The Sims Freeplay- Completing a SimChase [TIPS & MY EXPERIENCE]

I created a similar post for Pregnancy Events so I thought I would do one for SimChase too and see if it was actually possible to complete a SimChase in the time limit.

Check out my SimChase post if you want to know more about how to complete SimChase and to see all the prizes

Tips for Completing SimChase:

  • Start the SimChase event at a time you will be able to open the game every day, for example, I started at around 9am so I could complete as much as possible in the day time and didn’t have to get up so much during the night. You have about 24 hours to complete an episode before the rival will win (I don’t know the exact time the rival completes an episode as it depends on the spin tokens you’ve used against them too)
  • Complete in the order best for you, you don’t have to complete them in order shown, I do have a few tips below which I found useful:
    • Leave longer tasks for during the night (if you can) it took me a few days to realise this but if I did the longer tasks during the night I could sleep more!
    • Do tasks that require several sims first or during the day, it doesn’t matter how long these are you want to get them out of the way quickly and not have to count several times that you have enough sims completing it during the night as you are more likely to make a mistake (and it takes longer to go back to sleep!)
  • Have as many sims as possible completing the tasks that require several sims at the same time (I was fuming by this- I needed 28 sims for a few tasks but preteens couldn’t do it so I only have 27 sims who could complete it at once so I had to do it twice!) make sure you check a few times that you have enough sims completing the task so you don’t have to waste any time redoing the task for one sim you missed (although if you need a ridiculous amount of sims you will probably have to redo the task anyway!)
  • Set a timer on your phone for when the task will complete so you know when to check back in and start the next one
  • Use 3 star items (if possible) 3 star items give you the shortest amount of time to complete the task
  • Use social points sparingly (if you want to) you don’t have to use any at all but if you do, check how much it costs to speed up the task on the sim and the SimChase menu as one will be cheaper! Also if you don’t have a lot of simoleons you can leave the mastery class until last and skip that with SP to complete the episode. I had to do this with episode 8 (due to an internet issue in the night I was behind) I used 25SP to skip episode rather than spending simoleons, 38SP or 51SP on the mastery class that would have also taken time to complete

Check out my SimChase post if you want to know more about how to complete SimChase and to see all the prizes

I have documented my experience completing a SimChase below to give you some idea of the sort of goals you will get but remember that the tasks and times will differ for you depending on which season you are completing

I was completing Season 16: Eco Engagement which is a 9 day SimChase

Episode 1- 9:07am

SimChase rules- 2 hours

11:08am Appraise home- 6 minutes

11:16am Stand still- 6 minutes

11:23am 1000 page book clue- 6 minutes

11:30am Expert Massage (Mastery)- 2 hours cost S270,524 (or 1hr 42min cost 9SP and 30min cost 12SP)

1:31pm Find gold book 8 times (8 sims)- 3 hours

4:35pm Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 1 won! Episode 2 unlocks in 16 hours 29 minutes

Spin token 25% off next mastery

Episode 2- 9:08am

Home cooked meal- 1 hour

10:12am Expert Photography (Mastery)- 2 hours cost S353,063 (or 1hr 42min cost 11SP and 30min cost 15SP)(25% off)

12:13pm Endure movie marathon- 1 hour

1:15pm Find ectoplasm 30 times (15 sims max)- 2 hours 30 minutes

3:49pm SimChase rules- 2 hours

5:51pm Clean old dish 12 times (12 sims)- 3 hours

8:58pm Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 2 won! Episode 3 unlocks in 12 hours 6 minutes

Episode 3- 9:07am

Unravel secrets 12 times (12 sims)- 3 hours 20 minutes

12:32pm SimChase rules- 2 hours

2:34pm Battle bed bugs- 1 hour

3:36pm Endure ice bath- 1 hour

4:37pm Investigate green thumbs- 1 hour

5:38pm Expect Distracting (Mastery)- 2 hours cost S541,049 (or 1hr 42min cost 18SP and 30min cost 24SP)

8:46pm Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 3 won! Episode 4 unlocks in 12 hours 19 minutes

Spin token 5 Monument Resources

Episode 4- 9:08am

Expert Painting (Mastery)- 4 hours cost S676,311 (or 3hr 24min cost 22SP and 1hr cost 30SP)

I had to go out so I picked a longer one to start with today

1:38pm SimChase rules- 2 hours

3:39pm Research seed secrets- 4 hours

I really should have planned today better and left this one until bedtime!

7:41pm Hack for clues 15 times (15 sims)- 2 hours 20 minutes

10:05pm Decrypt email- 1 hour

11:07pm Home improvement shows- 2 hours

1:10am Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 4 won! Episode 5 unlocks in 7 hours 55 minutes

Spin token Roadblock (rival held up for 30 minutes)

Episode 5- 9:10am

Expert Sewing (Mastery)- 3 hours cost S946,836 (or 2hr 33min cost 31SP and 45min cost 42SP)

12:14pm Create winning menu 22 times (22 sims)- 3 hours

4:01pm SimChase rules- 2 hours

6:03pm Find torn photo pieces 30 times (15 sims max)- 3 hours

9:08pm Write radical renovations- 4 hours

1:10am Eat mystery meat- 3 hours

4:12am Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 5 won! Episode 6 unlocks in 4 hours 53 minutes

Episode 6- 9:08am

Devise solution 20 times (20 sims)- 2 hours

11:13am SimChase rules- 2 hours

1:15pm Balance carbon consumption- 2 hours

3:16pm Solve cipher crossword- 2 hours

5:17pm Taste test vegetables- 3 hours 30 minutes

8:48pm Expert Finance (Mastery)- 6 hours cost S743,942 (or 5hr 6min cost 24SP and 1hr 30min cost 33SP)

2:49am Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 6 won! Episode 7 unlocks in 6 hours 15 minutes

Spin token S3,000

Wow- I woke up in the middle of the night for 3,000 simoleons

Episode 7- 9:08am

SimChase rules- 2 hours

11:10am Find dust bunnies 30 times (15 sims max)- 3 hours

2:15pm Bake convoluted cake 26 times (26 sims)- 3 hours 45 minutes

6:07pm Pick a fight with bees- 3 hours 45 minutes

9:56pm Subdue plants- 5 hours

The rival was so far behind this morning but now has nearly caught up!

2:59am Expert Elocution (Mastery)- 4 hours cost S1,082,098 (or 3hr 24min cost 36SP and 1hr cost 48SP)

7:01am Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 7 won! Episode 8 unlocks in 2 hours 3 minutes

Episode 8- 9:08am

SimChase rules- 2 hours

11:11am Solve SimChase riddle book 28 times (28 sims)- 3 hours

I only have 27 teen/adult/senior sims and I’m at the maximum amount of sims I can have in my town so I can’t add anymore- some tasks can be completed my preteens but I think to just annoy us they have made this one so preteens cannot complete it. If they could I could complete it in one go but now it is going to take me double the amount of time.

