The Sims Freeplay- Adding Balconies

Once you complete the Lovey-Dovey Balcony Quest you can build balconies on houses that have more than one floor, this post explains how to add a balcony and all the ways you can customise it!

NOTE: you will not be able to customise a balcony until the quest has been completed


1.Building a Balcony

You can build a balcony on any floor except the ground floor, you need to go to the house section of buy mode, click on the last orange tab then you can touch and drag anywhere inside the yellow highlighted area but it must be connected to the house. Green means it can be built there.

Drag the white highlighted edged to resize

Balconies can be joined together to create more interesting shapes.

What is the cheapest balcony? A 2×1 balcony will cost S6,000

2.Support posts

The second tab is support posts, you don’t need to add them but you may want to if you want a larger balcony further away from the house. These are placed underneath the balcony (if you have two balconies one above the other you can add support posts to the balcony below)

This video explains how support posts are used to create bigger balconies:

3.Balcony Paving

The third tab is where you can select the type of tiles you want on your balcony, click on the style then click on the balcony


The fourth tab changes the railings, again click on the style then onto the balcony and it will place them around the edge

Deleting a Balcony

While on the balcony tab click on the balcony you wish to delete and select the red simoleon symbol to sell it.

Is it possible to build a room above a balcony? No it isn’t

For more details you can watch my video, Building Patios, Balconies and Basements:

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