The Sims Freeplay- Submitting a House

Once you complete the extreme home takeover quest you will be able to submit your house to the sims freeplay for a chance for all other players to be able to build it! This post will explain how to submit a house.

This is the house I will be submitting:


















The first thing you need to do is send a sim to work as a real estate agent so the sign post appears at the front of your house, click on it and the option to submit the house will appear


This pop up will then appear:


Read the terms of service then click yes to submit your creation


This pop up will then appear once your house has been submitted:


And that is it! All you can do now is wait and see if your house has been chosen!

Can you submit a penthouse? Yes you will find the sign near the elevator!

Your house will not be deleted when you submit it and you can submit as many houses as you want

These houses will be available in the architect homes tab (when you build a new house)

You do not receive a notification or a reward if your house is chosen, you just have to keep checking the architect tab

This video shows me submitting one of my houses:

How often do the architect houses change? They usually change every 2 weeks

Why does it look like items are missing from the architect homes? If an item is from a simchase or event the makers remove that item from the template so the only way you can get these items is by completing the event


185 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Submitting a House

  1. Is there any way to recover the spa furniture? I unfortunately deleted the game a few months ago and I missed the spa update and i would like the spa furniture. It seems like the most recent architect homes are decked out with this new furniture

  2. Can u help? I submitted my homes and my town worth went to zero when I was almost at 9million. Do you know how to fix this problem?

      • So, I’ve submitted houses for the architect homes before… but today I looked at the spot where the sign that lets you submit normally is, and it’s… not there. I checked my other houses? Not there. Exited and reopened the app? Not there. This happened just after starting the L-shaped house quest. It was there just this morning but now it is gone. I’m irritated because the L-shaped room completed a house I was intending to submit. Help!

  3. i have 2 questions.

    1. when will this quest end?

    2. my pool was too dirty that the message “action failed” keep popping up even after i pressed ok. how do i fix this?

  4. Do you have any idea how these homes are judged or if you can win with multiple homes?? Your house looked REALLY good btw

  5. I’ve done everything right in the extreme home takeover quest but the sign will not bring up any options to submit a house whenever I click on it. I’ve bought 3 items from the home goods store and still nothing is happening.

  6. Is it just me or does the house they select suck I have house that I submit and they are way better they really put a price of millions on these houses are they nuts…majority are not even designed with a color scheme, furniture style of furniture placement or architecturally sound with hallway to no where. I have taken into consideration we are sitting house from folk around the world but seriously as a lover of anything built from the ground up including the details of how to live in a space iust say EA really needs to step there game up with there selection process cause no one is interested in buying these rubbish one storyillion dollar house or rubbish two story million dollar houses…I would by multiple huanted houses great floor plan and on bigger lots u get a great pool it’s a great start and price even if u want a second story…EA help us by helping yourself and select house that make sense cause your latest selections sucks very disappointed

    • I completely agree! They are really poor houses!
      I saw one the other day which was just the medieval castle but cost 9LPs more! I have no idea how they pick these but I don’t think they hand select them, a computer probably just picks them and no one checks how awful they are before adding them to the game!

  7. I swear the architect homes are getting worse (if that’s even possible!). I just saw one that was just the player designed house with a couple of bits of furniture moved around, but now it costs 10 times as much!!! how they could think anyone is gong to fall for this idk!! such a good idea ruined by stuuuuupid execution (having bots randomly select the houses or whatever they do).

    anyway, just venting. Your blog is the best, as always 😀

  8. I’ve never seen a home on there I would even want to build lol.(no offense haha) like for the prices of them you could buy an empty lot and build it from scratch, making it unique and added your own touches. Building homes from scratch is so fun anyways lol. But yeah I think they must not “hand select” the homes on there because I’m 1,000,000% sure that better ones have been submitted :p like this beauty of yours.

  9. I can’t find the architect tab- I want to build a house, but when I click on new lots, it just shows the regular houses. How do I get it back?

  10. HELP! My architect home are completely gone as a whole! They are not there, where are they! Please tell me ASAP 😉

  11. Hello! Thanks for posting about Sims Freeplay your posts are really great 🙂 By any chance, Do you know how often the architect houses change?? Like every week or month or… Thanks so much!!! Love reading your blog

  12. I just wanted to build a architect house, but then i got multi stiry renovation to build ballet center. then i wanna build the architect house but it disappear and change into different house. how to get the old house backk? ols help

  13. I have the architect tab but only two houses show and I’m pretty sure there are supposed to be more houses. Is this right? I get the message that new houses have been loaded but only see two. Any solution?