2:20pm Solve SimChase riddle book 28 times (28 sims)- 3 hours

24 complete, 4 to go (a few failed to complete the first time too)

5:20pm Find 45 TV remotes (15 sims max)- 3 hours

8:23pm Conservative water- 3 hours 45 minutes

12:23am I woke up to complete this but I had no internet until 3:30am

3:31am Operate on plant- 5 hours 30 minutes

9:02am Expert Sass (Mastery) (4hr cost S1,149,729 and 3hr 24min cost 38SP and 1hr cost 51SP)

I had to use social points to complete this before the rival won the episode, I would have been okay for time without the internet issue. Instead of starting this task I selected the skip episode option on the SimChase menu which cost 25SP

Episode 8 won (just about!) Episode 9 unlocks in 1 minute 32 seconds

Episode 9- 9:07am

Search travel guides 28 times (28 sims)- 3 hours

Again I don’t have enough sims to complete this in one go

12:12pm Search travel guides 28 times (28 sims)- 3 hours

2 left to go (again one didn’t complete the first time)- waste of 3 hours!

3:15pm Find alphabet soup letters 60 times (15 sims max)- 3 hours

6:20pm SimChase rules- 2 hours

8:21pm Mystery leftovers- 3 hours

11:22pm Eat dirt- 6 hours

5:24am Expert Knitting (Mastery)- 4 hours cost S1,217,361 (or 3hr 24min cost 40SP and 1hr cost 54SP)

I was worried that the rival was going to overtake me at this point so I opened the game at 7:30am every half an hour in case I needed to speed up the final task

9:06am I was informed the rival would check in in 30 minutes. I had 20 minutes left so I knew I could make it

9:26am Check in- 4 seconds

Episode 9 won! I can sleep now!

It has been a very long 9 days, I don’t cope very well on lack of sleep so the experience has made me even more grumpy towards SimChase, yes it is possible to complete if every sim in your town is a teen, adult or senior, you don’t have anything else going on during the week and you don’t mind the middle of the night wake up calls but none of that equals fun. I really don’t know how some people manage to complete every SimChase, Pregnancy Event and Live Event using this method, I would make myself ill if I did, just 9 days of it makes me resent the game.

I honestly didn’t mind the first few days, I think in future I might try and get to at least episode 2 prizes if I think they are worth it but I really don’t see the point in putting in so much effort for spin tokens- winning episode 6 gave me 3,000 simoleons which is nothing compared to how much I have spent on mastery tasks.

I don’t like that apart from one notification to say the rival will check in in 30 minutes you don’t really know how they are doing, it isn’t like a pregnancy event where you just have to complete the tasks in a certain amount of time and you know if you are on track, with SimChase you don’t really know how long you have left and I found that very stressful. However I did only used 25 social points on this and that was only due to the internet issue which I was surprised about, although if I wanted to get a good night sleep I would have used a lot more social points.

What I have learned:

  • You don’t have to complete the final day within the time limit you just have to complete it before the rival, for example, I completed episode 9 at 9:26am when on previous days I started the next episode at 9:07am
  • You should be able to find all the items you need for the task that requires 15 sims max in one go, I was worried about that, especially with the last task but I managed to find all 60 alphabet soup letters with 15 sims
  • You are warned 30 minutes before your rival checks in for the final episode, I’m not sure if you are warned with the other episodes
  • Oh and I know that I don’t function well on little sleep!


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The Sims Freeplay- SimChase

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA Creator Network)

SimChase is a TV game show styled event where over the course of 7 or 9 days your sim is tasked with completing a set of daily challenges to reach a checkpoint and win a checkpoint prize but be quick as you are competing against a rival sim and if they reach the checkpoint before you they will win the checkpoint prize. Find out if it is possible to complete a SimChase here

Want to skip to the prizes for each season? Click here

When a SimChase event begins a pop up will appear: 

You will then need to check in at the nightclub with the SimChase host Kam Ham (click on the SimChase symbol that appears above his head): 

Go to SimChase menu- from the active tasks tab you will find the SimChase goal, click on this to open the goal and then click on the blue SimChase symbol that appears next to the goal to get to the SimChase menu:

Here you will see a bar at the top with your sim and the rival sims progress and it also shows you the prizes for each episode (there are 7 episodes to complete, one episode a day): 

Scroll down and you will see the challenges you need to complete for that episode: 

I’m not going to post about the challenges as they may be different for you and they will be different for each season but if you are stuck look for the SimChase symbol on objects around your sims house:

Complete all the challenges on the list in a day, remember:

  • You can complete them in any order but you have to complete one at a time, once you start a SimChase challenge you need to complete it before you can start another one
  • If more than one sim is required to complete a challenge make sure you use as many as possible to complete it as quickly as possible
  • If you want to speed up with SP check the SimChase menu first and see how much it will cost you to skip a challenge or the whole episode as it may be cheaper than speeding up the task (you can only skip a challenge once you have started it)

  • All the Mastery tasks require you to send a sim to the park and click on the sim with the SimChase symbol above their head- these tasks cost simoleons or SP to begin (waste of money if you ask me!!)

TIP: if you are planning on using SP for the Mastery task, leave it until last and then check how much it will cost to skip from the menu as it may be cheaper than the SP cost in the park!

  • If you want to get the prize you need to complete all the challenges in an episode before the rival sim (the rival sim doesn’t appear to be a real player so it is going to be very difficult to complete before them as they don’t need to go to work/school or sleep!)
  • If you manage to complete an episode you either win a prize or a chase token:

Watch me completing a SimChase season here:

Chase tokens are used on the second tab in the SimChase menu to spin for roadblocks so you can progress faster or you can throw obstacles in the way of your rival sim to slow them down:

These roadblocks cannot be used against you, they can only be used on the rival sim

The third tab explains what all the different symbols mean: 

SimChase Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I start SimChase? SimChase will start automatically and is only available for a limited amount of time so there won’t always be one available in the game

Where is the SimChase event menu? The SimChase menu is accessed via the active tasks. Tap the blue SimChase icon next to the SimChase task to open the menu

What is the bar at the top of the SimChase menu? That is the progress bar and it shows your sim and your rival’s progress through the SimChase event, completing challenges makes you progress on the bar

Who is the other sim at the top of the progress bar? That is the rival who your sim is competing against. They aren’t a real player but if they reach the checkpoint first they will earn the prize not you and you will need to try and catch up to win the next prize, obviously because they aren’t real they make regular progress whereas we have real life to deal with too!

