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The Sims Freeplay- Sim Sign and Teen Mansion


Once the Teen Idol Quest has been complete you unlock the sim sign (located next to the estate agency in the town) you need to get it to level 3 by finding the resources to upgrade it.


What resources do you need?

  • TV Show Cameos
  • Radio Interviews
  • Magazine Photoshoots

How many of each piece do you need for each level?

  • Level 0= 5 of each
  • Level 1= 10 of each
  • Level 2= 15 of each

How do you find the pieces?
Each time you find all 3 notes for the drum kit, guitar and microphone you get a piece of each
Drumkit Notes= 1 TV Show Cameo
Guitar Notes= 1 Radio Interview
Microphone Notes= 1 Magazine Photoshoot

Make sure you restart the collection once you have found them all to find them again!

You can also get them randomly when you do actions but be prepared to spend LPs or it will take you a long time to complete the sim sign without them to speed things up!

How many LPs will it cost if you decide to speed up?

  • Level 0= 42 LPs
  • Level 1= 90 LPs
  • Level 2= 135 LPs

Total= 267 LPs

My teens are ready to age but they haven’t completed the sign, what do I do?

Just start a new teen on this hobby and keep going to complete the sign.
Once the sim sign is at level 3 it will be lit up, as shown below:

And then you can build the teen mansion on a premium residence, the first one free! After that they cost simoleons, the price varies depending on how many other houses you have but it is cheaper to build the teen mansion, than to buy an empty plot to build on (as you are paying for each floor)

What does the teen mansion look like?


Front of the house with 3 star


Ground Floor


2nd Floor


3rd Floor


Swimming Pool


If you didn’t unlock the volleyball net on the Its All Going Swimmingly Quest then don’t worry you get one in this house!

Personally I really like this house, I think it is well worth all those LPs I spent trying to complete the sign!

NOTE: teens cannot live in this house on their own even if they are the teen idol unless an adult lives there and they ask the teen to move in then you can move the adult out.

Anyone can live in this house, they don’t have to be the teen idol. It is just a normal house.

Want teens to live alone in this house? Watch this video to find out how to do that:

Thanks for reading!



Author: weightlessmagic

I'm a 22 year old from England who is passionate about being creative, I would like to say I'm good with words but I'm really not! Hopefully you will find my blogs helpful and entertaining! Enjoy! x

165 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Sim Sign and Teen Mansion

  1. Teen idol mansion and haunted house shows the dog’s house already. So does that mean we will get a pet when we buy that house?

  2. Hi 🙂 Does doing the hobby gain you resources or not anymore? Because I’ve been doing the hobby again ang again but it seems like I’m not gaining anything

  3. Is the sim sign a timed thing, like the teen idol quest is? Because if it is, I guess I won’t get the teen idol mansion then. I hate timed hobbies, I think it’s a waste of time to get your sim to finish a hobby in a week (or less)!

    I love your site, I’ve been using this site to prepare me for what’s ahead on the quests, and it’s helped me a lot.

    Thank you!

  4. I am level 0 on the sign still because everytime my teen idol plays the keyboard, they get basic melody. Every. Single. Time.
    I have been trying for weeks to get my teen to play a DIFFERENT note on the piano, but she plays the same every time and it’s so annoying!! Is this maybe a glitch or something because i have completed all the other notes in a normal amount of time! I have 0 LPs so I can’t speed up or anything. 😭

  5. Hey. How can I gain resources easily without using lps?

  6. so now it’s 2016, if you upgrade the sims sign town to level 3, do you need lp? is the mansion still free? also this is really nothing has to do with Sims Mansion but if your sims parents are divorced and her mom moved into another house can a teen also moved to her mothers house? Btw i so love your blog, xx!

    • Yes this post is still correct, the mansion is free and you can use LPs to upgrade quicker but you don’t need LPs if you complete the teen idol hobby
      Yes, the mum and teen need to be nice to each other until they get the option to ask to move in, the mum will then need to ask the teen to move in. Thanks!

