The Sims Mobile- Sims NObile?

The latest update of The Sims Mobile has caused uproar in the community but why and is it justified?

Previously when you brought an item or wallpaper etc in the game you got many different colour swatches of that item once you buy it so you could change between colours as much as you liked for free but for some reason The Sims Mobile team decided to change this for the Winter update. Now when you buy a new item you have to buy the different colour swatches individually:

You’d think that buying the colour entitled you to that item but no, you have to then buy the item once you have paid to unlock the colour!! (with the exception of create a sim items, buying the colour buys that item- but only in that colour) It looks like you get to keep all the ones you already had but for future items you will have to buy the different colours separately for either simoleons or simcash. It looks like they have attempted to reduce the prices but some disgruntled players have said this isn’t the case with all items, for example, one of the fridges now costs 425 simcash!!

This is the last straw for a lot of players and quite frankly I don’t blame them. The issues from the last update also haven’t been fixed for everyone which has added to the anger. I am an EA GameChanger for The Sims Mobile so I like to give a lot of feedback to the team on how the game could be improved but the majority of feedback is ignored which really makes me think that they don’t really care about the players just how much money they can make. I find it really disappointing as I’ve seen some really great suggestions that if they took onboard could make this game a whole lot better.

I’ve played a lot of mobile games and generally if I feel that you cannot play the game without spending money I stop playing, I am not against making in app purchases, every now and then when I see something I like in The Sims Freeplay I buy it because they listen to their customers and I don’t feel like I am being forced to spend money. The Sims Mobile on the other hand have been making quests and events longer to the point that they are now impossible to complete in the time limit, the packs they want us to buy are extremely overpriced and now they have done this to make us spend even more money, if things do not change I will be walking away because in it’s current state it is in app purchases with repetitive tasks to complete in between.

What do you think?


31 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- Sims NObile?

  1. I totally agree with you. It’s ridiculous that they updated the game without fixing the bugs from the previous update — AND made things more expensive (as it is, things in the game are already too expensive!). They have completely disregarded our feedback. I don’t think any of the players care for Lamazoom tasks, yet they remain. They need to fix the issues before releasing new quests and features.

    • My nwme is, Mitsy and I am an advid Som player I play Sims 3 with Ambitions Pets and Supernatural! She got me into it as I have Cerebral Palsy which effects my coordination and since, I’m basically one handed, she thought i’d be good at it and would enjoy it! Since, I enjoy watching her play. OH, I do love playing!
      And so, when.they came out with the new SIMS MOBILE, great or so I hoped. But that was soon short lived!

      Mya, is, my. (FB alias) and Mitsy is my real name.
      Age – 55

  2. Totally agree. I just deleted last night because the many things they changed for no reason and or money/impossible quests. The last event i used some sim cash but my entire horde of cupcakes (98)! My 3 sims can’t work any shift. Each one has either quick, standard, or long. Well that kills off my way to earn money at night when i don’t play. I will stick to my sims 4 on pc. Thankyou for the add tgwg! I Will still read your blog till they run u off too lol

  3. There is a glitch on sims free play laundry quest I Carnt use the jewellery ,or pottery and glass work stations I only have one thing to get I need all the work stations to get it

  4. I stopped playing Sims Mobile about 3 months ago. I saw the game going in this direction. It got to the point I dreaded updates. Definitely have never felt that way about the Sims before and I’ve been playing them for 30+ years (yep I actually still have the Sims first generation discs….yipe!!).

    Been following your letter for about three years and have always appreciated it. Sorry the Sims are at last letting us all down.

    Like one of your other fans said, I will continue to follow your posts until you get fed up. Maybe Freeplay can hang in there.

    Thank you for your hard work and trying to reform the Sims Mobile crew.

    Kindest Regards,

    Paul Thurman

  5. Absolutely agree! Thank you TGWG for a wonderful blog! I wouldn’t have made it as far as I did without your help. I’m 72 years old and this is the first game I really got into. I’m handicapped and housebound so I really enjoyed keeping company with the Sims. But as the game progressed I was beginning to think that I have been manipulated by a bunch of greedy con artists who seem to enjoy ripping off their customers! The prices of various items are absurd, costing ridiculous amounts of simoleons. Also absurd are the time frames allotted to complete tasks and quests, forcing the player to use their LPs…which are very difficult to accumulate. And yes, I’ve spent a considerable amount of real cash to play. Customer Service is a whole new story. They still have not fixed a problem I contacted them about over a month ago! You are right. All they care about is making money, not their customers. Instead of having fun this game makes me feel bummed out! This is the first and LAST game I will ever get from them!