What does the circle next to the rival’s portrait mean? The circle is a timer that displays how close they are to finishing their current challenge. The grey part on the progress bar shows how much they will progress when they finish that challenge

What prizes do I earn if I win? Chase tokens are always a prize for completing some episodes but the main prizes will vary by Season, you can see on the progress bar the prize you will win for reaching each checkpoint but remember you will have to reach the checkpoint before the rival otherwise they will get the prize instead of you (see below for more information on the prizes)

If I lose an episode do I have to complete the rest of the challenges that day or do I go straight onto the next day? You will have to complete all the challenges on the previous day before you can move onto the next day so really you have no chance of completing this without hundreds of SP if you are behind

If I don’t use up all my chase tokens before the event is over can I use them next time? No, the next time a SimChase Season begins you will start with zero chase tokens again

What happens when a simchase event returns, do I have to start again? If you started it before but didn’t finish it you will start from the beginning, if you unlocked any of the prizes before you will earn a free one of each in buy mode or if it is a create a sim item you will earn a social point replacement (as they are already free)

Where is the map in the park? The map is on the toilet in the park:

SimChase Seasons and Prizes:

I am not going to create a post for each SimChase but below I will include when each SimChase Season is available and images of the prizes you unlock if you complete before your rival sim

What happens when a simchase event returns, do I have to start again? If you started it before and finished it you won’t get it again but if you didn’t finish it you will start from the beginning, if you unlocked any of the prizes before you will earn a free one of each in buy mode or if it is a create a sim item you will earn a social point replacement (as they are already free)

Season 1: Mother’s Day Madness! Available April 2019 & May 2020

Outfits for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: 4×4 Shag Silver Rug (S600,000)
  • 3 Star Rating: Brown Spa Basket (S68,000) Black Spa Basket (8LP) Tan Makeup Mirror (S76,000) White Makeup Mirror (10LP) White Cushioned Chair (S235,000) Blue Cushioned Chair (S300,000) Beige Cushioned Chair (32LP) Field Gray Cushioned Chair (22SP) Breakfast Tray (S125,000) White Bath and Entertainment (S260,000) Black Bath and Entertainment (S320,000) Grey Bath and Entertainment (40LP) Dusty Bath and Entertainment (25SP)
  • Season 2: Last Resorts. Available June 2019 & 4th July 2020

Outfits, shoes and hairstyles available for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 1 Star Rating: Gray Event Chair (S35,000) Gray Restaurant Table (S250,000) White Air Conditioner (S120,000) Gold Hanging Chair (S400,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Black Event Chair (4LP) Black Air Conditioner (15LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Tan Restaurant Table (20SP) Black Hanging Chair (36SP)

Season 3: Summer Daze! Available July 2019 & 24th July 2020

Outfits, shoes and hairstyles available for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 1 Star Rating: Brown Table Set (S450,000) Gray Fire Table (S475,000) Sleek Brown Chaise (S380,000) Double Brown Recliner (S510,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Gray Table Set (50LP) Dark Gray Fire Table (44SP) Sleek Gray Chaise (42LP) Double Gray Recliner (55LP)

Season 4: Teen Retreat! Available 1st August 2019 & 26th September 2020

Tops, pants, shoes and hairstyles available for male and female teenage sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Silver Fairy Lights (S84,000) Black Fairy Lights (7LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: White Roof Lounge (S275,000) White Roof Chair (S285,000) Slanted Pine TV (S300,000) Pine Gaming Rig (S500,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Gray Roof Lounge (30LP) Slanted Oak TV (35LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Gray Roof Chair (20SP) Oak Gaming Rig (45SP)

Season 5: Backyard Battle! Available 23rd August 2019

Outfits, pants, headwear and shoes available for female and male adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Oak Slats Lamp (S88,000) Pine Slats Lamp (7SP) Oak Half-Arch (S200,000) Oak Arch (S325,000) White Half-Arch (15LP) White Arch (25SP) White Stone Fire Pit (S400,000) Gray Stone Fire Pit (45LP) White Stone Fountain (S375,000) Gray Stone Fountain (33SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: White Potted Ficus (S130,000) Oak Herb Garden (S120,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Gray Potted Ficus (10LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: White Herb Garden (8SP)

Season 6: Kitchen Klash! Available 19th September 2019

Tops, pants and shoes for male adults sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Black Cedar Door (S75,000) White Oak Door (8LP) Chef’s Steel Bench (S77,000) Chef’s Black Bench (5SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Chef’s Steel Sink (S100,000) Industrial Steel Stove (S120,000) Gray Marble Pass (S175,000) Gray Seated Pass (S550,000) Industrial Steel Oven (S450,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Chef’s Black Sink (14LP) White Marble Pass (20LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Industrial Black Stove (8SP) White Seated Pass (50SP) Industrial Black Oven (40SP)

Season 7: Restroom Rivals! Available 10th October 2019 & 11th March 2021

Outfits, shoes and hairstyles for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Black Stipple Door (S65,000) White Stipple Door (3SP) Silver Globe Light (S72,000) Black Globe Light (4SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Black Paper Towel Dispenser (S130,000) Fine Black Toilet (S245,000) Fine Black Ottoman (S255,000) Black Hand Dryer (S110,000) Fine Black Twin Sink (S300,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Silver Paper Towel Dispenser (15LP) Fine White Ottoman (30LP) Silver Hand Dryer (15LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Fine White Toilet (20SP) Fine White Twin Sink (25SP)

Season 8: Cafe Conundrums! Available 7th November 2019 & 22nd March 2021

Hair, accessories, outfits and stockings can be found in the wardrobe and create a sim for female adult sims

Outfits, hair, facial hair, accessories and shoes can be found in the wardrobe and create a sim for male adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 1 Star Rating: Ash Outdoor Cafe Table (S225,000) Ash Outdoor Cafe Chair (S45,000) Oak Chalkboard Sign (S85,000) Ash Park Bench (S150,000) Black Table Set (S250,000) Green Urban Tree (S155,000) Oak Coffee Cart (S550,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Pine Outdoor Cafe Table (28LP) Pine Outdoor Cafe Chair (5LP) White Chalkboard Sign (8LP) Yellow Table Set (30LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Pine Park Bench (10SP) Yellowed Urban Tree (10SP) Black Coffee Cart (60SP)

Season 9: Mansion Mania! Available 15th January 2020 & 4th June 2021

Hair, outfits and shoes can be found in the wardrobe and create a sim for female adult sims

Tops, pants and shoes can be found in the wardrobe and create a sim for male adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Black Oval Coffee Table (S175,000) White Oval Coffee Table (20LP) Round Blue Waves (S45,000) Round Earthen Strokes (5LP) Elegant Black Elevator (S400,000) White Floor Trio (S72,000) Burgundy Floor Trio (5LP) Black Wall Trio (S95,000) White Wall Trio (12LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Black Marble Table (S250,000) Beige Dining Chair (S45,000) Pine S-Shape Bookcase (S130,000) Rose Gold Rubix Mirror Single (S210,000) Rose Gold Rubix Mirror Double (S270,000) White Opulent Piano (S550,000) Gold Jaguar Statue (S100,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: White S-Shape Bookcase (15LP) Black Rubix Mirror Single (20LP) Black Rubix Mirror Double (25LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: White Marble Table (20SP) Blue Dining Chair (1SP) Silver Rubix Mirror Single (12SP) Silver Rubix Mirror Double (18SP) Silver Jaguar Statue (8SP) Small Round Spa (S450,000)

