The Simpsons Tapped Out- Friend Points Update

The latest update from the simpsons tapped out is avaliable now and with that comes new stuff, this post will tell you about friends points, the latest change to the game.

What are friends points?

They are new points which when you level up they unlock new prizes and items!

How do you get friends points?

When you visit your neighbours and click on their buildings you receive a certain amount of points (that is indicated in the left hand bottom corner)

You can also get points when neighbours vandalise your properties.

How many points do you get when you visit your neighbours?

It depends what action it is

Actions 1-30= 10 points

Actions 31-60= 5 points

Actions 61-90= 4 points

Actions 91-120= 2 points

Actions 121-300= 1 points

What are the prizes?

Level 1- Olmec Head costs 1000FPs

Level 2- Singing Sirloin costs 2000FPs

Level 3- Snowball 2 costs 1500FPs

Level 4- Homer’s car costs 2000FPs

Level 5- Stampy costs 5000FPs

So if you would like to be helpful then it’s always best to vandalise their properties so they can get more points!

Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!


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