The Sims Mobile-Sim Festival Event

Presented by EA GameChangers

In the April 2021 Sims Mobile update a new event has been added, in this post I will explain how to complete a Sim Festival Event.

Now Emily and llamazoom are no longer part of the game (read my update post here for more information) they have been replaced by daily tasks and Sim Festival.

Sim festival events aren’t always available, when they aren’t you can still complete daily tasks to earn rewards but when a sim festival event is available it will last for 50 days and you can earn Prize Tickets by completing daily tasks and season tasks.

Season tasks are only available during a sim festival event and these offer a larger prize ticket reward than daily tasks, they also last for the whole season with more added every few days.

The more prize tickets you earn the higher prize tier you will reach, there are 60 tiers in total for each season and different tiers unlock different prizes, each season different prizes will be available. Click on the gift tab on the left of the sim festival screen to see the prizes available.

There are two prize tracks for each festival season, the ‘Free Pass’ and the ‘Festival Pass’ the free pass doesn’t contain much, if you want the best prizes you have to purchase the festival pass with real money (they aren’t trying to be subtle about their money grabs anymore!):

It’s important to note that even though you have brought the Festival Pass you will still need to complete daily and season tasks to unlock the items on the progress bar, you don’t automatically unlock them by buying the pass.

  • The festival pass can be purchased at any point during the event so if you have already completed a few tiers you will immediately access all those prizes when you purchase the pass.
  • The festival pass will last for one event only so if you wanted to earn festival pass prizes for the next event you will need to buy another pass.

Season Tasks


  • Purchase a new House Lot (you won’t get this task if you have purchased all lots)
  • Add a second floor to a House Lot (you won’t get this task if all your houses have second floors)


  • Earn 2,500 Simoleons in the Cafe
  • Earn 2,500 Simoleons in the Restaurant
  • Earn 2,500 Simoleons in the Fashion Studio
  • Earn 2,500 Simoleons in the Medical Center
  • Earn 2,500 Simoleons in the Nightclub
  • Earn 2,500 Simoleons in the Agency
  • Earn 2,500 Simoleons in the Civic Center
  • Earn 2,500 Simoleons in the Science Center
  • Earn 2,500 Simoleons in the Wellness Center


  • Complete all daily tasks 3 times
  • Spend 800 Energy
  • Spend 3,000 Simoleons
  • Craft an item at the Eco Workshop
  • Earn 400 Recycle Tokens
  • Have 2 Sims get Married
  • Have a Baby
  • Craft an item in Izzy’s Workshop
  • Complete 15 Standard Career Events
  • Complete 15 Standard Hobby Events
  • Complete 15 Standard Relationship Events
  • Complete 10 Long Career Events
  • Complete 10 Long Hobby Events
  • Complete 10 Long Relationship Events
  • Use 3 Cupcakes
  • Earn 10 Life Tickets (of any type)


  • Spend 500 Energy
  • Complete a Chapter of a Friendship Story
  • Complete a Chapter of a Romance Story
  • Complete a Chapter of a Rival Story
  • Complete a Chapter of a Career Story
  • Complete a Chapter of a Hobby Story
  • Complete 5 Eco Workshop Shifts
  • Have a ‘Quick Rinse’ in a Shower 12 times
  • Answer ‘Nature’s Call’ on a Toilet 18 times
  • Take a ‘Power Nap’ in a Bed 5 times
  • Give 5 Stickers to other Players Sims
  • Purchase a Land Expansion (you won’t get this task if you have purchased all land expansions already)
  • Complete 10 Standard Career Events
  • Complete 10 Standard Hobby Events
  • Complete 10 Standard Relationship Events
  • Complete 6 Long Career Events
  • Complete 6 Long Hobby Events
  • Complete 6 Long Relationship Events
  • Attend 3 Parties
  • Earn 200 Recycle Tokens
  • Perform 50 Actions in Career Events
  • Perform 50 Actions in Hobby Events
  • Perform 50 Actions in Relationship Events
  • Spend 300 Energy in Parkside
  • Spend 300 Energy in Downtown
  • Spend 300 Energy in Market Square
  • Spend 300 Energy in Waterfront
  • Do 30 Actions at a Party