 Season 10: Floral Feud! Available 14th February 2020 & 16th July 2021

Outfits and shoes for male and female adult sims and hair for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: White Floral Side Table (S97,000) Oak Floral Side Table (9LP) Gray Lily Pond (S425,000) Beige Lily Pond (34LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Pink Potted Petunias (S94,000) White Hanging Plants (S125,000) Peach Potted Rose Tree (S110,000) Purple Jacaranda (S180,000) White Floral Table Set (S275,000) White Arbor Hammock (S280,000) Colorful Succulent Garden (S110,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Pink Jacaranda (16LP) Peach Roses Wheel (S98,000) Oak Arbor Hammock (24LP) Green Succulent Garden (11LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Purple Potted Petunias (5SP) Oak Hanging Plants (7SP) Pink Potted Rose Tree (6SP) White Roses Wheel (5SP) Gray Floral Table Set (18SP)

Season 11: Outdoor Engagement! Available 27th February 2020 & 5th November 2020

Outfits, shoes and hair for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: 3×2 Romantic Navy (S26,000) 3×2 Romantic Gray (1SP) Square Pine Coffee Table (S170,000) Square White Coffee Table (13SP) White Metal Side Table (S91,000) Gray Metal Side Table (4SP) Black Wall Lantern (S78,000) White Wall Lantern (3SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: White Garden Chair (S240,000) White Garden L Seat (S360,000) Purple Potted Hibiscus (S87,000) Red Romantic Picnic Rug (S256,000) White Cushioned Bed (S230,000) White Garden Cinema (S330,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Gray Garden Chair (21LP) Gray Garden L Seat (30LP) Pink Potted Hibiscus (8LP) Tan Romantic Picnic Rug (22LP) Oak Garden Cinema (30LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Pink Cushioned Bed (15SP)

Season 12: Desert Duel! Available 24th March 2020 & 25th December 2020

Tops, bottoms and shoes for male adult sims and hair for female and male adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Single Clay (S62,000) Double Clay (S67,000) Quad Clay (S75,000) Clay Corner (S82,000) Single White Clay (6LP) Quad White Clay (7LP) Double White Clay (4SP) White Clay Corner (6SP) Tan Desert Cabinet (S82,000) Tan Desert Corner (S90,000) Tan Desert Sink (S108,000) Gray Desert Corner (9LP) Gray Desert Cabinet (6SP) Gray Desert Sink (8SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Potted Cactus (S67,000) Eared Potted Cactus (S72,000) Short Green Palm (S200,000) White Aloe (S98,000) Green Cactus Row (S115,000) Tan Desert BBQ (S200,000) Tan Desert Pizza Oven (S165,000) Tan Desert Fridge (S140,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: White Potted Cactus (6LP) Short Dark Green Palm (20LP) Yellow Aloe (10LP) Brown Cactus Row (11LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Eared White Potted Cactus (5SP) White Desert BBQ (15SP) Gray Desert Pizza Oven (14SP) Gray Desert Fridge (10SP)

Season 13: Boho Battleground! Available 9th April 2020

Hair, outfits and shoes for female adult and preteen sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Gray Boho Diamonds (S720) White Boho Diamonds (S750) Pine Laundry Basket (S80,000) Walnut Laundry Basket (8LP) Pine Boho Partition (S112,500) Walnut Boho Partition (11LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Oak Ladder Towels (S93,000) Pine Boho Mirror (S175,000) White Desert Basin (S125,000) White Curtained Bath (S130,000) Oak Boho Wardrobe (S150,000) Pine Boho Bed (S350,000) Tan Storage Basket (S265,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Blush Desert Basin (12LP) Tan Curtained Bath (13LP) Ash Boho Wardrobe (15LP) Walnut Boho Bed (35LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Walnut Ladder Towels (6SP) Walnut Boho Mirror (14SP) Walnut Storage Basket (20SP)

Season 14: Patisserie Pandemonium! Available 21st April 2020 and 8th October 2021

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Mint Patisserie Wall (S875) Pink Patisserie Wall (S925) Green Triangle Tiles (S700) Gray Triangle Tiles (S700) White Marble Table (S155,000) Black Marble Table (15SP) Mint Patisserie Table (S150,000) White Patisserie Table (15LP) Gold Patisserie Lights (S85,000) Brown Patisserie Lights (8LP) Cream Half Pillar (S100,000) Tall Cream Half Pillar (S125,000) Green Half Pillar (10LP) Tall Green Half Pillar (12SP) Mint Patisserie Counter (S75,000) Mint Patisserie Corner (S80,000) Navy Patisserie Counter (7LP) Navy Patisserie Corner (8SP) White Shop Window (S90,000) Blue Striped Shop Awning (S120,000) Pink Striped Shop Awning (12LP) Black Shop Window (9SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: White Antique Scales (S65,900) White Rose Mirror (S125,000) Gold Antique Chair (S37,500) White Contour Chair (S40,000) White Antique Phone (S72,500) Teal Macaron Ottoman (S199,000) Gold Trifold Mirror (S150,000) Pink Rose Bouquet (S50,500) Gold Large Flower Painting (S75,000) Mint Patisserie Register (S150,000) Mint Macaron Display (S350,000) Cream Sweets Display (S375,000) Sweet Macaron Display (S100,000) Brass Gramophone (S75,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Pink Rose Mirror (12LP) Black Antique Chair (2LP) Crimson Antique Phone (7LP) Red Macaron Ottoman (19LP) Sour Macaron Display (10LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Teal Antique Scales (6SP) Pink Contour Chair (4SP) Silver Trifold Mirror (15SP) White Rose Bouquet (5SP) Black Large Flower Painting (7SP) Navy Patisserie Register (15SP) Navy Macaron Display (35SP) Navy Sweets Display (37SP) Black Gramophone (7SP)

Season 15: Bedroom Bedlam! Available 13th May 2020 and 29th August 2021

Sleepwear for seniors, teens and preteens

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 1 Star Rating: Pink French Double (S310,000) Pink French Single (S290,000) Pine Books Bunk Bed (S290,000) Oak Stars Bunk Bed (S300,000) Pink French King (S300,000) Pine Storage Box (S249,500)
  • 2 Star Rating: Charcoal French Double (31LP) Charcoal French Single (29LP) Ash Stars Bunk Bed (30LP) Walnut Storage Box (20LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Oak Books Bunk Bed (29SP) Charcoal French King (30SP)

