The Sims Freeplay- The Arcade

This is a guide to the arcade, once you complete the life dreams and legacies quest you will have the ability to unlock the arcade.


Building the arcade requires 1 bronze geeky orb and 1 silver geeky orb

20151024-190242.jpgThis post explains how you earn orbs
Once you unlock the arcade you unlock the Arcade Gamer hobby for teens


There are two other hobbies at the arcade, Pinball Enthusiast and Skill Tester, these both require orbs to build the areas to start these hobbies:

















What else can you do at the arcade?

Middle of Arcade (unlocks when you build the arcade)

Dance Mats- A sim can use the dance mat for 10 minutes on their own or another sim can join in

Foosball Area (unlocks when you build the arcade)

This area contains a foosball table for your sims to use aswell as booths to sit in and vending machines

All other areas have retro stools to sit on

Arcade Gamer has a snack vending machine and Skill Tester has a soda vending machine


At the back of the arcade there are umbrella tables and toilets

  Down the side there are benches


And by the entrance there are rocket rides for toddlers

The arcade is well worth building but there are three hobbies to complete and not much else to do. I would definitely recommend building even if you don’t complete the hobbies straight away!