The Sims Freeplay- Pirate Ship Trading and Ancient Goddess Monument

Once you have completed The Pirate and His Goddess Quest you will have unlocked the pirate ship, the pirate ship is used for trading to be able to build the ancient goddess monument.


Click on the pirate ship to see the trade being offered.

What do you pay?

You trade materials that you use to build the other monuments, such as wind, as well as LPs, SPs and simoleons!


What do you receive?

You will receive a piece needed to upgrade the ancient goddess monument



After you have traded you cannot trade again for 24 hours unless you use the message in the bottle which will call the pirate back straight away with another trade, but this will cost you LPs.


Continue trading to level up the monument

Thank you cdgamer10 for this image!
Thank you cdgamer10 for this image!

How many levels are there to fully upgrade the monument?

There are 25 levels


Why does it need to be built?

Once fully upgraded to level 25 you will earn bonus hobby skills points after any hobby interaction! Which means your sims will level up in hobbies faster

Also once built you will earn a 1LP reward twice a week:

  • Saturday between 8pm and 12am
  • Wednesday between 9am and 1pm
click on the monument to collect your rewards during these times


My opinion?

I am a little disappointed in the pirate ship, I thought it was going to be a public area that could be explored but instead its just for another boring monument! But the bonus hobby skill points and free LPs you earn once you completely build the monument are worth the time taken to build it!


Why does the pirate ship remain once you have finished building the ancient goddess monument?

The ship stays because once you earn the gems the pirate will trade resources for a treasure chest which ‘gives you the chance to earn useful items such as furniture or rare artefacts’

Polina said ‘I managed to open a few treasure chests after the goddess was complete, and it’s just furniture from the store, mostly neo tokyo. Sometimes, it gives you 1LP’

If anyone else has traded for a treasure chest I would love to know what you got in it!

Thanks for reading!



86 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Pirate Ship Trading and Ancient Goddess Monument

  1. At the moment I am board with the Sims I have all old people and the pirate ship is not very good, I need some young people to carry on the game , any suggestion please? I still have only one neighbour who dos’nt play the sims very often, i need help.

  2. Do we HAVE to build this goddess monument? If so is there a time limit? What does this monument do???
    Since knowing your site/blog I have made out good on several quest way before time.

  3. I have to say, I can see the point of trading materials, as long as the results are randomized and you can trade anything for a random goddess monument material. There is one rare material for each monument, and I’m building up serious stockpiles of the other 8. So… Does it work that way? Random? Or do we have to trade rare materials for a rare material?

    • You don’t get the resources from doing hobbies once the monument is built it increases your skill level when doing hobbies and you don’t build the ship, it is already built, click on the ship to see what you need to trade (pieces that you use to build other monuments, which you get by doing random actions) for gems to build the goddess monument.

  4. I cannot complete the pirate quest because just when my teenager was going to talk to a friend about the pirate kiss… She turned into an adult! So no more teenager, no more pirate! What now?!

  5. I have the goddess on level 3 which should have a 6% bonus. However, I don’t see any bonus….for instance, after I train the cat, I got a +2% pop up and followed a +5% with a golden check(which is the symbol of the goddess). But when i check the hobby chart of that person, skill only jumped from 29% to 31% which is still 2%. I’m really confused and feel that the goddess is completely useless…..

  6. In my case, I need to use the resources used to build the new monument…It is quite stupid because I can trade 4 gold for 1 gold….How does that work?

  7. Thanks so much for your comment on the monuments. I have been playing since it came out. I have HUNDREDS of some of the pieces and none of the rest. I don’t need another monument type item to build. Thank you for your input. I would have given this up a long time ago without it.

  8. I upgraded themes monument to level 6, and every time I was supposed to get a 12% bonus on my hobby skills when I finished a hobby. It says so when I finished it, for example there would be a “28%” appears after I did the cooking action at level 2, but then I checked the hobby skill bar of that sim, it still says just 25%! Is it just happening to me?

    • Adding 28% to 2 % does not give you more than 2.58% which shows as 2% increase every other time and 3% the others. This means that instead of doing the hobby interaction 50 times you only need to do it 33 times, which does not seem much faster while you are playing, but in the long run it does add up.

  9. Can I add you as a neighbor? None of my neighbors are very active and I’m losing lots of LPs skipping social tasks that I can’t complete. Thanks for your blog!

  10. Yeah i agree with you about the pirate ship. It should be a public area which our sims can explore. Btw the candlelit restaurant is a very great public area, i think! 🙂

  11. It says once you complete the monument it will give you a daily supply of LPs. Any idea how many that is?

  12. It seems like every third or fourth visit the pirate ship will only ask for the super plentiful resources. Progress is slow, of course, but it can be done without expending the rare resources.

