The Sims Mobile- Raise the Roof Update

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The latest Sims Mobile update (coming out on the 11th May from 10:30pm UTC) allows us to create multi story houses!

Adding a New Floor

Once the update is released we will be able to add 2nd and 3rd floors to our houses so we can build a 3 story house!

To build a second floor you firstly need to purchase a permit from build mode under the ‘Floor Levels’ tab:

  • Second Floor Level– unlocks from Level 14

Costs S20,000 and takes 12 hours to get permit approved

BUT you can early unlock with 300 simcash from Level 4 (there is no waiting time if you use simcash)

  • Third Floor Level– unlocks from Level 25 (you can only buy a third floor level after you have brought the second level)

Costs S80,000 and takes 2 days to get permit approved

BUT you can early unlock with 600 simcash from Level 4 (there is no waiting time if you use simcash)

NOTE: you will need to purchase these permits separately for each of your house lots if you want all of your houses to be multi story

Once you have the permit you can then add rooms onto your new floor like you would on the ground floor- you can even build floating rooms which are rooms without a room underneath them!

Floor Button

The Floor Button can be found on your screen even without owning a multi story house but if you do you can toggle up and down to view all the floors and the roof.

TIP: you can easily move items and rooms from one floor to another using this button- just pick up the item and click on the floor button to get to the floor you want and then place the item or room (you cannot place anything on the roof)


Stairs are not required to access 2nd and 3rd floors- your sims can just teleport but if you do want stairs you can find them in the ‘Stairs’ tab of build mode. When you first update there are currently 3 available but keep your eyes peeled because there will be new staircases added in the future as prizes in events:

Stairs can be placed outside but they must be leading to a room

When placing stairs you’ll see:

  • White Lines– this shows you where the rooms are located on the floor above.
  • Yellow Patches– these appear when you are trying to place the stairs on top of another item, if you click the green tick to place the stairs there those items will be moved to your storage. This is going to save a lot of time, rather than cancelling placing the stairs and storing those items yourself it can all be achieved in one click.
  • Red– this means there is something in the way, either a wall or a sim is completing an action using an item in that area (items being used cannot be stored)

Once placed you can put items underneath the staircase so you could add a desk or some decorative items on the walls- I really love this idea:

The item limit has been raised to accommodate for us having a lot more space now so if you reached the item limit before you should be able to add more items again!


These columns can be placed underneath a room or part of a room that is floating to make it structurally sound, there is also an XL version to reach the 3rd floor:

The ability to add multi levels to houses is a permanent feature so don’t worry if you aren’t ready yet as it will be available forever

New House Lot

A new house lot, Edgewater Quay has been added to Briny Heights, this one is on a beachside lot! It is available from level 18 and costs S750,000 with a 7 day wait to build (or build for 2,000 SimCash without having to wait) The cost amount doesn’t change.

The lot is 30×40 (regular lots are 30×30)

This lot is slightly different to the rest as this one already has a 2 story house built on it but you can still edit this house and create a new one in it’s place. You also unlock the wallpaper and flooring in this house but not the items (you can store those items to use in another house but you won’t be able to buy more of that item if you haven’t already unlocked it)

This is such a highly requested update and I cannot wait for it! Moving rooms around looks so easy and I will definitely be adding some floating rooms! I’m really hoping we will be able to add balconies in a future update

What are your thoughts on this update?

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