  • Complete a Friendship Story
  • Complete a Romance Story
  • Complete a Rival Story
  • Complete a Career Story
  • Complete a Hobby Story

Prize Tickets

Below you can see how many prize tickets you earn from completing the different tasks:

  • Building Tasks- 800 Prize Tickets
  • Venue Tasks- 750 Prize Tickets
  • Hard Tasks- 750 Prize Tickets
  • Medium Tasks- 500 Prize Tickets
  • Story Tasks- 800 Prize Tickets

Completing Daily Tasks during a Sim Festival Event also earns prize tickets:

  1. Random- S250 and 50 Prize Tickets
  2. Random- S250 and 50 Prize Tickets
  3. Eco Workshop- S100, 75 Prize Tickets and 30 Recycle Tokens
  4. Spend 100 Energy- S250 and 50 Prize Tickets
  5. Sim Specific- S100, 125 Prize Tickets and 1 Llama Token
  6. Complete 5 Other Tasks- 1 Llama Token, 70 Recycle Tokens and 200 Prize Tickets

My Daily Tasks List can be found here


Below are the screenshots for the prizes for Season 1. The prizes will change with each season but they will always include items such as furniture, wallpaper, flooring, house templates and NPC (non-playable character) and their clothes:

The non-playable character for each season is the sim who is hosting it so for season 1 it is Venessa Jeong from The Sims 4. If you unlock the NPC during the event you can build up a relationship with them and make them playable, you also unlock their clothes so you can use them on your other sims.

The house template once unlocked can be placed from the Designer Homes Catalog in buy mode, the first one is free but if you wanted to place it again it will cost:

Find out more about House Templates in my video here

  • You will unlock all colour swatches of an item too, you won’t have to claim them individually
  • At tier 60 (the final tier) you can claim a trophy (for the festival pass)

If you forget to claim any prizes at the end of the event any prizes you have unlocked but didn’t claim will be granted when you next open your game

Season 1: Celebrity Life available 20th April 2021

TierFree PassFestival Pass
1500 SimoleonsVenessa Jeong
2Generously Geometric Floor
3Festival Gift Bag3 Llama Tokens
42,000 Simoleons
55 Fashion GemsIn the Limelight Jacket
650 Simcash
73 Llama Tokens
8Perplexed DresserCut Crease Door
92,000 Simoleons
10Festival Gift Bag
11750 Simoleons50 Simcash
12Delightful Denim Mini Skirt
1310 Fashion Gems
143 Llama Tokens
15Metallic Droplet TableDelightfully Deluxe Wood Panel
162,000 Simoleons
173 Cupcakes
181,500 Simoleons50 Simcash
19Tightly Stripey Tights
20Festival Gift Bag
213 Cupcakes
225 Fashion GemsKiss of Color Lipstick
2350 Simcash
242,000 Simoleons
25Well-Rounded StoolMo’ Koa Wood Bathtub
263 Cupcakes
27Festival Gift Bag
282,000 Simoleons
29Great Wave Off Briny Heights (outfit)
3010 Fashion Gems
312,000 Simoleons50 Simcash
322,000 Simoleons
33Streaks of Style Bob (hairstyle)
343 Llama Tokens
35Festival Gift Bag
36The GlowBar Explorer
3750 Simcash
383 Cupcakes
3920 Fashion Gems
40Wired In Leather ArmchairSmokin’ Hot Eyeshadow
412,000 Simoleons
423 Llama Tokens
4350 Simcash
44Festival Gift Bag
4515 SimcashJeong Manor House Template
462,000 Simoleons
4720 Fashion Gems
483 Llama Tokens
493 Cupcakes
502,000 Simoleons
5150 Simcash
523 Llama Tokens
532,000 Simoleons
5420 Fashion Gems
553 Cupcakes
562,000 Simoleons
573 Llama Tokens
5850 Simcash
5935 SimcashFestival Gift Bag
60Venessa Jeong Signature PlaqueCelebrity Life Trophy

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The Sims Mobile-Celebrity Life Update

Presented by EA GameChangers

Do you find it difficult building your own houses on The Sims Mobile? Do you hate LlamaZoom? Well this is the update for you!