  13. Add me in Game Center, bassman4242. I have a $123 mill town with 33 sims and I can get anything if I don’t already have it. Pardon the weird names, a friend filled my game with inside jokes and I’m too lazy to change their names. Also, I have a lvl 25 goddess, will let you know how much lp it gives

  14. Dear wheightlessmagic,
    Could u please do something about the other monuments like: what lvl you need them to be to be completed and stuff like that and what they look like when they are finished

    • I will do when I finish them
      I’ve started using LPs to complete them so hopefully it won’t be too long before I complete them and I can write a post about them, sorry!

  15. So my ship came back, with the Treasure Chest picture clear (not faded out with the words “Trade Now” on it.) I am assuming since I have 2 out of the 3 items to trade (0/2 gold bars) the Pirate must want the gold bar, the one I do NOT have. Because I do not have the opportunity to “Trade Now.” So the ship is sitting there for the next 30 hours until it goes away and comes back, I guess. I’m not giving up 10LP to get a gold bar only to trade it away!

  16. The price in LPs for rare items on the pirate boat is higher than for the same items on the statues, since I had enough LP I bought the items for the statue, then traded with the pirate and refilled my statue demand to upgrade the statue, that way at least I saved 6 LP. But the pirate treasure is not as easy as expected, right now I have 3 green and 4 red stones and have not yet gotten a single yellow.

  17. My pirate ship says it will be back in 65 hours. It said something like this earlier in the week and then it was down to 5 min or so. When I came back it said 23 hours and some odd minutes. Then today I came back a little over 24 hours later and that’s when it said 65. Have you ever heard of anyone else having this issue or is it something that I should report?

  18. I know this is irrelevent but does the pirate ever come back? He said he would once in a while but I haven’t seen him since…

  19. A useful little trick I just discovered for the pirate ship: I needed one more Essence of Wind to make the trade, but it said I needed 15 LPs to get what I needed to make the trade. However I went over to the Temple of Bliss, and it only required 6 LPs for the TWO Essences of Wind I needed for the next level of that monument. I traded LPs for them there, then I went back to the pirate ship and had everything I needed!

  20. I dont mind building the ancient goddess first it reads “the ancient goddess gives your sims a chance of earning 2% bonus hobby skill after any hobby interaction.” But it also say “complete all visual upgrades to earn a regular supply of free lifestyle points” you can use those llp points to build your other monuments. I think this is one of the better things they have done. It gives me a reason to keep playing

  21. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write these blogs regarding Sims Freeplay! I appreciate all the help you have given and if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t understand half of this stuff!

  22. Hi! First off, thanks so much for taking the time to keep up this website! I am on here nearly every day searching for a quick answer to a Freeplay question.

    Just wanted to point out what I believe is an UPDATE to the Ancient Goddess monument: it now says “Complete all visual upgrades to earn a regular supply of Lifestyle Points!”

    I had never noticed that note before this week (because I hardly ever check that monument). I searched google images for ancient goddess and I think it previously just said “Earn gold, rubies, and emeralds by trading resources with the captain of the Pirate Ship.”

    If I’m wrong, disregard this message. I just thought I should post my observation!

    Thanks again 🙂

    • You’re welcome!
      How strange, my game where I haven’t completed the monument still says what it said before but I will keep an eye on it and if it does change on mine I will change the screenshot 🙂

  23. Hey all! I’m stuck on how to get bamboo for my pirate trade. It’s all completely random? Or you guys have seen certain things that have scored bamboo? Thanks for the help!
    Also feel free to add me on Game Center -kylurrr 🙂

  24. I took a screenshot of my Ancient Goddess monument (mine is at Level 5). I think it started saying “Complete all visual upgrades to earn a regular supply of Lifestyle Points!” after Level 2 or 3.

    I put the screenshot on tinypic and pasted the url into the “website” tab of this comment. Hope this helps!

  25. Thanks for your input about the godess monument! I am really frustrated with it at the moment. My other monuments are not even close to being finished and I feel that I have been wasting my rare materials on this monument and am probably going to hold off on leveling it up until my other ones are close do being completed or are completed.

  26. Hi 😀 I am confused on how to get the stuff needed for the ship trades… Is there a guide somewhere that tells us what gives you what?

    Thank you 🙂

    • The resources needed to trade are the resources you use to build up your monuments on the mysterious island, you trade these for the gems and these are then used to upgrade the ancient goddess monument.
      Unfortunately I don’t have a guide available for what resources earn you what gems, sorry!

  27. I want to thank you for everything you’ve posted on this blog about the Sims Freeplay, it’s helped me tremendously!! 😀

  28. At least in my game, every time I trade with the pirate my town value increases by about 3 million…Since I’m already at level 55, the increase in daily reward that comes with trading resources makes it worth it even for the rare resources like gold

  29. I managed to open a few treasure chests after the goddess was complete, and it’s just furniture from the store, mostly neo tokyo. Sometimes, it gives you 1LP

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