FAQs about The Sims Mobile

On this page I have listed the most common questions I have been asked about The Sims Mobile so far, if you have any questions that aren’t listed then please ask me in the comments section- not on the post requests form!

I have linked any posts or videos I have created for more information on most questions, click those to find out more!

What is my player name and how do I change it? Your player name is your username/nickname. To change it go to settings and scroll down to change player name:

Will my sims die? No, your sims will not die. When they are ready to retire they can then move out so you won’t see  them anymore but they don’t die! Check out my ‘Retirement’ video here

How do I add new sims? Once you unlock a sim slot there will be a plus sign, click on this and it will say add a new playable sim, once you click this you will go to create a sim. Check out my ‘Adding New Sims’ video here

Should I pay to unlock the third sim slot with simcash? You can now complete the Roommate Race Quest from level 13 to unlock your 3rd sim slot for free! Unfortunately you still have to buy your 4th sim slot for 515 simcash

How do I access my sims info panel? Click on the sim and plumbob symbol next to your sim to open the sim info panel. From there you can see their hobby, career and relationship stories, how they are doing in the weekly sticker contest and your sims traits. Check out my ‘Sim Info Panel’ video here

How do I change my sims appearance? Click on the shirt icon down the side of your screen to access the closet:

How do I get my sims married? Once you reach level 7 and your sims are in a romantic relationship keep your eyes peeled for the propose social event, once they are engaged your sims can get married using the wedding arch. Read my ‘Getting Married’ post for more details

How do I add babies? Once you reach level 11 you can start the Baby Quest, complete the quest in the time limit to unlock the bassinet and when your sim is at a high enough relationship with another sim you can select ‘have a baby’ the sims will woohoo and half an hour later a baby will appear! Check out my ‘Having a Baby’ video here

Can I adopt babies? Yes, you can adopt babies by clicking on the bassinet but instead of selecting ‘have a baby’ select ‘adopt a boy or a girl’

Why can’t I play as the children? Only adult sims are playable (you can control) babies, children and elders just do their own thing but you can change their appearance! (apart from babies) Check out my ‘Making Sims Playable’ video here!

How do I change the appearance of a sim who isn’t playable?

To customise these sims click on them with another sim to interact with them and then you can see the makeover button underneath their name:

You can customise any other non playable sim in your house and non playable sims that appear around town! (pretty much every sim apart from babies and those with a blue plumbob above their head as these are other players sims)

My sim is now playable, when I try and change their outfit/hair it says ‘you don’t own those clothes or hair yet’ what does this mean? This means you haven’t unlocked those clothes or hairstyle yet so if you change your sims look you won’t be able to put those clothes or that hairstyle back on that sim

How do I move out a sim? Once your sims children have grown into adults or once sims become elders you can move them out, click on the family photo and click on the sim you want to move out, click move out and it will ask you if you are sure. Once you move them out you won’t see them again.

When will my sims start retiring? When you reach level 16 you unlock retirement. When a sim is ready to retire a pop up will appear, once they retire they will no longer be playable but will still hang around the house. You can then move them out and you won’t see them again. Check out my ‘Retirement’ video here

How many heirlooms do I need to unlock the different display cases? 

  • Heirloom Collection- 1 heirloom needed to unlock
  • First Heirloom Display Case- 10 heirlooms needed to unlock
  • Second Heirloom Display Case- 20 heirlooms needed to unlock

How do I increase my lifestyle score? Buy items for your sims home, buy clothes and by collecting heirlooms

How do I store items? Click and hold on an item until it lifts up, then click the box button to store it. Check out my ‘Storing Items’ video here

How do I place items on counters? When you want to place an item on a counter you will see coloured squares appear on the surface, these spots are where you can place the item:

How do I add rooms? Click on buy mode then on the hammer button which is build and the first tab in there is rooms. Click on this and drag the room to size:

How do I resize rooms? Go back to the room tab and click on the rotate button in the middle of the room, click and drag the white arrows to resize the room:

How do I build multi story houses? In the build tab, the second tab along is floor levels, you will need to purchase a permit to build a second and then a third floor. Once you have the permit you can then add rooms onto your new floor like you would on the ground floor- you can even build floating rooms which are rooms without a room underneath them!

Check out my ‘How to Build Multi Story Houses’ video here

How many floors can I have in total? You can have four floors in total.

