The Sims Freeplay- Sim Sign and Teen Mansion

Once the Teen Idol Quest has been complete you unlock the sim sign (located next to the estate agency in the town) you need to get it to level 3 by finding the resources to upgrade it.


What resources do you need?

  • TV Show Cameos
  • Radio Interviews
  • Magazine Photoshoots

How many of each piece do you need for each level?

  • Level 0= 5 of each
  • Level 1= 10 of each
  • Level 2= 15 of each

How do you find the pieces?
Each time you find all 3 notes for the drum kit, guitar and microphone you get a piece of each
Drumkit Notes= 1 TV Show Cameo
Guitar Notes= 1 Radio Interview
Microphone Notes= 1 Magazine Photoshoot

Make sure you restart the collection once you have found them all to find them again!

You can also get them randomly when you do actions but be prepared to spend LPs or it will take you a long time to complete the sim sign without them to speed things up!

How many LPs will it cost if you decide to speed up?

  • Level 0= 42 LPs
  • Level 1= 90 LPs
  • Level 2= 135 LPs

Total= 267 LPs

My teens are ready to age but they haven’t completed the sign, what do I do?

Just start a new teen on this hobby and keep going to complete the sign.
Once the sim sign is at level 3 it will be lit up, as shown below:

And then you can build the teen mansion on a premium residence, the first one free! After that they cost simoleons, the price varies depending on how many other houses you have but it is cheaper to build the teen mansion, than to buy an empty plot to build on (as you are paying for each floor)

What does the teen mansion look like?

Front of the house with 3 star
Ground Floor
2nd Floor
3rd Floor
Swimming Pool


If you didn’t unlock the volleyball net on the Its All Going Swimmingly Quest then don’t worry you get one in this house!

Personally I really like this house, I think it is well worth all those LPs I spent trying to complete the sign!

NOTE: teens cannot live in this house on their own even if they are the teen idol unless an adult lives there and they ask the teen to move in then you can move the adult out.

Anyone can live in this house, they don’t have to be the teen idol. It is just a normal house.

Want teens to live alone in this house? Watch this video to find out how to do that:

Thanks for reading!