  6. I agree with you 100%. That disturbs me that they dont even listen to you game changers that they choose to ignore your feedback. If EA keeps it up they will lose credibility as well as long time customers. Are they looking for an excuse to shut TSM game down???

  7. The #simsNObile has broken my 💓! I LOVED the game and played everyday, gladly spending real money. Now it is just an empty shell of what used to be a great thing. I feel like my opinion has been disregarded and my last work order I sent to them to help me with a glitch I was having resulted in an EA rep calling me a liar! Why would I pay and put all my time into something that is now toxic? EA really dropped the ball with this new Winterfest update and the previous Harvestfest update. Please EA, fix what wasn’t broken so the Sims Mobile can be fun again!

  8. I’m honestly on the verge of uninstalling it and not even bothering to see if they change it. Over time i’ve spent a lot more than i normally do in a game because i really liked it, but i’m honestly done. I feel used and abused as a player and i just don’t care anymore. This used to relax me after a long day of work…. not anymore. I work too hard for my money to throw it away fir a game created by a bunch of leaches who don’t care.

  9. I quit playing about 2 weeks into the release due to the fact that I felt like I had to live on my phone to play the game. There was no downtime like free play. I do not buy with real money unless really really necessary. So I never paid attention to the high prices.

  10. I agree with you 100%! The game should be conducted fairly and ethically with the players’ enjoyment and satisfaction as the #1 priority. Forcing players to buy in-app purchases is not going to accomplish anything except anger your players and make them feel hijacked by the developers. If a developer needs money to run their game then they should be honest with their players about their financial problems and either start to charge a subscription fee of some kind or get out of the gaming business. A loyal player who plays a game that they feel is one of the best games around (but it seems there are millions to choose from!), then they will feel they have a choice, the company has been honest with them which shows the developers respect their players and the players may just decide that they would pay a small, fair monthly subscription. However, unethical, greedy developers with NO regard for the very people who have been keeping their game alive, will lose every time. Your players, no matter how much they love the game, will quit and find another one – there are many others out there to choose from! I know this for a fact – I have contacted developers of games I used to play AND I loved the game but, after the developers ignored my concerns and didn’t begin to run a fair and ethical game, I quit. Your game is NOT that good enough to abuse your loyal customers, lie to them, coerce them to put real money into your game and expect them to stick with you. THEY WILL QUIT YOU!! I did it several times – and I’ve quit some really fabulous games that I played exclusively but I’ll quit if treated unfairly. I have ALWAYS found another game to play that I loved, and usually ended up loving it MORE than the game I had just quit. So, developers, if you want to be greedy, dishonest, and unethical, prepare to lose it all eventually.

  11. i quit this game long before the most recent update because the cash grabbing got so ridiculous, and support gave me an “oh well, sorry” when i didn’t receive paid content. items “broke” multiple times a day, sucking away hundreds in game currency that it took hours in-game to earn. even the PLANTS “broke” and required $ to “fix.” the appliances, which were expensive to begin with, broke non-stop, and were pricey to repair. when it got boring and they introduced “choices…” oh surprise! the choice is you can pay sim cash (which costs REAL cash) for a bonus, or suffer negative effects for not doing it…and it just got worse and worse. from recent reviews, it seems it kept on doing so.

  12. I agree. I stopped playing The Sims Freeplay because I felt I was being forced to spend real currency. In The Sims Mobile, I haven’t been able to complete the last two events because I’m not willing to spend real money to speed up the process. It’s quite annoying, but I’m not surprised. EA is like this with all games. I was just wondering when it would get to that point with The Sims Mobile, and it appears that time has come.

  13. I enjoy the quests. And you’re right. I find I couldn’t complete recent ones without either spending money or being constantly present and clicking away. I spend real money on the game. But I don’t like to on quests. I could spend money and possibly still not compkete the quest. Which would be like throwing my wallet into the harbor. I’d regret it. Now there are relationship stories I don’t have and heirlooms.

  14. First, I love Sims 4 and Sims FreePlay. I’ve been playing FreePlay for at least 5 years. That said, I really don’t see the point of Sims Mobile. All I do is click to make the shift go faster. I hate that I can’t sell anything and my inventory is too big to manage. I love the graphics but part of what I like about all of the Sims games is building the houses. The houses on Sims Mobile are boring. The tasks are not worth the effort. I think today is day 11 of Winterfest and I’m on day 3 of the tasks. I’ll probably check in on Sims Mobile every once in a while but it’s not going to be a regular thing for me.