Season 16: Eco Engagement! Available 16th June 2020 and 18th November 2022

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: White Wire Fence (S59,000) White Wire Fence Corner (S60,000) White Wire Gate (S89,000) Green Wire Fence (5LP) Green Wire Gate (8LP) Green Wire Fence Corner (6SP) White Curtained Window (S75,000) Oak Curtained Window (7SP) Large White Oak Rustic Window (S90,000) Large Oak Rustic Window (9SP) White Fly Screen Door (S80,000) Green Fly Screen Door (8SP) Rustic White Rangehood (S115,000) Rustic Brown Rangehood (11LP) White Pantry Shelves (S110,000) White Pantry Corner (S100,000) Green Pantry Shelves (11LP) Green Pantry Corner (10SP) White Sliding Barn Door (S110,000) Green Sliding Barn Door (11SP) Oak Water Tank (S175,000) Blue Water Tank (17LP) Silver Solar Panels (S65,000) Black Solar Panels (6SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Black Hose Reel (S69,000) Blue Sprinkler (S35,000) White Crockery Cabinet (S105,000) White Crockery Shelves (S115,000) White Beehive (S250,000) Cool Cute Scarecrow (S74,000) Yellow Sunflower Single (S79,000) Yellow Sunflower Inner Corner (S79,500) Yellow Sunflower Outer Corner (S79,500) Yellow Sunflower Double (S80,000) Yellow Sunflower Quad (S82,000) White Compost Bins (S225,000) White Rustic Furnace (S299,000) Rustic White Island Sink (S84,500) White Outhouse (S175,000) White Greenhouse (S325,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Green Hose Reel (6LP) Orange Sprinkler (3LP) Green Crockery Cabinet (10LP) Warm Cute Scarecrow (7LP) Purple Sunflower Inner Corner (7LP) Purple Sunflower Double (8LP) Green Compost Bins (22LP) Green Outhouse (17LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Green Crockery Shelves (11SP) Oak Beehive (25SP) Purple Sunflower Single (7SP) Purple Sunflower Outer Corner (7SP) Purple Sunflower Quad (8SP) Black Rustic Furnace (29SP) Rustic Green Island Sink (8SP) Green Greenhouse (32SP)

Season 17: Feuding Families! Available 13th July 2020 & 16th January 2022

Hair for female adults, female and male toddlers and female and male teens

Outfits and shoes for female adults

Glasses (accessories) for female and male teens

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: White Frosted Bathroom Window (S65,000) Oak Frosted Bathroom Window (6LP) Cool Diamond Rug 2×2 (S99,000) Warm Diamond Rug 2×2 (9LP) Large White Door Arch (S99,000) Large Oak Door Arch (9SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: White Toothbrush Holder (S90,000)
  • 3 Star Rating: Gray Toothbrush Holder (9SP)

Season 18: Sports Day Stoush! Available 21st August 2020

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Single Black Chainlink Fence (S55,000) Corner Black Chainlink Fence (S56,500) Double Black Chainlink Fence (S57,000) Quad Black Chainlink Fence (S60,000) Black Chainlink Gate (S84,000) Single Gray Chainlink Fence (5LP) Quad Gray Chainlink Fence (6LP) Gray Chainlink Gate (8LP) Corner Gray Chainlink Fence (5SP) Double Gray Chainlink Fence (5SP) Black Girder Light (S77,500) Gray Girder Light (7LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Black Ball Storage (S125,000) Colored School Pennants (S69,000) Black School Banner (S69,000) Black School Sink (S115,000) Sir Spooks Skeleton (S95,000) White First Aid Kit (S110,000) Oak School Bench (S55,000) Black School Shower (S175,000) Red Gym Locker (S145,000) Red Scoreboard (S195,000) Red Bleachers (S200,000) Black Basketball Key (S130,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Blue School Pennants (6LP) Red School Banner (6LP) Sir Spooks Skeleton Bones (9LP) Red First Aid Kit (11LP) Pine School Bench (5LP) Blue Gym Locker (14LP) Blue Scoreboard (19LP) Blue Bleachers (20LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Silver Ball Storage (12SP) Gray School Sink (9SP) White School Shower (17SP) Gray Basketball Key (13SP)

Season 19: School Scuffles! Available 15th September 2020

Outfits for female and male teenage and preteen sims

Hair for female preteen sims and facial hair for male teenage sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: White School Elevator (S200,000) Black School Elevator (20LP) Single Red Fire Door (S79,500) Single Blue Fire Door (7SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Brown Study Books (S10,500) Pine Easel (S95,000) Black Urinal (S220,000) Cream Toilet Cubicle (S195,000) Red Fire Extinguisher (S75,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Blue Urinal (22LP) Blue Toilet Cubicle (19LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Blue Study Books (1SP) Walnut Easel (9SP) Blue Fire Extinguisher (7SP)

Season 20: Scare Bears! Available 20th October 2020

Onesies are available in the outfits section of adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Orange Moon Lamp (S88,950) Green Moon Lamp (8SP) Orange Jack O’Lantern Row (S92,500) Green Jack O’Lantern Row (9SP) Gold Bone Candelabra (S92,500) Black Bone Candelabra (9LP) Oak Stump Coffee Table (S129,000) Black Stump Coffee Table (12SP) Walnut Spooky Arbour (S11,000) Black Spooky Arbour (11LP) Living Trick-Or-Sweet Bear (17SP) Orange Modular Corner (5LP) Orange Modular Bench (5SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Red Heart Spider Web (68,500) Orange Jack O’Lantern Candy (S90,000) Dead Oak Tree (S195,750) Gray Tombstone (S125,000) Trick-Or-Sweet Bear Plushie (S150,000) Raven Perched on Gold Claw (S150,000) Orange Picnic Table (S110,000) Black Brick Chimney (S525,000) Green Lollipop Hedge End (S93,750) Green Lollipop Hedge Corner (S94,500) Green Lollipop Hedge Piece (S95,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Green Heart Spider Web (6LP) Pink Jack O’Lantern Candy (9LP) Raven Perched on Black Claw (15LP) Black Picnic Table (11LP) Sandy Brick Chimney (52LP) Brown Lollipop Hedge End (9LP) Brown Lollipop Hedge Corner (9SP) Brown Lollipop Hedge Piece (9LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Dead Black Tree (19SP) Dark Gray Tombstone (12SP)

Season 21: Thanksgiving Throwdown! Available 17th November 2020 & 19th November 2021

