The Sims Freeplay- Careers: Musician

This post will tell you all you need to know about the musician career.

What do you need to start this career?

You need to build the recording studio to start this career

What hours do they work?

You can now send your sims to work anytime of the day for 7 hours.

What are the levels and how much money and XPs do you get for a days work?

  1. Roadie S 1350 XP 350
  2. Busker S 1435 XP 570
  3. Local Artist S 1590 XP 865
  4. Musician S 1660 XP 1040
  5. Hit Machine S 1750 XP 1250

Are there items for my home that can improve my sims job level?

Yes, you can buy guitars from promotions r us, one is free the other costs S4320, once placed in a house you can practice guitar for 3 hours.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!