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Once you complete the Multi Story Renovations Quest your preteen sims will be able to practice karate at the community center, this is different from other hobbies as you do not earn prizes for completing a collection as there isn’t a collection!

You complete this hobby by clicking on the sparring dummy or wooden karate board on the left hand side of the downstairs of the community center, the options are:

Sparring Dummy:

  • One Punch- 10 minutes
  • Quick Duel- 1 hour
  • Karate Practice- 6 hours
  • Lengthy Battle- 12 hours

Wooden Karate Board:

  • Karate Chop!- 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Extended Session- 20 minutes

Or you can buy the sparring dummy from the preteen section of the home store for 10LP

After the time has passed come back and they will have completed the action, an exclamation mark doesn’t above your sims head in this hobby and they will not find a collectible, you will just earn rewards each time your preteen sims level up in this hobby, once you reach 100% you will level up, there are 6 levels.

The table below shows the level up percentage for each option:

This may change in future updates

Sparring Dummy:

 LEVEL  10 minutes 1 hour 6 hour 12 hour
1-2 4% 27% 166% 250%
2-3 3% 20% 124% 250%
3-4 2% 13% 83% 166%
4-5 1% 10% 62% 125%
5-6 1% 6% 41% 83%

Wooden Board:

 LEVEL  1 minute 30 seconds 20 minutes
1-2 10% 70%
2-3 7% 52%
3-4 5% 35%
4-5 3% 26%
5-6 2% 17%

The next table shows you the level up rewards for the first and future sims will receive when they level up in this hobby:

1 Yellow Belt
2 Red Belt 2 Karate Posters 100 Town Value
3 Blue Belt Lamp 250 Town Value
4 Purple Belt 2 Wallpapers and Karate Door 500 Town Value
5 Brown Belt Karate Award 1,000 Town Value
6 Black Belt Karate Figurine 1,500 Town Value

Below you can see the prizes you unlock when your first preteen sim completes this hobby:


  • Reaching Level 2 unlocks Posters
  • Reaching Level 3 unlocks Lamp
  • Reaching Level 4 unlocks Wallpaper and Door
  • Reaching Level 5 unlocks Award
  • Reaching Level 6 unlocks Figurine



Why does this hobby not show up with a collection in the hobby tab?

This and Ballet do not show up because you don’t unlock a collectible each time you complete the hobby, you only get the rewards shown above when you level up for the first time and the town value reward for further times you level up. You will receive no other rewards.

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