The Sims Freeplay- Pirate Ship Trading and Ancient Goddess Monument

Once you have completed The Pirate and His Goddess Quest you will have unlocked the pirate ship, the pirate ship is used for trading to be able to build the ancient goddess monument.


Click on the pirate ship to see the trade being offered.

What do you pay?

You trade materials that you use to build the other monuments, such as wind, as well as LPs, SPs and simoleons!


What do you receive?

You will receive a piece needed to upgrade the ancient goddess monument



After you have traded you cannot trade again for 24 hours unless you use the message in the bottle which will call the pirate back straight away with another trade, but this will cost you LPs.


Continue trading to level up the monument

Thank you cdgamer10 for this image!
Thank you cdgamer10 for this image!

How many levels are there to fully upgrade the monument?

There are 25 levels


Why does it need to be built?

Once fully upgraded to level 25 you will earn bonus hobby skills points after any hobby interaction! Which means your sims will level up in hobbies faster

Also once built you will earn a 1LP reward twice a week:

  • Saturday between 8pm and 12am
  • Wednesday between 9am and 1pm
click on the monument to collect your rewards during these times


My opinion?

I am a little disappointed in the pirate ship, I thought it was going to be a public area that could be explored but instead its just for another boring monument! But the bonus hobby skill points and free LPs you earn once you completely build the monument are worth the time taken to build it!


Why does the pirate ship remain once you have finished building the ancient goddess monument?

The ship stays because once you earn the gems the pirate will trade resources for a treasure chest which ‘gives you the chance to earn useful items such as furniture or rare artefacts’

Polina said ‘I managed to open a few treasure chests after the goddess was complete, and it’s just furniture from the store, mostly neo tokyo. Sometimes, it gives you 1LP’

If anyone else has traded for a treasure chest I would love to know what you got in it!

Thanks for reading!