Is it too late to Save The Sims Mobile?

Since the latest Sims Mobile update was announced players are not happy, you just need to head to Twitter and check out the ‘SaveTheSimsMobile’ hashtag to see that reruns and paid packs aren’t what they want from this previously much loved game.

Unfortunately I fell out of love with The Sims Mobile a lot earlier than these dedicated players, you may have noticed I only make an update post for the game now, I got so bored of making Wumples posts and even the new events aren’t exciting enough to warrant their own posts.

But maybe it isn’t just me who has felt like this for some time, maybe we all have and we are only speaking up about it now as let’s be honest, The Sims Mobile hasn’t been great for a while.

One of the biggest problems is virtually every update is the same- several boring Wumples Wishlists, many rerun events, 1 or 2 new events and that is without mentioning the multiple paid packs.

I try and avoid promoting paid packs, I don’t think it is my job to try and sell you stuff so that really limits my content as paid packs are most of it! But have you noticed how much effort it put into the paid packs over actual game content? I think if a company has to spend so much time on paid packs on a free game they need to really think about where they are going wrong because paid packs would sell themselves if the game was worth playing.

Another problem is the game has changed hands a few times now so it is difficult for suggestions to be implemented, I don’t think the current team are actually trying to ignore us, I think it is more we have given feedback to someone who is no longer involved in the game so it gets lost. I honestly don’t know who we should be giving feedback to these days!

I don’t even remember the last time I played the game and I hate that, I wish it was enjoyable rather than a chore.

Is it too late to Save The Sims Mobile? I really hope not, but remember we have been here before with Sims NObile back in 2018, the name is different but the issues are the same. I really want to love this game again but I think the makers need to take on board feedback that we all give them rather than just saying ‘I’ll pass that on’ as without the players there is no one to buy those paid packs.