The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Life Dreams and Orbs

A lot of people find the life dreams concept confusing to understand, this guide will give you step by step instructions on how to give your sim a personality, completing life dreams, collecting, passing on or using orbs.

For Frequently Asked Questions about Life Dreams please read this post

1. Giving your sim a personality

When creating or adding a sim the first tab is the personality tab


If you didn’t give a sim a personality when creating them you can click on the wardrobe and select browse clothes to find the personality tab


You can choose from:

Changing personality

Remember if you change personalities all progress towards the life dream will be lost

The symbol circled in the image below is what to click on to change a sims personality (in the life dreams tab)

2.Choosing a life dream

Go to life dreams tab and click choose a life dream and the list of 3 life dreams to choose from will appear


The screen will appear straight away once a sim has aged for you to select a life dream, either select one and click OK or if you click NOT NOW, then you can go to the life dreams tab, and select choose a life dream to choose from a new list of 3 dreams.


When selecting a life dream go for the ones that are most suitable for you, don’t pick ‘I want to do horse tricks’ for 3 hours if you can’t get on the game every 3 hours. If you don’t know how long a life dream takes you can usually select the object that you will need to use and it will give you a time so ‘I want to observe fish’ click on a fish tank and you will see the longest option is 5 hours. (do this before you select it as a life dream incase it isn’t long enough!)

3. Do what the life dream tells you to do

Most are very obvious, if your sim wants to watch animals on TV, select a TV option (I usually pick the longest option so in this case it would be movie marathon, this gets the dream done quickly)

A life dreams symbol appears on the action once you have selected it as your life dream. So you know which ones will increase the life dream!


4. Age your sim

Once the life dream for that stage has been completed you can age your sim early

You can advance age early in three ways, either click yes when the pop up below appears:

20141119-162350.jpgOr if you select no you can advance age from the life dreams menu


Wait until the timer for that stage is up:

The green circle around your sim is the timer, once it gets to red that stage is almost up!

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for further life stages

Once your senior has completed their life dream it will say fufilled life dream in the menu.

NOTE: You cannot give their orb to another sim until that senior passes on and leaves it behind.

Now your seniors can plant and enjoy the rest of their life or you can end their life early too.
Go to the age controller tab and click on the symbol circled in the image below:


Then click advance, it is free if they completed their life dreams!

Which will turn their timer red

Once their timer is up an exclamation mark will appear above their head, click on it, select yes when the pop up below appears:

20141119-164943.jpgThen the grim reaper will come and end their life, leaving the orb in their place.


6. Pick up the orb

The way I do it is by going to buy mode and clicking on it and storing it in my inventory


Now it is in there you can use it to:

7. Give orb to a new sim or keep to build places

Giving to another sim

In step 1 where you give your sim a personality you will now be able to see an orb is available (if the first sim had a sporty personality this next sim needs a sporty personality too) click on the personality and there you can select the stored orb if you want to (if not select no orb)


Your first sim will get a bronze orb, giving it to another sim now gives that second sim the chance to get it up to a silver, then a third sim can get it to a gold and a fourth sim to a platinum.

Bronze to Silver

Silver to Gold

Gold to Platinum

Keep it to build a place

But if you don’t want to give it to another sim and instead want to use it to build a place then just keep it in your inventory until you need it

Geeky orbs= Arcade

1 Bronze Geeky orb, 1 Silver Geeky orb

Sporty orbs= Beach

2 Bronze Sporty orbs, 2 Silver Sporty orbs

Entertainer orbs= Carnival

5 Bronze Entertainer orbs, 2 Silver Entertainer orbs

Animal Fanatic orbs= Pet Park

2 Bronze Animal Fanatic orbs, 4 Silver Animal Fanatic Orbs

If you want to build the arcade and your first sim got you a bronze geeky orb you will need to give that orb to another sim who can then get the orb to a silver, then you can get a third sim to get a bronze geeky orb and the arcade can then be built!

Once you have built the place there are things in them to build to, using the same orbs:


If you wanted to build the pet park I would have 6 sims all at once working towards a bronze orb, once 4 of them have completed their life dreams they can then be passed onto 4 new sims to get them to a silver. The 2 bronze ones can be stored until needed.

Wondering how many orbs you will need for each place? click here!

Pause a sim

You need a platinum orb to pause your sim at that life stage forever, this post explains how to do that

I hope this has made it a bit clearer!

Still confused? Give my Life Dreams Frequently Asked Questions post a read!

Thanks for reading!