Hairstyles and outfits for female adult sims and oufits and shoes for male adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Cream Thanksgiving Door (S92,500) White Thanksgiving Door (9LP) Brass Fall Lantern (S89,750) Gold Fall Lantern (8LP) Beech Fall Dining Table (S135,000) Oak Fall Dining Table (13SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Rose Gold Fall Basket (S105,000) Brown Pine Cone Jars (S85,000) Brown Leaf Pile (S150,000)  Brown Maple Tree (S195,000) Beech Fall Dining Chair (S33,000) Cream Fall Fireplace (S439,500)
  • 2 Star Rating: Purple Leaf Pile (15LP) Oak Fall Dining Chair (3LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Gold Fall Basket (10SP) Gold Pine Cone Jars (8SP) Purple Maple Tree (19LP) White Fall Fireplace (43SP)

Season 22: Household Blitz! Available 1st December 2020 & 6th March 2022

Shoes and outfits for female and male adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Oak Island Trolley (S82,000) Ash Island Trolley (8LP) Cream Scandi Single Door (S79,500) Pine Scandi Single Door (7SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Silver Rice Cooker (S122,500) Red Rice Cooker (S125,000) Silver Ice Cream Maker (S130,000) Red Ice Cream Maker (S140,000) Silver De Cafe Kettle (S112,500) Red De Cafe Kettle (S115,000) Pine Clothes Line (S120,000) Maroon Laundry Basket (S85,000) Red Desk Bin (S65,000) White Tablet Device (S149,000) Black Tablet Device (S150,000) Ash Corner Computer (S145,750) Whitewash Computer Desk (S240,000) Oak Computer Desk (S250,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Walnut Clothes Line (12LP) Pine Stacked Washer (S249,500)
  • 3 Star Rating: Walnut Stacked Washer (25SP) Teal Laundry Basket (8SP) Black Desk Bin (6SP) Pine Corner Computer (14SP)

Season 23: Spa Skirmish! Available 12th January 2021

Hairstyles for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Gold Moroccan Floor Light (S84,500) Brass Moroccan Floor Light (8LP) Red Petals and Candles (S75,000) Voilet Petals and Candles (7LP) Pine Moroccan Table (S72,500) Walnut Moroccan Table (7SP) Gold Moroccan Pendant (S85,000) Brass Moroccan Pendant (8LP) Brown Lattice Window (S65,000) Brown Double Lattice Window (S105,000) Blue Lattice Window (6SP) Blue Double Lattice Window (10LP) Teal Moroccan Patio/Balcony Tiles (S670) Maroon Moroccan Patio/Balcony Tiles (S690) Teal Moroccan Pool Tiles (S925) Maroon Moroccan Pool Tiles (S950) Blue Moroccan Pool Interior Tiles (S19,500) Brown Moroccan Pool Interior Tiles (S20,000)
  • 1 Star Rating: Gold Moroccan Disc (S55,000) Brown Moroccan Pot (S120,500) Brown Towels and Oils (S55,000) White Moroccan Wardrobe (S135,900) Pink Moroccan Ottoman (S155,000) Red Moroccan Robes (S50,000) Gold Moroccan Wall Mirrors (S150,000) Brown Mural Basin (S115,000) Maroon Moroccan Spa (S500,000) Cream Elephant Ear Pot (S105,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Gray Moroccan Pot (12LP) Pine Moroccan Wardrobe (13LP) Teal Moroccan Ottoman (15LP) Blue Moroccan Robes (5LP) Brass Moroccan Wall Mirrors (15LP) Blue Mural Basin (11LP) Blue Moroccan Spa (50LP) Brown Elephant Ear Pot (10LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Brass Moroccan Disc (5SP) Blue Towels and Oils (5SP)

Season 24: Wedding Wrangle! Available 3rd February 2021

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Black Guest Book Table (S67,250) Ash Guest Book Table (6LP) Gray Caged Lights (S85,000) Bronze Caged Lights (8LP) Walnut Wedding Table 2×2 (S110,000) Pine Wedding Table 2×2 (11LP) White Wedding Party Table (S125,000) Cream Wedding Party Table (12SP) Walnut Wedding Table 3×2 (S115,500) Walnut Wedding Table 4×2 (S120,000) Pine Wedding Table 4×2 (12LP) Pine Wedding Table 3×2 (11SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Walnut Wedding Sign (S85,000) Walnut Seating Plan (S86,500) Walnut Floral Dining Chair (S32,000) Walnut Dancefloor (S247,500) Walnut DJ Desk Stand (S150,000) Black Gold Speaker and Stand (S250,000) Green Wedding Backdrop (S65,000) Green Cabriole Sofa (S180,500) Walnut Vintage Camera (S100,000) Green Wedding Chair (S32,500) White Tiered Wedding Cake (S10,000) White Wedding Canapes (S95,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Pine Wedding Sign (8LP) Pine Dancefloor (24LP) Cream Cabriole Sofa (18LP) Orange Wedding Chair (3LP) Cream Tiered Wedding Cake (1LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Pine Seating Plan (8SP) Pine Floral Dining Chair (3SP) Pine DJ Desk Stand (15SP) Gray Rose Gold Speaker and Stand (25SP) Pink Wedding Backdrop (6SP) Pine Vintage Camera (10SP) Cream Wedding Canapes (9SP)

Season 25: Bar Brawl! Available 26th February 2021 & 24th April 2022

Outfits for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Gold Metallic Partition (S107,000) Rose Gold Metallic Partition (10LP) Gold Deco Stripe End (S20,000) Gold Deco Stripe (S20,000) Gold Deco Stripe Corner (S30,000) Rose Gold Deco Stripe End (2LP) Rose Gold Deco Stripe (2SP) Rose Gold Deco Stripe Corner (3SP) Black Gold Deco Corner (S71,500) White Rose Gold Deco Corner (7LP) Gold Eagle Fountain (S310,000) Rose Gold Eagle Fountain (31SP) Black Deco Arbor (S10,500) Gray Deco Arbor (1LP) Black Draped Backdrop (S110,000) Pink Draped Backdrop (11SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Black Deco Table Set (S125,000) Black Gold Deco Bar Shelf (S120,000) Black Gold Deco Bar (S180,000) Gold Deco Stool (S39,500) Black Deco Drink Fountain (S310,500) Black and Gold Deco Pillar (S170,000) Tall Black and Gold Deco Pillar (S195,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: White Deco Table Set (12LP) Silver Rose Gold Deco Bar Shelf (12LP) Silver Deco Drink Fountain (31LP) Bronze and Rose Gold Deco Pillar (17LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: White Rose Gold Deco Bar (18SP) Rose Gold Deco Stool (3SP) Tall Bronze and Rose Gold Deco Pillar (19SP)

