don’t particularly like the one for 6LP, it looks more like something to put in a living room, not a romantic love den. ha. And the Flute one is just too small. Any ideas?

  27. I cant have all sims at villa. It says the place is too crowded. I have 18 sims and i cant finish dance to remember quest because i cant haveball sims at villa

  28. hey did u know that in the beggining of the game you can get 200 thousand simolions by level 7? But anyway what you do is delete the second sims and the house then build the Japanese house sell each room and the two ponds then delete it and do it gain but when u get as much as you want you can stop and sell all the furniture u have in the inventory!! and WAA LAA!!!! LOTS OF MONEY!!! but fyi this isnt a cheat and it doesnt mess up your game at all because you areny cheating your building and selling houses!!

  29. I tried to save my progress but it says ”No Network Available” even tho im connected to facebook!?!? What’s Wrong?!?!?!

  30. hi.. your blog really helps. ๐Ÿ™‚
    i am a newbie players in this game. when i got stuck to finish the quest. i search and get solution on your blog.
    may I ask you ?
    – What will happen when I am not able to complete the quest at the time ? can I still finish the quest? and then, if i have run out the time, do i just have not the prize or it can affect the game for the next quest?
    – i hear that we have a pet at the first time in this game to get some LP or S? is it really? but i have not. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ you know why?
    thanks. i am waiting for answer. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m glad it helps!
      If you don’t complete the quest in time you will just not get the prize for completing on time, you can still complete the quest, it will not affect the next quest but you do need to complete that quest before you can move onto the next
      Once you build the pet store you can buy a cat or dog that will run around the house finding simoleons or LPs

  31. I missed the toddlers quest and its asking me to pay real cash via credit card to adopt one, what shall i do about that ?!

  32. I don’t know what my Sim want…It won’t make fancy coffee and its a quest but it keeps bringing out a popup on his head with a sign that looks like feet…av tried all….eating,sleeping;toilet,bathing….it won’t even do some….help plssssss

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