  7. Do you have to reset the hobby to get another resource after completing it each time? Or can you just keep repeating the same instrument over and over?

  8. How do I reset the hobby?

  9. I want to age up my Teen idol, however I have not completed the Sim Town sign. Does this mean I will lose all my progress and have to start again?

  10. Does the car come with the house?

  11. What is the size of all plot? For egzample standart residence is 18×18, premium is 18×36. Is it same as premium plot or bigger?

  12. I upgraded my sims town sign to level 3, then Teen idol mansion has disappeared from home builder bar. How can I go on?

  13. Hi! I just exchanged my 10 keys for a mystery box and I got 3 radio interviews with it. Since I am not yet doing the teen idol quest, where do they go?

    I hope i don’t lose them in Sim limbo!

  14. Hi! When your teen idol became adult, is that possible to have another teen idol appear? Because having teen idol that able to do several special animations are cool.

  15. Thanks for your awesome site.
    Can I have multiple teens playing instruments to get resources faster? Or can only the teen idol play?

  16. I keep getting only the magazine shoot with random actions, how can i get the others aside from the instruments?

  17. Hi, does it make any difference to appearance of the plot if I build teen idol on mystery island? I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere that houses with ‘special’ gardend walls etc don’t get them if they are built on the island.

  18. Where’s the teen idol mansion now? I can’t find it after the last upgrade 😭

  19. Hi weightlessmagic, I still have further quests to achieve before I do the Teen Idol Quest, but I was wondering, how much money does the Teen Idol Mansion cost if you have already bought four houses?

    Thank you, and your website is really helpful! Thanks to you I was able to finish my quests much faster with the shortcuts! Thank you!


  20. Hi! Have to say I love your blog. It’s my go to for quests or any other SFP info that I need. Thank you for your dedication to helping others. I just wanted to inform you that the first teen idol mansion is free! I just finished upgrading the sign and put the mansion on a plot to be built. So as of March 7,2017, it IS free! Again thank you so much for all the help you provide.

  21. Just wanted to say that I played around with the game and I got a ton of the resources for the sign when I used the teen idol to interact with other teens (using the special interactions for teen idols). In about an hour I got 3 magazine photo shoots and 3 radio interviews. Couldn’t seem to get any cameos, but still only having to spend LPs on one resource is better than three. If you’re trying to build the sign it’s at least worth trying, definitely sped up the process for me!

  22. Let’s say you have enough of some resources to upgrade the sign to level 3, but way less of another. Does it work to not complete the entire hoppy, and instead just repeatedly complete one line of instrument achievements (so resetting the hobby after finishing the drum row only to get that resource)?

  23. Thank you. Your blog is really helpful!!!!(:

  24. Can a teen move another teen into mansion or only adults can do that

  25. I saw your video on how to make 2 teens live in 1 house. Similarly can I have 1 teen and 1 pre teen living in the same house?

  26. I have upgraded the sign to level 3 and been notifying I’ve unlocked the mansion. However when I go to my lot to build there is no mansion available. Can u help?

  27. I still get several resources through random actions from The Famous Sim Town Sign Quest. The magazine shoot, TV show cameo, and the radio interview. I wonder if it will ever progress past level 3? Or if I can see how many of those resources I have collected, it has to be quite a few. Thanks! Love your blog.❤️

  28. I have been working on Getting my Sim
    Sign to level 2 and it takes so long! I really want that mansion. I’m worried I’ll have to spend/waste LPs to get a repeat item. I only have 3 teens and one Teen Idol. I did the quest to age the Sims. Can I age up my preteens with out spending LPs on a birthday cake? They don’t have any life dreams. I have many other things to work on in the game. I only have one Senior and one baby with personality.

    • There is no rush with things like that, I completed the sim sign on my main game yesterday after playing for over 4 years! Just take your time, its only a game after all! You can age up sims without using a birthday cake but you have to wait for them to reach the end of that life stage, so to do this quicker have your preteens completing long 1 day tasks and they will soon be ready to age.

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