The Sims Freeplay- Community Center

You will build the community center during the Multi Story Renovations quest.

This building is two floors so you need to click on the floor button at the side of the screen to look upstairs:

Ground Floor:


First Floor:


Ground Floor:


On the right hand side of the ground floor there is an area for your preteen sims to complete the Ballet hobby using the record player and the ballet barre.


On the left hand side of the ground floor there is an area for your preteen sims to complete the Karate hobby using the sparring dummy and the wooden karate boards.


Why doesn’t ballet or karate show up with a collection in the hobby tab?

They do not show up because you don’t unlock a collectible each time you complete the hobby, you only get rewards when you level up for the first time (these can be found in the ballet and karate posts) You will receive no other rewards.


There are also toilets, a coffee machine and a sandpit (for toddlers)

And there is also a bench and a lot of chairs around the community center!

First Floor:

The whole of the first floor of the community center is for the Woodworking hobby. On the right of the upstairs there are 3 woodworking benches (you can buy more from the promotions r us store to place in your sims houses) and on the left is pipework that is used for the minigame of catching the dolls in this hobby. 
How do I catch a doll when completing woodworking at the community center?

imageThe doll will run to the pipes on the machinery to the left of the screen- your sim will rush to a window. You need to get the doll to the window your sim is at, if it is going the wrong way you can tap on it to change the dolls direction (if you do it at home you don’t need to chase the dolls!)

Once the doll is running towards the window where your sim is- stop tapping, your sim will catch the doll and you will receive the item for your collection!









Outside the community center:

Once you complete the Bird Feeding Quest you will find the Bird Feeding bench at the entrance to the community center so your senior sims can complete the Bird Feeding hobby:

You will only be able to find the third row of birds for the hobby at the community center, go to the other locations to find the other birds:

Why can’t I build the community center yet?

You cannot build the community center until you reach the goal in the Multi Story Renovations quest to build it.

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Community Center

  1. How much does the community center cost? I cant find it and I’ve looked on a few websites now and i want to know how much to save up so i can do it in time.

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