The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Ballet


Once you complete the Multi Story Renovations Quest your preteen sims will be able to practice ballet at the community center, this is different from other hobbies as you do not earn prizes for completing a collection as there isn’t a collection!

You complete this hobby by clicking on the record player or ballet barre on the right hand side of the downstairs of the community center, the options are:

Record player at the community center:

  • One Pirouette- 10 minutes
  • Quick Pirouette- 1 hour
  • Pirouettes- 6 hours 
  • Extensive Pirouettes- 12 hours

Ballet Barre:

  • Stretch- 30 seconds

Or you can buy the record player from the preteen section of the home store for 10LP

Record player at home:

  • One Pirouette- 4 minutes
  • Quick Pirouette- 1 hour
  • Pirouettes- 9 hours
  • Extensive Pirouettes- 1 day

After the time has passed come back and they will have completed the action, an exclamation mark doesn’t above your sims head in this hobby and they will not find a collectible, you will just earn rewards each time your preteen sims level up in this hobby, once you reach 100% you will level up, there are 6 levels.

The table below shows the level up percentage for each option:

This may change in future updates

Record Player:

 LEVEL  10 minutes 1 hour 6 hour 12 hour
1-2 2% 13% 83% 166%
2-3 1% 9% 55% 111%
3-4 1% 6% 41% 83%
4-5 5% 29% 60%
5-6 3% 18% 36%

Ballet Barre:

 LEVEL  30 seconds
1-2 30%
2-3 20%
3-4 15%
4-5 10%
5-6 6%

The next table shows you the level up rewards for the first and future sims will receive when they level up in this hobby:

1 All Left Feet (Pink and White Outfits)
2 Novice (Pink and White Outfits) 2 Ballet Posters 100 Town Value
3 Intermediate (White Outfits) Lamp 250 Town Value
4 Advanced (White Outfits) 2 Wallpapers and Ballet Door 500 Town Value
5 Expert (Black Outfits) Ballet Award 1,000 Town Value
6 Professional (Black Outfits) Ballet Figurine 1,500 Town Value

Below you can see the prizes you unlock when your first preteen sim completes this hobby:


  • Reaching Level 2 unlocks Posters
  • Reaching Level 3 unlocks Lamp
  • Reaching Level 4 unlocks Wallpaper and Door
  • Reaching Level 5 unlocks Award
  • Reaching Level 6 unlocks Figurine



Why does this hobby not show up with a collection in the hobby tab?

This and Karate do not show up because you don’t unlock a collectible each time you complete the hobby, you only get the rewards shown above when you level up for the first time and the town value reward for further times you level up. You will receive no other rewards.

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46 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Ballet

  1. You can purchase a record player that allows your pre-teen to practice at home (under the pre-teen tab, not the electronic tab, in the home store, once all levels are unlocked.). Not sure if the price has changed with updates, but they cost 10 LP in my game.

  2. I found is you click on the bars too, although I can only click on the one closest to the entrance, you can also stretch which adds % really quick and is only 30 sec

  3. I have unlocked ballet and karate and can get my sims to do it, but i am not earning any medals. It comes up next to my sims names as hobby is ballet or karate, but only says i have diving and figure skating unlocked in the drop down tab… Any thoughts on this?

  4. So after you’ve reached the highest level for ballet and received all of the collectibles, there is really no reason for the preteen to continue this hobby, right? Unless competing at the competition center?

  5. Has anyone had a problem with the game being sexist? I have a preteen boy who is doing the ballet hobby and a social goal to do pirouettes in a neighbor’s community center (it does not specify a length), but despite doing several sets of One Pirouettes and Quick Pirouettes in two different neighbors’ community center it still hasn’t cleared. Is the game really going to only acknowledge the action if it’s a girl? Thoughts?

  6. On the ballet barre you can finish the hobby really really quickly (you have to press around a lot to find the spot you can do it on though mine is only the one on the wall the middle post) it only takes 30 seconds it may be a glitch the 1st level you get 30% 2nd level you get 20% the 3rd is 15% 4th is 10% and the 5th is 5% takes less than 15 minutes to complete the entire hobby

  7. Is there a certain level in the ballet hobbie that you get the wallpaper? I’m at level 2 and I thought I would get it after completing level 1? TIA

  8. When I have anybody at the community center they cannot use the bathroom. Both my preteens and adults get the blue foot prints in a speech bubble. But there isn’t anything in the way. I’ve tried both bathrooms (karate and ballet side). Help

  9. With the record player, do the different options upgrade your hobby level by different amounts… So does the day long one give you more that the one that takes 4 minutes

  10. What is happening with the ballet and karate hobbies after the new update? I am doing it with my preeteen but i am not getting any rewards, megals or whatever you should get.

  11. I’ve noticed that the timings are different for the record player you buy with 10LPs compared to the one at the community centre:
    One pirouette = 4 minutes
    Quick pirouette = 1 hour
    Pirouettes = 9 hours
    Extensive pirouettes = 1 day
    Not sure why that would be though as the timings for the sparring dummy you buy with LPs isn’t any different to the one at the community centre?

  12. On my device I’m still on level one of the hobby and it isn’t registered as a hobby on the hobby selection… Is that normal?

  13. Hey, I’m having a problem with this hobby. It seems as though they have removed it. If I go to the hobby section I cannot see it anymore and I also cannot see the tab with the rewards. I have already complete it long ago, so I’m just doing it for fun 🙂

    But it shows me as if it would be unavailable. Do you maybe know so more about this? Or is it just a glitch for me>

    Thansk a lot:)!

    • This is how it is meant to be, you will only get the rewards shown in the post when you level up in the hobby for the first time. You do not get collectibles each time you complete this hobby or Karate to fill up a collection table like all other hobbies so it does not appear in the hobby tab.

  14. Im at level 2 but i cant find the walpaper in the walpaper section, what should i do?

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