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The Sims Freeplay- Special Live Stream Announcement!


The Sims Freeplay team sent out a tweet inviting us all to a special live stream announcement on their Facebook page on the 17th June PT:

Their tweet doesn’t give away any information so we can only speculate as to what it could be- I just hope its good news!

What do you think or want the announcement to be?


Did you miss the live stream or don’t have facebook? Watch it here:


Author: weightlessmagic

I'm a 23 year old from England who is passionate about being creative, I would like to say I'm good with words but I'm really not! Hopefully you will find my blogs helpful and entertaining! Enjoy! x

6 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Special Live Stream Announcement!

  1. More levels after 55!

  2. please i hope that sims freeplay will stay.. i hope that they not gonna delete it.. can somebody tell me if sims freeplay stays.. im really worried about it.. 😥

    • I’m really hoping this too, I think it would be odd to have a special announcement about closing down especially when on their Twitter it says they are ‘really excited about sharing this’ so I don’t think it will be that!

      • i have seen that someone on the facebook page from the sims freeplay also send this question and the sims freeplay says. happy news. not sad news. freeplay stays.. i have seen this a couple of minutes ago.. so that is really good news

      • on facebook the Sims Freeplay they say Freeplay Stays .

    • Someone asked on the FB post if it was leaving. Free play responded “The Sims Stay”. So I think we are safe there.

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