The Sims Mobile- Starting and Switching Careers

In this post I am going to explain how to start a career in the sims mobile and also how to change your sims career.

Starting a Career

When you have built a workplace a pink suitcase will appear:

Click on this with the sim you want to work there and it will ask you what story should we tell? Click on the picture in the middle of this pop up to begin this story which starts this career:

Once you have started that career the pink suitcase will turn into a pink star, click on this to begin a career event:

Each career event your sim completes earns you career points to be able to level up in the career and unlock the career story chapter to unlock new items:

Changing Careers

If you would like to switch your sims career go to another workplace and click on the pink suitcase:

Again choose the story you want to tell:

When you click on this story it will ask you if you want to switch stories? Click switch to change your sims career, this will cost simoleons:

You will then be able to start the new career story, you will not be able to complete the previous career anymore

NOTE: only one sim can be in each career at a time

Any questions about The Sims Mobile? Give my Frequently Asked Questions page a read!

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24 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- Starting and Switching Careers

  1. I’ve already completed the first career and I can’t go on to another one. I’m on level 11 so does this have anything to do with it? I do have 3 other job sites unlocked I just can’t start working there for some reason. Also will there ever be a time when both adults can have careers at the same time? And do you know how to move furniture around once it’s been placed in the house and can we sale it or store it? I’m so confused with this game. 🤷🏽‍♀️😆

    • There was a career glitch so this may be why you couldn’t give your sims a career, if you update your game to the most recent version it should fix this.
      They probably won’t make it possible to have more than one sim in a career at the same time, I’m guessing it is due to the workplace being overcrowded and it will become confusing if they were both trying to complete an event there at the same time.
      To move furniture click and hold on the item you want to move and you will be able to move and store it, you cannot sell items. This page has a lot of frequently asked questions about the game so you may find that helpful:

  2. Hi there, love your blog. Just wanted to share that at long last I was able to play Sims Mobile, but, guess what, I don’t like it much. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game to play. I particularly enjoyed the new options in creating Sims. But there were too many things I did not like at all. I wanted lots of longer tasks so there wasn’t constant clicking, I missed being able to view the whole city, and the multiple little bubbles for tasks kind of bugged me. What do you think, am I just old fashioned? Back to my Sims Freeplay world!

    • Thanks! Nothing wrong with that, I still prefer sims freeplay! I do like the quick tasks but it can get a bit frustrating when you run out of energy and have to wait as I am impatient but overall I like it a lot more than I thought I would!

  3. Hi, I have a different question if I may…when the game asks for player name, is that name for each of your sims or just the one you were controlling at the time you set player name?

  4. Hi, I’m a little confused with the career stories. I’ve already completed 100% on the way of the latte. Does that mean, I can start a different career or do I continue to advance more in the cafe? Thanks

  5. I have a question about this game a for my girl and a guy married after they married it was time for her birthday party. I did the party and he disappeared and I haven’t found him yet. I click on his avatar but he doesn’t show up

  6. When I send my Sims to work there no longer is a a bubble star to click on for a shift start. So now my Sims can’t work. Is there another way for them to make money?

  7. They make the career switch cost a bit more simoleans. I didn’t build the medical centre, but I have Barista, Fashion and restaurant. When Downtown opened I built the ‘Agency’ it costs 500 to switch so I didn’t. The sims progress with the previous job will be saved, but is it worth spending 500-600 to switch or stay in my fashion career with one of my other sims who is progressing nicely and is level 6?

    • I only made this post in the latest update so it hasn’t changed to switch but it probably costs different amounts depending on the career you are switching to. If you haven’t reached the highest level in a career yet there isn’t much point in switching.

  8. the career items we unlock does it matter if u place those items at that career or at ur home to receive the benefits from them?? thank u in advance 😉

  9. Hi, I’m curious about why it costs more to switch to some careers than others (e.g. for me to go to business is $25, while fashion is $450. That’s a big difference!). Have you been able to play enough of the careers to figure this out yet? Do some pay better than others maybe?

    Thanks again for your blog – I totally credit you with helping me get rich in FreePlay without cheats! 🙂

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