The Sims Freeplay- Community Challenges Explained!

Community Challenges are a weekly task that we all perform in order to reach a community target, once we reach the target we all unlock a prize! These were added to the game on the 21st May, the Spring Love Community Challenge contains 4 weeks of challenges, in this post I will explain how they work and how to complete them

The aim of Community Challenges is The Sims Freeplay team set a challenge on the Monday for everyone playing to complete before the following Sunday, so The Spring Love Community Challenge started on the 21st May and will end on the 27th May.

The community (everyone who plays) needs to complete the challenge in the time limit for everyone to receive a special reward, so we are all working together to unlock the prize, in The Spring Love Community Challenge we will all unlock the Harajuku Hair Pack if we purchase 5 million outfits from the mall

A pop up appears at the start of the week to show you what the reward is but you can also find out on The Sims Freeplay’s facebook and twitter pages if you miss the pop up

You will also be able to see the progress of the challenge in pop ups that appear when you open the game throughout the week but strangely you cannot see the progress any other way in the game

The Spring Community Challenge Week 1- Love Yourself: Purchase 5 million items in the mall

Prize: Harajuku Hair Pack

How do I complete this? If you have built the mall and some stores you can click on browse clothes on a wardrobe then click on the second tab which is store, from there you can find items to buy to contribute to this challenge. If we reach 5 million before the week ends on Sunday we will unlock the Harajuku Hair Pack

NOTE: You don’t have to purchase all 5 million yourself, everyone who plays is completing this

Spring Community Challenge Week 2- The Perfect Spring Date: Perform 3 million ‘be romantic’ actions in the restaurant or nightclub

Prize: Spring Romance Bundle and 1 key!

How do I complete this? Send two sims to the restaurant or nightclub and select a pink ‘be romantic- 1 minute’ interaction between the two sims

NOTE: You don’t have to do all 3 million interactions yourself, everyone who plays is completing this

We completed week 2’s challenge! You have 3 days to claim your prize from the online store for 1 simoleon:

What happens if I already have the prize? Unfortunately there are currently no other prizes so if you have the prize already you won’t receive anything

Do I still get the prize if I don’t participate? Yes, if we reach the goal but you don’t take part you can still get the prize

Where can I see the progress? The only way to see the progress is when the pop up appears throughout the week on day 3, 5 and 6, some people say they can see it on the billboard by the park on the town map but I can’t,  I only see the pop up

Where do I get the prize? If we complete in the time limit you can find them in the online store

What do I think about this? The idea seems good but it definitely feels rushed, we all complained about the preteen boxes costing 4 keys each so we have been given this as some sort of apology! I think reducing the amount of keys needed would have been better (update- they have now done this so these boxes cost one key instead of 4, if you brought with 4 keys you will get 3 keys back!) It would be improved if we could see a progress bar on the game instead of waiting for pop ups to appear, I think if we could see how we are doing we would have more incentive to partake in it and more people would join in as I think some people might have missed this.

If you have any other questions about community challenges let me know and I will try and find out the answer for you!

Thanks for reading!

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