The Sims Freeplay- Adding Basements

Once you complete the Basement of Kings Quest you can build a basement under your houses, this post explains how to add a basement and all the ways you can customise it!

NOTE: you will not be able to resize a basement or add more rooms until you have completed the quest


Building a basement

Building a basement is a lot like building a room except it is underneath your existing house. You can build the basement anywhere inside the grid area (unless there is a pool above) even if it is larger than the rooms above.

The second orange tab in the house section of the home store is basements. Hold and drag anywhere on the ground to build a basement. Green means the room can be built.


The white dotted lines show you were the rooms are above (the blue line is the outline of the pool):


Drag the white highlighted edged to resize.

What is the cheapest basement? A 2×1 basement will cost S8,000

Adding Stairs

You need to add stairs to the basement to be able to access it. The red areas as shown in the picture below show you were items are on the floor above so the stairs cannot be placed there:


If you want to place stairs somewhere you can’t, you have three options:

    1. Move items from the floor above so you have room
    2. Choose smaller stairs or an elevator that may fit
    3. Build another room in a clearer area (outside the house space so you can access the basement from outside)



Decorating the basement

You do this the same way you would decorate a new room

Deleting a Basement

While on the basement tab click on the basement room you wish to delete and select the red simoleon symbol to sell it. You can delete basement rooms even if there are rooms on the floor above.

For more details you can watch my video, Building Patios, Balconies and Basements:

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