The Sims Freeplay- Submitting a House

Once you complete the extreme home takeover quest you will be able to submit your house to the sims freeplay for a chance for all other players to be able to build it! This post will explain how to submit a house.

This is the house I will be submitting:


















The first thing you need to do is send a sim to work as a real estate agent so the sign post appears at the front of your house, click on it and the option to submit the house will appear


This pop up will then appear:


Read the terms of service then click yes to submit your creation


This pop up will then appear once your house has been submitted:


And that is it! All you can do now is wait and see if your house has been chosen!

Can you submit a penthouse? Yes you will find the sign near the elevator!

Your house will not be deleted when you submit it and you can submit as many houses as you want

These houses will be available in the architect homes tab (when you build a new house)

You do not receive a notification or a reward if your house is chosen, you just have to keep checking the architect tab

This video shows me submitting one of my houses:

How often do the architect houses change? They usually change every 2 weeks

Why does it look like items are missing from the architect homes? If an item is from a simchase or event the makers remove that item from the template so the only way you can get these items is by completing the event