The Sims Mobile- Wumples Wishlist 18 Quest

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Wumples has come from The Sims Freeplay to see what is going on in The Sims Mobile and she has brought with her a new quest Wumples Wishlist! Completing this limited time quest in the 5 day time limit unlocks the star shades, lei it on me necklace and 10 fashion gems.

This quest is slightly different as it has Chapters, you have a chapter to complete each day, if you complete a chapter within 24 hours you will need to wait for the next day for the next chapter to begin. Chapters will continue to unlock even if you haven’t finished the previous one so once you have completed the previous chapter the next one will begin straight away.

1 Wumples is back with a new batch of quests for you! Earn 25 simoleons S10
2 Yikes! You still have spinach in your teeth. Find a mirror! Check mirror for tooth spinach S10
3 Pocket a little more simoleons. Earn 300 Simoleons S10
4 Have an eventful day! Complete 2 short events S10
5 I could use some entertainment! Dance for Wumples

Costs 5 Energy

Takes 30 minutes

6 Some of your plants are looking thirsty. Water plants in your home 3 times

Costs 30 Energy (10 each)

7 You didn’t forget about reading that book for book club.. did you? Read giant book for book club

Costs 15 Energy

Takes 2 hours

2 WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW Each day a new chapter is unlocked to continue the quest 10XP
1 I don’t have a TV. Can you summarise the latest ‘Popular Fantasy Series’? Tap a table to watch ‘Popular Fantasy Series’

Takes 15 minutes

2 Need an excuse to procrastinate? Do an event! Complete 1 standard event S10
3 Is that a gnome hat under the bed? Maybe gnomes DO exist! Check for proof of sentient gnomes

Takes 30 minutes

4 A productive way to get an upper body workout! Sweep 10 times

Costs 150 Energy (15 each)

5 Time to show off your home on Simstagram! Tap a home item to take a photo S10
6 You do you. But also do events! Complete 2 long events S10
3 WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW Each day a new chapter is unlocked to continue the quest 10XP
1 Enrich your life and your bank account. Earn 800 Simoleons
2 The Gnome Society is raising funds for gnome awareness. Can you help? Tap on a table to donate to gnome awareness

Costs 50 Simoleons

3 It is the cafe owner’s birthday! Everyone is making something special Make Coffee Cake Surprise

Costs 20 Energy

4 Make your day an eventful one! Complete 4 standard events S10
5 Maybe we’re all doing it wrong and should live like cats. Catnap S10
6 The cafe is looking for open mic acts Rehearse hilarious jokes

Costs 25 Energy

Takes 4 hours

4 WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW Each day a new chapter is unlocked to continue the quest 10XP
1 It’s ladybug season.. find one for good luck! Search plant for ladybugs

Costs 10 Energy

Takes 1 hour

2 What’s that smell? It’s coming from the fridge! Seek out stench

Costs 25 Energy

3 In the event of having free time.. do an event! Complete 4 short events S10
4 What’s better than selfies? Selfies with friends! Snap a selfie with another sim S10
5 Your yard looks kind of like a jungle! Tap a table to hire a gardener

Costs 500 Simoleons

6 Take a little time to enjoy life with other sims. Complete 3 long events S10
5 WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW Each day a new chapter is unlocked to continue the quest 10XP
1 It’s pickle appreciation week! Finally! Appreciate pickles!

Costs 10 Energy

2 We can’t be the only ones who ‘gnome’ the truth! Discuss gnome theories 5 times

Costs 25 Energy (5 each)

3 Improve your life by doin’ stuff! Complete 2 standard events S10
4 Tiny footprints?Maybe the gnomes are back! Wait, do gnomes exist? Go on wild gnome chase 3 times

Costs 15 Energy (5 each)

5 Is your refrigerator running? Humour Wumples by checking the fridge 10 times

Costs 50 Energy (5 each)

6 Stop and smell the roses.. and do events. Complete 4 long events S10


If you complete this quest in the time limit you will unlock the shades, necklace and 10 fashion gems:

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