The Sims Freeplay- The Carnival

This is a guide to the carnival, once you complete the life dreams and legacies quest you will have the ability to unlock the carnival.

Requires 5 Bronze Entertainer Orbs and 2 Silver Entertainer Orbs to build

This post explains how you earn orbs

Once you unlock the carnival you unlock the Juggling hobby for adults and teens

There is only one other hobby at the carnival, High Striker, orbs are required to build the area to start this hobby:



What else is at the carnival?

Three more areas at the carnival require orbs to build

Ferris Wheel: Requires 3 Gold Entertainer Orbs and 2 Platinum Entertainer Orbs to build

Sims can ride the Ferris wheel for an hour

Carousel: Requires 3 Gold Entertainer Orbs and 1 Platinum Entertainer Orb to build

Sims can ride the carousel for 15 minutes



Jumping Castle: Requires 3 Gold Entertainer Orbs and 1 Platinum Entertainer Orb to build



The rest of these places unlock when you build the carnival

There are also toilets, food stands and tables:  As well as fortune teller machines:

And a kissing booth, it costs S2500 to receive a kiss from the sim tending the booth:

  There is a rocket ship ride for toddlers, as well as a playground:


There is a tent at the carnival, I often get asked what is in the tent and the answer is- nothing! When you click on it a pop up appears but that seems to be all!

I like how there is only one other hobby at the carnival that requires orbs to unlock, everything else you need to unlock here requires platinum orbs which do take a while to earn but there really is no rush. I also don’t really understand the pop up that appears on the tent, it appears to just be forgotten about!

Thanks for reading!