Season 26: Bathroom & Breakfast Bedlam! Available 1st April 2021 & 3rd June 2022

Hair, tops, bottoms and shoes for female and male adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Black Wall Air Vent (S45,000) Silver Wall Air Vent (5LP) Black Loft Counter (S72,500) Black Loft Corner (S84,000) Black Loft Counter Shelves (S77,000) Black Loft Corner Shelves (S79,000) White Loft Counter (7LP) White Loft Corner (8LP) White Loft Counter Shelves (8LP) White Loft Corner Shelves (8LP) Black Hanging Pots (S75,500) White Hanging Pots (8LP) Black Wall Cage Bulbs (S85,500) White Wall Cage Bulbs (9LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Oak Herb Shelf (S59,000) Oak Island Stove (S165,000) Black Loft Sink (S104,000) Oak Loft Washer (S215,000) Oak Toilet Roll Holder (S85,500) Tan Loft Toilet (S185,000) Gray Brick Shower (S142,000) Cream Loft Sink (S125,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Ash Herb Shelf (6LP) Ash Island Stove (17LP) White Loft Sink (15LP) Ash Loft Washer (25LP) Ash Toilet Roll Holder (9LP) White Loft Toilet (21LP) Black Brick Shower (16LP) White Loft Sink (15LP)

Season 27: Diner Duel! Available 23rd April 2021

Watch my Diner Speed Build & Tour here

Outfits and shoes for female and male teen sims and outfits and hairstyles for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Black Speckled Checks (S600) Blue Speckled Checks (S650) Red Diner Neon (S65,500) Teal Diner Neon (7LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Red Diner Jukebox (S115,000) Red Milkshake Maker (S156,000) Red Diner Condiments (S69,000) Red Diner Booth (S133,000) Red Hotdog Tray (S76,000) Red Diner Stool (S39,000) Red Diner Register (S155,000) Red Diner Counter (S66,000) Red Diner Corner (S75,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Teal Diner Jukebox (13LP) Black Milkshake Maker (20LP) Teal Diner Condiments (7LP) Teal Diner Booth (15LP) Teal Hotdog Tray (8LP) Teal Diner Stool (4LP) Teal Diner Register (17LP) Teal Diner Counter (7LP) Teal Diner Corner (8LP)

Season 28: Poolside Perils! Available 4th May 2021


The bikinis are available for female adults and teens, the hairstyles are available for female adults and the swim shorts are available for male teens

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Yellow Neon Banana (S73,000) Pink Neon Banana (7SP) White Blue Tropical (S16,250) White Green Tropical (S16,400) Mint Umbrella (S175,000) Pink Umbrella (17LP) Green Floating Pineapple (S55,000) Red Floating Pineapple (5SP) Green Neon Palm (S90,000) Red Neon Palm (9LP) Green Palm Lamppost (S91,500) Pink Palm Lamppost (9LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Pink Lawn Flamingo (S65,000) Black Bowl Fire Pit (S395,000) Ash Wicker Drinks Cart (S395,500) Green Flamingo Pool Chair (S95,000) White Toddler Pool (S75,000) Green Palm Day Bed (S195,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Rose Lawn Flamingo (6LP) Silver Bowl Fire Pit (39LP) White Wicker Drinks Cart (39LP) Pink Flamingo Pool Chair (9LP) Pink Toddler Pool (7LP) Pink Palm Day Bed (19LP)

Season 29: Garden Grapple! Available 27th May 2021 and 9th October 2022


Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Pink Stone Cladding (S975) Pink Stone Cladding Upper (S975) Gray Stone Cladding (S995) Gray Stone Cladding Upper (S995) Pink Tropical Paving (S975) Green Tropical Paving (S995) Green Paneled Single (S150,000) Green Paneled Double (S200,000) White Paneled Single (15SP) White Paneled Double (20LP) Green Tropical Single (S100,500) Green Tropical Double (S120,000) White Tropical Single (10SP) White Tropical Double (12LP) Green Mesh Gate (S85,000) White Mesh Gate (8LP) White Stucco Single (S50,000) White Stucco Corner (S50,500) White Stucco Double (S51,000) White Stucco Quad (S52,000) Pink Stucco Single (5SP) Pink Stucco Corner (5LP) Pink Stucco Double (5LP) Pink Stucco Quad (5SP) Aqua Pool Fountain (S125,000) Terracotta Pool Fountain (12LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: White Modular Succulents Corner (S85,000) White Modular Succulents (S90,000) White Cacti and Succulents (S100,000) Mixed Green Palm Garden (S115,000) White Fountain Hot Tub (S225,500) Ash Palm Drink Seating (S115,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Pink Modular Succulents Corner (8LP) Pink Modular Succulents (9LP) Pink Cacti and Succulents (10SP) Dark Green Palm Garden (11LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Clay Fountain Hot Tub (22SP) White Palm Drink Seating (11SP)

Season 30: Seaside Strife! Available 15th June 2021


Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Brown Reed Wall (S845) Brown Reed Wall Upper (S845) Blue Reed Wall (S850) Blue Reed Wall Upper (S850) Brown Coastal Rug 1×1 (S50,000) Melon Coastal Rug 1×1 (5LP) Brown Coastal Rug 2×1 (S51,750)  Melon Coastal Rug 2×1 (5LP) White Roman Single (S69,900) White Roman Double (S83,700) Pine Roman Single (6LP) Pine Roman Double (8LP) Brown Coastal Rug 3×1 (S67,550) Melon Coastal Rug 3×1 (6LP) Brown Coastal Rug 4×1 (S81,000) Melon Coastal Rug 4×1 (8LP) White Woven Lamp (S60,750) Orange Woven Lamp (6LP) Ash Coastal Side Table (S51,300) Pine Coastal Side Table (5LP) Brown Coastal Rug 2×2 (S65,000) Melon Coastal Rug 2×2 (6LP) White Chevron Table (S99,000) Pine Chevron Table (9LP) Brown Coastal Rug 3×2 (S70,000) Melon Coastal Rug 3×2 (7LP) Brown Coastal Rug 4×2 (S85,500) Melon Coastal Rug 4×2 (8LP) White Nautical Fan (S85,000) Pine Nautical Fan (8LP) White Seaside Bifold (S108,000) White Seaside Bifold Double (S144,000) Pine Seaside Bifold (10LP) Pine Seaside Bifold Double (14SP) Brown Coastal Rug 4×4 (S10,500) Melon Coastal Rug 4×4 (10LP) Brown Coastal Rug 3×3 (S75,050) Melon Coastal Rug 3×3 (7LP) Brown Coastal Rug 4×3 (S95,500) Melon Coastal Rug 4×3 (9LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Pink Mounted Surfboard (S60,750) White and Blue Stylish Kennel (S27,000) Blue Kitty Bed (S10,500) White Nautical Sofa (S166,500) White Nautical Double (S184,500) White Nautical Chaise (S193,500)  White Woven Chair (S27,000) White Seaside Frames (S74,250)
  • 2 Star Rating: Gray Kitty Bed (1LP) Gray Nautical Double (18LP) Pine Woven Chair (2SP) Pine Seaside Frames (7LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Blue Mounted Surfboard (6SP) Pine and Red Stylish Kennel (2SP) Gray Nautical Sofa (16SP) Gray Nautical Chaise (19SP)

