The Sims Freeplay- Promotions R Us

The promotions r us contains items to help you get a promotion as well as hobby items.

This is how the shop looks from the outside:

The shop can be found in front of the park, next to the pet shop.

In the shop you can find:


  • Toyota Guitar- for the Musician Career (FREE)
  • Mirror- for the Politician Career (S300)
  • Easel- for the Artist Career (S700)
  • Soccer Ball- for the Athlete Career (S950)
  • Fire Hydrant- for the Fire Fighter Career (S1,800)
  • Teachers Blackboard- for the Teacher Career (S1,900)
  • Movie Camera- for the Movie Star Career (S2,000)
  • Auction Podium- for the Real Estate Agent Career (S2,250)
  • Telescope- for the Scientist Career (S3,490)
  • Guitar- for the Musician Career (S4,320)




  • Potion Brewing Cauldron- for the Potion Brewing Hobby (S5,000)
  • Chocolatier Bench*- for the Chocolatier Hobby (first four are S500, then price increases each time)
  • Musical Instruments- for the Teen Idol Hobby (they range in price)
  • Woodworking Bench- for the Woodworking Hobby (S1,800)
  • Fashion Studio- for the Fashion Designer Hobby (S2,500)
  • Quilting Kit- for the Quilting Hobby (S2,500)
  • Magic Wand Podium- for the Spell Casting Hobby (S,5000)
  • Magic Broomstick Closet- for the Broomstick Flying Hobby (S10,000)
  • Ice Pedestal*- for the Ice Sculpture Hobby (price increases each time)
  • Aerobics Step- for the Aerobics Hobby (price increases each time)
  • Bird Feeding Bench- for the Bird Feeding Hobby (2LPs)
  • Xylophone- for the Musical Expressions Hobby (S2,000)
  • Salsa Jukebox- for the Salsa Dancing Hobby (S5,000)
  • Breakdancing Boom Box- for the Breakdancing Hobby (S5,000)
  • Finger Painting Easel- for the Finger Painting Hobby (S4,000)


*these are hobby items that are only available while an event is available

To buy an item click on the item then the green tick to buy, you will then be asked to confirm you want to buy it:


How do I place an item in my house once I have brought it?

Go to the house you want to place it in and open your inventory, find the hobby and career items tab and the item you have just brought will be found there:


Why don’t I have some of these items in my store? Before you will be able to buy a lot of these items you will need to unlock the hobby or career by building a certain place or by completing a quest. Click on the links below for more information:

Careers ~ Hobbies

Can’t afford the store? This post may help you earn some simoleons!


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