The Simpsons Tapped Out- Friend Points Update

The latest update from the simpsons tapped out is avaliable now and with that comes new stuff, this post will tell you about friends points, the latest change to the game.

What are friends points?

They are new points which when you level up they unlock new prizes and items!

How do you get friends points?

When you visit your neighbours and click on their buildings you receive a certain amount of points (that is indicated in the left hand bottom corner)

You can also get points when neighbours vandalise your properties.

How many points do you get when you visit your neighbours?

It depends what action it is

Actions 1-30= 10 points

Actions 31-60= 5 points

Actions 61-90= 4 points

Actions 91-120= 2 points

Actions 121-300= 1 points

What are the prizes?

Level 1- Olmec Head costs 1000FPs

Level 2- Singing Sirloin costs 2000FPs

Level 3- Snowball 2 costs 1500FPs

Level 4- Homer’s car costs 2000FPs

Level 5- Stampy costs 5000FPs

So if you would like to be helpful then it’s always best to vandalise their properties so they can get more points!

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The Simpsons Tapped Out- Characters: The Simpsons

thesimpsonstappedoutThis post is a guide to the Simpsons characters, it will tell you a little about them, when you unlock them and the main tasks they do.


Homer is the starting character of the Simpsons Tapped out, you don’t need to unlock him, he is the main reason for the game, he destroys Springfield so you have to rebuild it!

His main tasks:
Clean up Springfield- 6 secs (needs debris)
Play on his myPad- 45 secs
Break into the Brown House and watch TV- 3 mins (needs brown house)
Trip to Lard Lad- 5 mins (needs lard lad donuts)
Go for a Checkup- 10 mins (needs hibbert family practice)
Eat at Krusty Burger- 30 mins (needs krusty burger)
Shop at Kwik-E-Mart- 1 hr (needs kwik-e-mart)
Dine at the Truffle- 2 hrs (needs gilded truffle)
Visit the Track- 3 hrs (needs springfield downs)
Way oversleep a power nap- 4 hrs (needs simpsons house)
Browse the mapple store- 5 hrs (needs mapple store)
Lounge in the pool- 6 hrs (needs kiddle pool)
Drink at Moes- 8 hrs (needs moe’s tavern)
Attend Church- 12 hrs (needs first church of springfield)
Plant Shift- 16 hrs (needs control building)
Go Bowling- 20hrs (needs barney’s bowlarama)
Watch Monkey Trauma Center Marathon- 24hrs (needs simspsons house)


Lisa is the second character unlocked
Her main tasks:
Clean up Springfield- 6 secs (needs debris)
Read a book- 45s (needs a tree)
Mediate- 30 mins (needs springfield buddhist temple)
Shop at Kwik-e-mart- 1 hr (needs kwik-e-mart)
Read to old people- 2hrs (needs retirement castle)
Attend Mensa Meeting- 3 hrs (needs gazebo)
Play the sax- 4 hrs
Browse the mapple store- 5 hrs (needs mapple store)
Go to school- 6 hrs (needs springfield elementary)
Babysit rod and todd- 8 hrs (needs flanders house)
Go to sunday school- 12hrs (needs first church of springfield)
Do next weeks homework- 24 hrs (needs simpsons house)


Bart is the third Simpson to be unlocked and comes with his treehouse
His main tasks:
Go for a checkup- 10 mins (needs hibbert family practice)
Loiter at androids dungeon- 30 mins (needs androids dungeon)
Shop at kwik-e-mart- 1 hr (needs kwik-e-mart)
Paintball in brown house- 2 hrs (needs brown house)
Sneak into an R-rated movie- 3 hrs (needs aztec theatre)
Skateboard- 4 hrs
Go to school- 6 hrs (needs springfield elementary)
Skip school- 8 hrs
Go to sunday school- 12 hrs (needs first church of springfield)
celebrate the ‘WOD FIR’- 16 hrs (needs the sunsphere)
have a sleepover- 24 hrs (needs barts treehouse)


Marge is unlocked with moe at moe’s tavern, she is the fourth simpson to be unlocked
Her main tasks:
Read Chores Magazine- 45 secs (needs simpsons house)
Shop at kwik-e-mart- 60 mins (needs kwik-e-mart)
Dine at the truffle- 2 hrs (needs guilded truffle)
Clean the house- 3 hrs (needs simspons house)
Visit Jakes unisex hair palace- 4 hrs (needs jakes unisex hair palace)
Teach art classes- 6 hrs (needs springfield penitentiary)
Walk maggie- 8 hrs
Attend Church- 12 hrs (needs first church of springfield)
Protest.. Something- 24 hrs


Grampa is the fifth and final simpsons character to be unlocked, he comes with the retirement castle
His main tasks:
Go for a checkup- 10 mins (needs hibbert family practice)
Tell stories on the couch- 60mins (needs simpsons house)
Eat at skips diner- 4 hrs (needs skips diner)
Take a nap- 6 hrs (needs bench)
Feed the birds- 8 hrs (needs bench)
Babysit bart and lisa- 12hrs (needs simpsons house)
Walk around thinking its 1953- 24hrs (needs retirement castle)


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