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FAQs about The Sims Mobile

On this page I have listed the most common questions I have been asked about The Sims Mobile so far, if you have any questions that aren’t listed then please ask me in the comments section- not on the post requests form!

I have linked any posts or videos I have created for more information on most questions, click those to find out more!

What is my player name and how do I change it? Your player name is your username/nickname. To change it go to settings and scroll down to change player name:

Will my sims die? No, your sims will not die. When they are ready to retire they can then move out so you won’t see  them anymore but they don’t die! Check out my ‘Retirement’ video here

How do I add new sims? Once you unlock a sim slot there will be a plus sign, click on this and it will say add a new playable sim, this will cost sim tickets, once you click this you will go to create a sim. Check out my ‘Adding New Sims’ video here

Should I pay to unlock a sim slot early with simcash? No! Definitely don’t do this! You unlock a new slot when you reach the correct level so be patient and save your simcash

How do I access my sims info panel? Click on the sim and plumbob symbol next to your sim to open the sim info panel. From there you can change your sims appearance, see their hobby, career and relationship stories and your sims traits. Check out my ‘Sim Info Panel’ video here

How do I change my sims appearance? Click on the sim info panel and click on the change appearance button under your sims picture:

How do I get my sims married? Once you reach level 7 and your sims are in a romantic relationship keep your eyes peeled for the propose social event, once they are engaged your sims can get married using the wedding arch. Read my ‘Getting Married’ post for more details

How do I add babies? Once you reach level 11 and your sim is at a high enough relationship with another sim you can buy a bassinet and select ‘have a baby’ the sims will woohoo and half an hour later a baby will appear! Check out my ‘Having a Baby’ video here

Can I adopt babies? Yes, you can adopt babies by clicking on the bassinet but instead of selecting ‘have a baby’ select ‘adopt a boy or a girl’

Why can’t I play as the children or change their appearance? Only adult sims are playable (you can control) babies, children and elders just do their own thing! Check out my ‘Making Sims Playable’ video here!

My sim is now playable, when I try and change their outfit/hair it says ‘you don’t own those clothes or hair yet’ what does this mean? This means you haven’t unlocked those clothes or hairstyle yet so if you change your sims look you won’t be able to put those clothes or that hairstyle back on that sim

How do I move out a sim? Once your sims children have grown into adults or once sims become elders you can move them out, click on the family photo and click on the sim you want to move out, click move out and it will ask you if you are sure. Once you move them out you won’t see them again.

When will my sims start retiring? When you reach level 16 you unlock retirement. When a sim is ready to retire a pop up will appear, once they retire they will no longer be playable but will still hang around the house. You can then move them out and you won’t see them again. Check out my ‘Retirement’ video here


How many heirlooms do I need to unlock the different display cases? 

  • Heirloom Collection- 1 heirloom needed to unlock
  • First Heirloom Display Case- 10 heirlooms needed to unlock
  • Second Heirloom Display Case- 20 heirlooms needed to unlock

How do I increase my lifestyle score? Buy items for your sims home, buy clothes and by collecting heirlooms

How do I store items? Click and hold on an item until it lifts up, then click the box button to store it. Check out my ‘Storing Items’ video here

How do I place items on counters? When you want to place an item on a counter you will see coloured squares appear on the surface, these spots are where you can place the item:

How do I add rooms? Firstly you need to improve your lifestyle to unlock more rooms, then click on buy mode then on the fourth tab along which is build and the first tab in there is rooms. Click on this and drag the room to size:

How do I resize rooms? Go back to the room tab and click on the rotate button in the middle of the room, click and drag the white arrows to resize the room:

Can I sell items? No, you cannot sell items you can only store them

How do I unlock more land expansions? Improve your lifestyle to unlock more land expansions around your sims house:

Can I build more than one house? No, you can only have one house on The Sims Mobile


How do I join a career? Click on the pink suitcase at the workplace you want that sim to join, it will then ask you what story you want to tell, click on the picture of the story to begin the career. Read my ‘Starting and Switching Careers’ post for more details.

How do I send my sim to work? Either click on the car button under the sim info panel button and then click on the suitcase to get to the workplace or from the sim info panel you can click go to work on the career story.