  14. After I have done the extreme home takeover quest the houses that appear at the architect homes tab changed, I assume those are the ones that people build, but I really don’t like them and they’re definitely not worth the simoleons. I used to loved the ones that appear BEFORE you do that quest, I guess those are made by the EA team, and I was really waiting to get enough simoleons to build one of those, but I don’t have them anymore! You don’t mention anything of this on the post where you talk about the quest. Do you know if there’s any way to get them back? The new ones really suck…

    • The houses do change often so they may have just changed to a new batch, you cannot get an old house back but if you just keep checking back you may find one you like better in a future set!

  15. Hi! I just want to ask something. Does the price of these architect houses vary depending on how many houses you’ve built? Like, the more houses you’ve built, the higher the costs of the architect homes? Or are their prices fixed? The currently most expensive one in my Archt Tab right now is 4M and in the last batch it was 5M.

    Btw, your blog is freaking awesome.

    • The cost does depend on how many other houses you have already built but the prices do change when they change the houses so the most expensive one in the next batch could be cheaper than the previous.

  16. So I wanna buy an architect home worth almost 2Mill, but I just wanna buy it to steal the furniture no stuff. Can I do that? Or will it be lost once I put it in the inventory??

  17. Does the home you submit have to be built from scratch or can it be an existing floor plan like the Beachside Escape that’s simply been renovated?

    • It is best to build from scratch but if you use an existing floor plan and completely change it then that would still work, you just cannot use anything that is already featured or not your own work so you can’t just submit the beachside escape as your own if you haven’t changed it.

      • What if you accidentally submitted a pre-made house? I completed the real estate quest and didn’t realize what I was doing :/ Do you get in trouble for submitting something you didn’t create?

  18. There is some furniture I see in the Architect homes that I can’t find in the home store. How do I find this furniture?

  19. When we are building a home,I thought that there was a special thing that made us build and decorate the house as we wanted for free and than sumbit for it to be chosen,I think that makes much more sense than us spending all that money building a house and than waiting for it to be chosen and not getting any money for it at the end.I wish they would give a reward for that at least otherwise what’s the point in spending so much.I hope it makes sense.

    • We have always had to pay to build houses, the idea behind this is that you are building a house anyway so you can submit it if you want, if you don’t like building houses then you don’t have to, which is why they have premade templates and this feature so you don’t have to build your own, other people can build amazing ones and you can add them to your game 🙂

  20. I’ve noticed that architect homes changes from time to time. How long do they last? There’s this home that I really wanted, but at the moment, I don’t have enough simoleons to purchase it.

  21. Okay, what is the point of putting your house up for the architects thing, and it cost so much, if you get nothing from it? Granted yay house is picked.. but seriously? Like a lot has said here in your comments, alot of them are rubbish and usually white like no imagination like everything is white ( but i am also bias even if i am not good at making these houses. Anyways my point is, I dont see the point in submitting a house if all you get is being listed. Doesnt make much sense to me.

  22. What happened to all the old architect houses?! Some more architect homes were added and all the ones that were there are gone! Normally they’re still there when more are added but all the houses that were there before are gone and only the new ones are there! It’s really upsetting because the new ones aren’t that pretty and I worked very hard to get enough simoleons to buy the last one and now it’s gone 😦

  23. Hi, I have a question, is it true that if you submit a house with Simchase prize objects, then those objects will disappear from the model you buy if it’s chosen?

  24. Do Architect Houses ever get re-listed? I didn’t know they changed at first and was saving up for one that I really liked (It was like a Hogwarts Castle, absolutely fantastic) but now it’s gone and all the new ones are terribly ugly. Would that one ever come back up or do they only list houses once after someone submitted it and then never again?

    • I don’t think they return unless someone submitted it again and it was chosen to feature again, sorry about that. Hopefully a new one appears that you like just as much.

  25. Hello. It takes around 3 days for me to build a AH building. but for some people it takes 1 day. Is it possible to reduce the time from 3 days to sooner?

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