The Sims Mobile- Starting and Switching Careers

In this post I am going to explain how to start a career in the sims mobile and also how to change your sims career.

Starting a Career

When you have built a workplace a pink suitcase will appear:

Click on this with the sim you want to work there and it will ask you what story should we tell? Click on the picture in the middle of this pop up to begin this story which starts this career:

Once you have started that career the pink suitcase will turn into a pink star, click on this to begin a career event:

Each career event your sim completes earns you career points to be able to level up in the career and unlock the career story chapter to unlock new items:

Changing Careers

If you would like to switch your sims career go to another workplace and click on the pink suitcase:

Again choose the story you want to tell:

When you click on this story it will ask you if you want to switch stories? Click switch to change your sims career, this will cost simoleons:

You will then be able to start the new career story, you will not be able to complete the previous career anymore

NOTE: only one sim can be in each career at a time

Any questions about The Sims Mobile? Give my Frequently Asked Questions page a read!

Thanks for reading!