  15. It was my 12th day in to Winterfest, on the 3rd or 4th task where I had to complete 2 Lamazoom tasks advance, Since I only had a few hours until the end of the event, I used simcash and muffins. I only had 1/2 tasks that counted as completed; I tried to finish off 3 quick and 1 standard events, and they weren’t acknowledged at all. I put up with a lot ever since the Thanksgiving debacle, but this was just too much. Thankfully I didn’t spend any real money for these boosts and simcash, but still, they were earned. Wat a huge waste of time. I’m done with Sims mobile. I want to play a similar game; Homestreet just isnt’ the same.

  16. I just play this game for the first or 2nd month since the released date, then I feel bored after doing the same things over and over everyday. And yes it’s overpriced and you have to play all day if you want to have lots of money. So I just stay with the sims freeplay

  17. Hello,

    Totally agree with you! I dont like that i need to finish the llama truck events and only get 1 lamma ticket!!! And land expansions is 6 llama tickets plus 25000+ simoleons!! Thats insane! I started playing since the game came out and it WAS great! But now with the updates its just getting worse and worse. I dont mind spending money on a great app but as it stands now, i wont be spending money on this game. Especially when the items are over priced and I will eventually run out of items fast since I will need them to finish tasks ON TIME! Ive seen sooo many comments in the play store that seem to be ignored. The creators of The Sims Mobile have lost touch with the game and it’s players. The sims was the first computer game I ever played and i love it. I play sims 2 regularly still! Please dont give up and continue to fight for our favorite game!!!

    P.S. do tasks in events change when they come out again? For example world of luxury event thats out now again.

    • I forgot about the random unexpected surprises which FORCES the player to spend any cupcakes, simcash, and simple one that you have saved up!

  18. I’m emotionally detaching myself from The Sims Mobile, and I consider quitting completely. Too much of the game feels like a hostile cash-grab, and I’m not okay with that. At first, i switched from FreePlay to Mobile primarily because the events have better flow (FreePlay was so much about “get 30 different characters to do stuff, then come back in five minutes to give them new instructions”), and secondarily because there is so much more character design customization. But the downsides, oh my…

    My main pet peeve is how you may at any time lose resources or even your entire character through a simple misclick. At any time you may get a pop-up to kill (“retire”) your character or to spend simcash on a so-called “surprising choice”. If you happen to touch the screen at the wrong second, poof goes your character or the resources you have so slowly gathered.

    My second peeve is the narrative structure of the “surprising choices”: They are assigning personal failures to my characters without my consent, and then ask me to pay from scarce resources to be able to even partially mend the mistake. This is vile. Emotional blackmail to coerce players, some of which are kids, to pay for nothing. While we try our best to just click past that and pretend it didn’t happen, it’s still annoying.

  19. Around the same time prices have skyrocketed at The Sims FreePlay, too.
    Apparently a lot of people are getting fired inside the developers team. Whether the prices skyrocketed to create more revenue out of desperation I can not judge, but in any case it’s a worrysome development. Driving away customers when they need them the most is not the smartest business move.

  20. I play Sims Freeplay and I see many of the same issues regarding real money.

    First of all, I have been willing to spend a little spare cash on this game, generally between $5-20 per month over the past several years. When I played WoW, I paid $15 a month, and I wanted to give Sims’ developers some of the same help.

    But after taking a few months off and returning for the Garage updates, things seem to have gotten out of control. Although I am level 47, I had waited to do the prego quests. This seemed like a good time to do them, and I ran through all my sim savings trying to finish all of the quests, and still needed more. Then I saw the garage quests. At my level, it would cost 6 million simoleons just to do this — I feel like I am being punished for being a loyal player! If I bought that amount of simoleons, it would cost me about $50!

    Not only that, but the timed quests where you are stuck making candles or whatnot are now almost impossible to complete. I have had NO problem with those in the past, especially since I pay $5 for the helper. I did not finish the garage one or the car one this time, even with the assistant. Spreadsheets that I made to see if it was even possible indicated it was, but I could not afford to miss more than two or three windows because I am busy at work or whatnot.

    I have never minded supporting the Sims a bit. But this feels like a cash grab. I don’t know if I will continue to play, much less guve EA more money.

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