The Sims Mobile-Celebrity Life Update

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Do you find it difficult building your own houses on The Sims Mobile? Do you hate LlamaZoom? Well this is the update for you!

Bye Bye LlamaZoom

Emily has said goodbye and the days of completing llamazoom tasks are gone for good! Llamazoom has been replaced by ‘Sim Festival’ and daily tasks. Llamazoom tokens are still a currency in the game (now called Llama Tokens) and can be earned by completing 5 daily tasks. Your daily tasks will refresh each day:

If you want to skip a daily task you can use simcash:

The amount of simcash needed to skip varies depending on the type of task

Types of Tasks:

There are 6 tasks to complete each day (including ‘complete 5 other tasks’)

  1. Random*
  2. Random*
  3. Eco Workshop (if you haven’t unlocked the eco workshop this will be a random task)
  4. Spend 100 Energy
  5. Sim Specific (has to be completed by a certain sim)
  6. Complete 5 Other Tasks

*Random tasks include purchasing items, completing sweet treat showdown or treasure hunt events and completing other types of events

Cost to skip with simcash:

  1. Random- 40 simcash
  2. Random- 40 simcash
  3. Eco Workshop- 70 simcash
  4. Spend 100 Energy- 40 simcash
  5. Sim Specfic- 100 simcash

My list of Daily Tasks can be found here

You can add 3 extra daily tasks a day for a price:

  • 1st extra costs S1,500
  • 2nd extra costs 20 simcash
  • 3rd extra costs 30 simcash

Sim Festival

Sim Festival is a new event that works with your daily tasks. Sim Festival Events aren’t always available so when they aren’t you can still complete your daily tasks but while sim festival events are taking place you can earn prize tickets by completing daily tasks and season tasks (season tasks are available during a sim festival event)

Prize tickets unlock rewards such as house templates (keep reading for more information) wallpaper, flooring and non playable characters.

I will warn you now that this new event is a huge money grab, you will have to buy the Festive Pass if you want to earn the higher end items, click here to read my Sim Festival post for more information on how to complete this new event

Demolishing a House

Want to quickly delete your sims houses? This is the feature for you!

Click on the bulldozer symbol in buy mode, it will ask you if you want to clear the lot, select clear all and your house will be removed and all the items will be stored in your storage:

Watch my Demolishing a House video here:

House Templates

If you don’t like building your own houses you can now place 2 premade house templates instead. These can be found in buy mode in the Designer Homes Catalog (click on the house on the scroll symbol):

You can preview each house before you decided which one to place. Watch my House Template Tours video here:

If you have a house on a lot already but you want to replace it with a house template you can, the bulldozer will remove the house already there and all the items from that house will be placed in your storage, the new house template will be added in its place.

If you love the new house template so much you want to place it on more than one lot then it will cost to place it again, also if you have any land expansions in the way of the new house template it will overlap these removing them so you can quickly build without clearing expansions. If a house is too large for a lot it won’t let you place it.

Event Start Dates (dates in PST)

  • Wumples Wishlist 53 Quest- 5 day quest starting 24th April
  • Sweet Treat Showdown: Charming Gardens (rerun)- 15 day event starting 18th May
  • Wumples Wishlist 55 Quest- 5 day quest starting 22nd May
  • Treasure Hunt: Modular Wardrobe- 11 day event starting 1st June
  • Wumples Wishlist 56 Quest- 5 day quest starting 5th June

Watch my BYE BYE LLAMAZOOM [Celebrity Life Update] video here

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