Bye Bye LlamaZoom

Emily has said goodbye and the days of completing llamazoom tasks are gone for good! Llamazoom has been replaced by ‘Sim Festival’ and daily tasks. Llamazoom tokens are still a currency in the game (now called Llama Tokens) and can be earned by completing 5 daily tasks. Your daily tasks will refresh each day:

If you want to skip a daily task you can use simcash:

The amount of simcash needed to skip varies depending on the type of task

Types of Tasks:

There are 6 tasks to complete each day (including ‘complete 5 other tasks’)

  1. Random*
  2. Random*
  3. Eco Workshop (if you haven’t unlocked the eco workshop this will be a random task)
  4. Spend 100 Energy
  5. Sim Specific (has to be completed by a certain sim)
  6. Complete 5 Other Tasks

*Random tasks include purchasing items, completing sweet treat showdown or treasure hunt events and completing other types of events

Cost to skip with simcash:

  1. Random- 40 simcash
  2. Random- 40 simcash
  3. Eco Workshop- 70 simcash
  4. Spend 100 Energy- 40 simcash
  5. Sim Specfic- 100 simcash

My list of Daily Tasks can be found here

You can add 3 extra daily tasks a day for a price:

  • 1st extra costs S1,500
  • 2nd extra costs 20 simcash
  • 3rd extra costs 30 simcash

Sim Festival

Sim Festival is a new event that works with your daily tasks. Sim Festival Events aren’t always available so when they aren’t you can still complete your daily tasks but while sim festival events are taking place you can earn prize tickets by completing daily tasks and season tasks (season tasks are available during a sim festival event)

Prize tickets unlock rewards such as house templates (keep reading for more information) wallpaper, flooring and non playable characters.

I will warn you now that this new event is a huge money grab, you will have to buy the Festive Pass if you want to earn the higher end items, click here to read my Sim Festival post for more information on how to complete this new event

Demolishing a House

Want to quickly delete your sims houses? This is the feature for you!

Click on the bulldozer symbol in buy mode, it will ask you if you want to clear the lot, select clear all and your house will be removed and all the items will be stored in your storage:

Watch my Demolishing a House video here:

House Templates

If you don’t like building your own houses you can now place 2 premade house templates instead. These can be found in buy mode in the Designer Homes Catalog (click on the house on the scroll symbol):

You can preview each house before you decided which one to place. Watch my House Template Tours video here:

If you have a house on a lot already but you want to replace it with a house template you can, the bulldozer will remove the house already there and all the items from that house will be placed in your storage, the new house template will be added in its place.

If you love the new house template so much you want to place it on more than one lot then it will cost to place it again, also if you have any land expansions in the way of the new house template it will overlap these removing them so you can quickly build without clearing expansions. If a house is too large for a lot it won’t let you place it.

Event Start Dates (dates in PST)

  • Wumples Wishlist 53 Quest- 5 day quest starting 24th April
  • Sweet Treat Showdown: Charming Gardens (rerun)- 15 day event starting 18th May
  • Wumples Wishlist 55 Quest- 5 day quest starting 22nd May
  • Treasure Hunt: Modular Wardrobe- 11 day event starting 1st June
  • Wumples Wishlist 56 Quest- 5 day quest starting 5th June

Watch my BYE BYE LLAMAZOOM [Celebrity Life Update] video here

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