The Sims Mobile- Waterfront Update

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The Sims Mobile has just released a huge update, this one finally opens up the Waterfront area as well as loads of other exciting changes!

  • Tickets have been converted into Simoleons and LlamaZoom tokens:

It would be great if it said how many they were converted into as I only have 27 Tokens from all my tickets!

  • LlamaZoom is a new feature that replaces the daily to do list, there are tasks to complete throughout the day. You can start these by clicking on the truck at your house or at the button of the llama under the quests tab at the bottom of the screen:

Emily appears and asks for your help to complete tasks within a set amount of time to earn simoleons and XP, if you complete all the tasks in the time you will earn bonus rewards such as the LlamaZoom tokens which is the only way to earn these tokens

What can you do with LlamaZoom Tokens? You can buy items from the home store and clothing with these tokens

Watch my video on LlamaZoom here:

How do we earn cupcakes now? Once you complete the LlamaZoom tasks you will also complete a quest (complete Emily’s LlamaZoom tasks) which earns you a cupcake

How do we earn fashion gems now? The only way to earn fashion gems now is from the sticker contest so you have to receive stickers from other players and the more stickers you earn the more gems you receive. Although there is no incentive to give stickers now!

  • New Places!

Waterfront- The Waterfront District is finally available! In the area you can find two new places to start career stories The Wellness Center and The Science Center

The Wellness Center unlocks the must be something in the water career story, your sims can become a wellness guru!

The Science Center unlocks the rumblings from the deep career story, your sims can become a marine biologist in the research lab!

The Dreams of Space Quest to unlock the Space Explorer Career is available for a limited time

I will create more posts and videos about these when I unlock them

What else has changed?

  • The maximum level is now 50 instead of 40
  • You can now choose the order you unlock areas and places on the map- not helpful for those of us who are already playing!
  • There are more collections in the home store:

But there is still no increase on items you can have in your storage, no way to sell items and no organisation to the storage section! There are so many issues with this game I was hoping would be fixed in this update but unfortunately they have not been addressed but at least we now have the Waterfront which I cannot wait to start exploring!

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Thanks for reading!

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