  • Second Floor Level– unlocks from Level 14

Costs S20,000 and takes 12 hours to get permit approved

BUT you can early unlock with 300 simcash from Level 4 (there is no waiting time if you use simcash)

  • Third Floor Level– unlocks from Level 25 (you can only buy a third floor level after you have brought the second level)

Costs S80,000 and takes 2 days to get permit approved

BUT you can early unlock with 600 simcash from Level 4 (there is no waiting time if you use simcash)

  • Fourth Floor Level– unlocks from Level 30 (you can only buy a fourth floor level after you have brought the third level)

Costs S200,000 and takes 3 days to get permit approved

Does buying a permit mean that all my houses will be multi story? No, you are only purchasing the permit for that house

How does the floor button work? The Floor Button can be found on your screen even without owning a multi story house but if you do you can toggle up and down to view all the floors and the roof. You can easily move items between floors using this button, just hold the item and click on the button to move floors. Check out my ‘Moving Items and Rooms Between Floors’ video here

Do I need stairs to access floors? Stairs are not required to access upper floors- your sims can just teleport but if you do want stairs you can find them in the ‘Stairs’ tab of build mode:

How do I place stairs correctly? When placing stairs you’ll see:

  • White Lines– this shows you where the rooms are located on the floor above.
  • Yellow Patches– these appear when you are trying to place the stairs on top of another item, if you click the green tick to place the stairs there those items will be moved to your storage. This is going to save a lot of time, rather than cancelling placing the stairs and storing those items yourself it can all be achieved in one click.
  • Red– this means there is something in the way, either a wall or a sim is completing an action using an item in that area (items being used cannot be stored)

Check out my ‘Placing Stairs’ video here

Can I place stairs outside? Yes you can, but they must be leading to a room

Can I sell items? No, you cannot sell items you can only store them

How do I unlock more land expansions? Improve your lifestyle to unlock more land expansions around your sims house:

How much do land expansions cost? Read my ‘House Lots and Land Expansions Price List’ post for this information

Can I build more than one house? Yes, once you reach level 18 you will unlock new house lots. Read my ‘Neighborhood Update’ post for more information

How much does each new house cost to build?

  • 2nd lot- costs S40,000 and takes 8 hours to build (but can spend 250 simcash to build instantly instead)
  • 3rd lot- costs S100,000 and takes 2 days to build (but can spend 500 simcash to build instantly instead)
  • 4th lot- costs S250,000 and takes 7 days to build (but can spend 750 simcash to build instantly instead)
  • 5th lot (1 Landgraab Avenue)- costs S500,000 and takes 7 days to build (but you can spend 1,000 simcash to build instantly instead) (the cost to build this one doesn’t change)
  • 6th lot (Edgewater Quay)- costs S750,000 and takes 7 days to build (but you can spend 2,000 simcash to build instantly instead) (the cost to build this one doesn’t change)

There is also a 7th lot called Eco Retreat, this one costs real money to purchase

What is Photo Mode and how does it work?

Photo Mode allows us to take screenshots without all the icons on the screen being in the way! The feature is only available in build mode so if you go to a party you won’t be able to take pictures but the host of the party can. In build mode you will see a camera button on the screen: 

Click this and you will see a much clearer screen:

There are a few buttons at the bottom of the screen:

1.Remove UI (icons)- this allows you to take your screenshot without anything in the way on the screen but first you can use some of the other options to set the scene

2.Pause/Play- get the perfect pose by pausing the gameplay

3.Lighting- there are 3 buttons in a rectangle:

a.Sun- set to daytime

b.Auto- will be the time of day it currently is for you

c.Moon- set to nighttime

4.Walls- allows you to toggle the walls up and down

5.Floors- move up and down the floors with this button

Once you have set your settings you can then click the remove UI button and then take a screenshot using your device (look up online how to do this if you are unsure how to take screenshots on your device) You will then be able to find the picture in your phone’s gallery and it’s as simple as that!

How do I get the UI (icons) back? Just click on the screen and the bar shown above will return and then you can click the x in the corner to exit photo mode. Check out my ‘Photo Mode’ video here

How do I join a career? Click on the pink suitcase at the workplace you want that sim to join, it will then ask you what story you want to tell, click on the picture of the story to begin the career. Read my ‘Starting and Switching Careers’ post for more details.

How do I send my sim to work? Either click on the car button under the sim info panel button and then click on the suitcase to get to the workplace or from the sim info panel you can click go to work on the career story.

Why can’t both my sims have the same job? Only one sim can be in each job at one time

How do I change my sims job? Go to the new workplace and click on the pink suitcase again, choose the story you want to tell and then it will ask if you want to switch stories, click switch, this will cost you simoleons. Read my ‘Starting and Switching Careers’ post for more details

How do I start a hobby? Click on the hobby item, choose the story you want to tell and then you can begin the hobby. Check out my ‘Starting the Guitar Hobby’ video here

Where can I find special events? You can find the pink star bubble in one of the public areas at parkside, market square or downtown. There is only one special event at a time:

Most special events are now Sweet Treat Showdown Events or Treasure Hunt Events, STS can be started from Parkside when available:

How do Sweet Treat Showdown Events work? Your sim will bake over several rounds against their opponent, a professional chef, the more skilled the opponent the more rounds there are in a challenge. Your sim needs to click the ‘Bake it!’ option on the baking station in Parkside, when they do this they will either succeed or fail (similar to risky actions) For each round they win they will add rewards to their prize basket. Those rewards are needed to unlock prizes Check out my ‘Sweet Treat Showdown’ post here

How do Treasure Hunt Events work? The aim of this event is to complete expedition and investigation events to unlock ancient relics and golden bunnies which can be used to unlock prizes! Check out my ‘Treasure Hunt’ post here

Where has my daily to do list gone? The daily to do list was replaced with LlamaZoom which has also now been removed and replaced with Sim Festival and Daily Tasks have returned

Where can I find the daily tasks? Click on the ‘Sim Festival’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen:


Daily tasks refresh every 24 hours and there are 5 tasks to complete during this time, if you complete all 5 you will also complete the bonus ‘complete 5 daily tasks’ task to earn extra Llama Tokens, Recycle Tokens and XP. Check out my ‘Daily Tasks List’ post here for more information

Can I still earn LlamaZoom Tokens? Yes, you can earn them from completing Daily Tasks but they are now called Llama Tokens.