Why can’t both my sims have the same job? Only one sim can be in each job at one time

How do I change my sims job? Go to the new workplace and click on the pink suitcase again, choose the story you want to tell and then it will ask if you want to switch stories, click switch, this will cost you simoleons. Read my ‘Starting and Switching Careers’ post for more details

How do I start a hobby? Click on the hobby item, choose the story you want to tell and then you can begin the hobby. Check out my ‘Starting the Guitar Hobby’ video here

Where can I find special events? You can find the pink star bubble in one of the public areas at parkside, market square or downtown. There is only one special event at a time:

Where can I find my daily to do list? Click on ‘to do list’ in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, complete the list to earn a cupcake! The list resets every day:

Where can I find quests to complete? Click on ‘quests’ in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, there you can see all the quests you have to complete and the rewards you earn, most quests repeat once you have completed them:

How do I complete the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ Quest? You will need to complete a family event with a retired sim who previously had a career or hobby so you can find the events career mentoring or hobby mentoring and complete one of those

How do I give stickers? Click on a sim with a blue plumbob above their head and click on one of the stickers to give it to them. Read my ‘Guide to Stickers’ post for everything you need to know about stickers.

How do I earn fashion gems and where can I spend them?  You earn fashion gems by completing your daily to do list task of giving stickers and from the weekly sticker contest (the more stickers you receive from other players the more gems you earn) You can then spend those gems at Izzy’s Fashion Shop in Parkside, he creates fabulous outfits with bonus traits for your sims to wear. Check out my ‘Izzy’s Fashion Shop’ video here


What does a blue plumbob mean? This is another players sim:

What does a pink plumbob mean? This means this sim is partaking in an event:


How do I earn tickets and what can I buy with them?

Home Tickets:

  • Home Ticket- complete career, hobby and special events to earn
  • Super Home Ticket- complete special events to earn
  • Luxe Home Ticket- complete special events to earn

Sim Tickets:

  • Sim Ticket- complete relationship events and go to parties to earn
  • Super Sim Ticket- go to parties to earn
  • Luxe Sim Ticket- go to parties to earn

Heirloom Tickets:

  • Heirloom Ticket- complete family events to earn
  • Super Heirloom Ticket- sell heirlooms to earn
  • Luxe Heirloom Ticket- sell heirlooms to earn

Tickets then can be used to buy new items for your sims house, new clothes and allows you to add new sims!

Can I change relationship stories once I begin one with another sim? No, unfortunately you can’t

If you have any questions that aren’t listed then please let me know, I will keep updating this post!


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38 thoughts on “FAQs about The Sims Mobile

  1. how do I change my relation with my other playable sim from sport buddies to fiance/wife? is it possible?

  2. Why don’t you make an update able to control baby’s, toddlers, kids and teenagers and make more houses

  3. No explanation on how to sell duplicate heirlooms.

  4. when i entered izzy’s fashion shop, i create a new design but the clothes always done for male, how do i get a new design for female?

  5. I have two playable sims but can’t move my wife in as there is no room for her apparently… how do I change this? I also wasn’t able to ha e a child with her we could only adopt..?

  6. How often can you retire sims, and how many traits can a sim earn in a day?

    I’m level 25 now and finally retired one of my first sims. Before I retired one of them, both prompted me to retire them every day since level 16. After retiring one of them, I immediately went to retire the other, and the option wasn’t there. I’m curious if there is a cool down between retiring sims?

    Can you only retire 1 sim per day?

    • I retired 3 sims today so you can definitely retire more than one sim a day. Traits depend on how much your sims do each day so that really depends on how much you are playing.

  7. How do I get the piano heirloom is there some trick like completing the guitar hobby and dj career before you retire?

  8. Hi,
    Every time I go on my sims, there is always the same lady in my place that is not one of my players and I just don’t know how to get rid of her. Any ideas what I could do?

  9. My relationship story has ended but I have a quest to begin a new story . . .can I not begin a new story with my 2 existing sims?

  10. My Sim just got married and I’m wondering, what will happen if the other player retires the Sim before I can move them in and get all the things for a baby? Will my sim’s husband just disappear?

    • You might still see him around the town but unless you have another sim who is friends with him you won’t be able to invite him over but you also don’t have to retire them as soon as the pop up appears unless it is your first sim retiring

  11. How many heirlooms do I need to unlock the heirloom shelves?

  12. Ive retired a SIM but still haven’t had an option to complete the family event ‘tree of knoweldge” does anyone know how I can complete mentoring or tasks with elders?

    • At the start of a new day you need a retired sim who either had a career or hobby or both at your house then click on them and you should be able to find the event to either ask for a hobby mentoring session or career mentoring

  13. Thanks for your help, as always! How long does it take to recover one energy?

  14. My woman sim recently married a guy sim. Wanting to change his hair and clothes but when I choose a new style it states” my sim doesn’t own the clothes yet”

    He is playable, but would like to change his hair and do I get the option for this?

    • You can change his clothes and hair, that pop up is saying that you haven’t unlocked something he is currently wearing so if you change his hair or clothes you won’t be able to put that hairstyle or outfit back on him as you haven’t unlocked it yet.

  15. How do you get party cake?

  16. I’m in an event & earning solid pink stars. What are those for?

  17. can I still purchase furniture if I don’t have any home tickets?

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