What can you do with Llama Tokens? You can buy items from the home store and clothing with these tokens and land expansions:

What does Sim Festival mean? Sim Festival is an event, Sim festival events aren’t always available, when they aren’t you can still complete daily tasks to earn rewards but when a sim festival event is available it will last for 50 days and you can earn Prize Tickets by completing daily tasks and season tasks.

The more prize tickets you earn the higher prize tier you will reach, there are 60 tiers in total for each season and different tiers unlock different prizes, each season different prizes will be available. Click on the gift tab on the left of the sim festival screen to see the prizes available. Check out my ‘Sim Festival Event’ post here


Where can I find quests to complete? Click on calendar icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, there you can see all the quests you have to complete and the rewards you earn, most quests repeat once you have completed them:


How do I complete the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ Quest? You will need to complete a family event with a retired sim who previously had a career or hobby so you can find the events career mentoring or hobby mentoring and complete one of those. Your current sim must have a career or hobby to get this option and it will only appear if you have not completed another family event that day (for example the bundle of joy event with a baby)

What is the Eco Workshop? The aim of the Eco Workshop is to upcycle/repair items using materials-  you aren’t really repairing anything, you just need to collect enough materials to make that item, and then you will be able to place that item in your house! The materials (thread, tape and nuts and bolts) need to be collected by completing workshop shifts, every Monday you will see new projects to complete so you have 7 day to collect all the materials and make the items before the projects refresh. Check out my ‘Eco Workshop’ post and video here

How many projects can I complete? You will start with 2 slots to create 2 projects, but you can have a maximum of 4, the other 2 slots cost to unlock:

  • 3rd Slot- 1,000 recycle tokens
  • 4th Slot- 2,000 recycle tokens

How do I earn Recycle Tokens? Recycle tokens can be earned by completing LlamaZoom

How do I earn the materials? The materials can be earned by completing workshop shifts and your sims will sometimes earn them when they complete relationship, career and hobby events. The workshop shifts take 8 hours to complete and you have to wait for 4 hours before you can complete another shift but as you upgrade the workshop the shift time gets shorter.

What can I make in the Eco Workshop? This post contains a list of all the items you can currently make at the workshop

What are all the workshop upgrades? There are 7 stages (there are 6 levels for each stage apart from stage one that only has 1 level so 37 levels in total) this is meant to be a long term feature so there is no rush to upgrade the Eco Workshop. This post details all the upgrades

How do I give stickers? Click on a sim with a blue plumbob above their head and click on one of the stickers to give it to them. Read my ‘Guide to Stickers’ post for everything you need to know about stickers.

How do I earn fashion gems and where can I spend them?  You earn fashion gems by completing your daily to do list task of giving stickers and from the weekly sticker contest (the more stickers you receive from other players the more gems you earn) You can then spend those gems at Izzy’s Fashion Shop in Parkside, he creates fabulous outfits with bonus traits for your sims to wear. Check out my ‘Izzy’s Fashion Shop’ video here

What does a blue plumbob mean? This is another players sim:

What does a pink plumbob mean? This means this sim is partaking in an event:

What does the purple plumbob mean? This is the sim who is hosting the party:

How do I earn tickets and what can I buy with them?

Home Tickets and Sim Tickets have been replaced with Llama Tokens

Heirloom Tickets:

  • Heirloom Ticket- complete family events to earn
  • Super Heirloom Ticket- sell heirlooms to earn
  • Luxe Heirloom Ticket- sell heirlooms to earn

Llama Tokens:

  • complete Daily Tasks to earn

Recycle Tokens:

  • complete Daily Tasks to earn

Tickets then can be used to buy new items for your sims house, new clothes and allows you to add new sims!

Can I change relationship stories once I begin one with another sim? No, unfortunately you can’t

If you have any questions that aren’t listed then please let me know in the comments


143 thoughts on “FAQs about The Sims Mobile

  1. Hiya! Just wanna ask how do I get the new clothes from another player’s sim that moved in with me? They had premium clothes that you can only get if you purchased the festival pass, and a player generously gave me a sim wearing premium stuff from head to toe! But I can’t seem to find these items in the closet/shop if I’m editing another sim…(is it because I haven’t purchased these items?) Thanks in advance!

  2. My child has already turn into an adult, I wanted to make it playable but there’s no option of that on the family portrait it said “no slots available”, what should I do?

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