Season 31: Samurai Showdown! Available 27th July 2021


The hairstyles can be found in create a sim and the wardrobe for female adult sims

The kimonos can be found in create a sim and the wardrobe outfits section for female and male adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Brown Tatami Mat 1×1 (S45,000) Brown Tatami Mat 1×2 (S50,000) Yellow Tatami Mat 1×2 (5LP) Yellow Tatami Mat 1×1 (4SP) Brown Japanese Panel (S805) Brown Japanese Panel Upper (S805) White Japanese Panel (S815) White Japanese Panel Upper (S815) White Sakura Floor Lantern (S85,500) Green Sakura Floor Lantern (8SP) Walnut Shoji Archway (S130,500) Pine Shoji Archway (13SP) Walnut Shoji Triple (S118,000) Pine Shoji Triple (11LP) Walnut Zen Buffet Table (S99,450) Pine Zen Buffet Table (11LP) Oak Bamboo Partition (S96,000) Pine Bamboo Partition (9LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: White Katana Set (S75,000) Blue Kimono Display (S73,800) Brown Wall Scrolls (S68,400) Walnut Zaisu Chair (S23,850) White Matcha Tea Set (S76,500)Walnut Japanese Hearth (S120,000) Walnut Bonsai Workstation (S243,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Black Katana Set (7LP) Yellow Kimono Display (7LP) Black Matcha Tea Set (7LP) Pine Bonsai Workstation (24LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Beige Wall Scrolls (6SP) Pine Zaisu Chair (2SP) Pine Japanese Hearth (12SP)

Season 32: Park Pitfall! Available 16th August 2021


Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Beige Gravel (S960) Tan Gravel (S970) White Wall Paper Lantern (S70,000) Green Wall Paper Lantern (7SP) White Toro Lantern (S60,500) Gray Toro Lantern (6LP) Green Japanese Scaredeer (S103,500) Brown Japanese Scaredeer (10SP) Beige Bamboo Fence 1×1 (S45,000) Beige Bamboo Corner (S45,000) Beige Bamboo Fence 1×2 (S45,500) Beige Bamboo Fence 1×4 (S46,500) Green Bamboo Fence 1×1 (4LP) Green Bamboo Fence 1×2 (4LP) Green Bamboo Corner (4LP) Green Bamboo Fence 1×4 (4SP) Brown Torii Gate (S20,000) Oak Torii Gate (2LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Green Bamboo (S61,650) Light Gray Stone Bench (S51,000) Summer Green Moss Garden (S57,600) Oak Japanese Pergola (S720,000) Gray Zen Pond (S150,000) Purple Japanese Maple (S85,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Yellow Bamboo (6LP) Dark Gray Stone Bench (5LP) Dark Gray Zen Pond (15LP) Red Japanese Maple (8LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Pine Japanese Pergola (72SP) Winter Green Moss Garden (5SP)

Season 33: Fierce Fashion! Available 7th September 2021

Outfits and shoes for female senior sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Teal Fringe Lamp (S55,000) White Fringe Lamp (5LP) 4×3 Leopard White Rug (S80,000) 4×3 Leopard Gray Rug (8LP) Walnut Stork Partition (S108,000) Oak Stork Partition (11LP) Gold Post Stairs (S270,000) Bronze Post Stairs (30LP) Gold Post Guardrail (S4,500) Bronze Post Guardrail (S4,600)
  • 1 Star Rating: Gold Necklace Display (S68,000) Green Hat Stand (S42,000) Walnut Fashionista Portrait (S53,000) Gold Jackal Statue (S117,400) Gold Sunburst Mirror (S90,500) Gold Sewing Mannequin (S55,500) Gold Fabric Display (S72,000) Gold Cage Display (S80,000) Gold Corner Mirror (S112,000) Walnut Sewing Table (S375,000) Green Gaudy Divan (S154,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Bronze Necklace Display (7LP) Brown Hat Stand (4LP) Oak Fashionista Portrait (5LP) Bronze Jackal Statue (14LP) Bronze Sunburst Mirror (9LP) Bronze Sewing Mannequin (5LP) Bronze Fabric Display (7LP) Bronze Cage Display (8LP) Bronze Corner Mirror (13LP) Oak Sewing Table (40LP) Brown Gaudy Divan (18LP)

Season 34: Autumn Action! Available 26th September 2021

Hairstyles and outfits for female and male teen sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Brown Accented Counter (S63,500) Brown Accented Corner Drawers (S69,000) Brown Accented Counter and Cupboard (S70,000) Brown Accented Corner (S76,500) White Accented Counter (6LP) White Accented Corner Drawers (7LP) White Accented Counter and Cupboard (7LP) White Accented Corner (7LP) Orange Leaves Wall Lights (S57,000) Cream Leaves Wall Lights (5LP) Walnut Cluttered Buffet (S112,000) White Cluttered Buffet (14LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Orange Wall Wreath (S53,000) Cream Kitchen Utensils (S27,000) Red Tins (S18,500) Brown Accented Sink (S63,000) Red Retro Fridge (S120,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Pink Wall Wreath (5LP) Pink Kitchen Utensils (2LP) Pink Tins (2LP) White Accented Sink (7LP) Pink Retro Fridge (14LP)

Season 35: Scandi Scrimmage! Available 19th October 2021

Tops, bottoms and shoes for female teens

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Gray Rectangles 1×1 (S10,000) Green Rectangles 1×1 (1LP) White Essential Buffet (S124,000) Pine Essential Buffet (12LP) Gray Rectangles 2×1 (S15,000) Green Rectangles 2×1 (1LP) Gray Rectangles 2×2 (S25,000) Green Rectangles 2×2 (2LP) Gray Rectangles 3×1 (S35,000) Green Rectangles 3×1 (3LP) Gray Rectangles 3×2 (S45,000) Green Rectangles 3×2 (4LP) Gray Rectangles 3×3 (S55,000) Green Rectangles 3×3 (5LP) Gray Rectangles 4×1 (S65,000) Green Rectangles 4×1 (6LP) Ash Parquet Table (S110,000) Pine Parquet Table (11LP) Gray Rectangles 4×2 (S75,000) Green Rectangles 4×2 (7LP) Gray Rectangles 4×3 (S85,000) Green Rectangles 4×3 (8LP) Gray Rectangles 4×4 (S95,000) Green Rectangles 4×4 (9LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Gray Blanket Basket (S25,000) Cream Toiletries (S20,000) White Bath Shelf (S78,000) Green Splotches Painting (S66,000) White Essential Vases (S50,000) Cream Snake Plant (S32,000) White Essential Shelf (S75,000) White Essential Corner (S88,500) White Essential Dining Chair (S30,000) Cream Essential Frames (S80,000) White Marble Island (S160,000) Essential White Stool (S35,000) White Essential TV Unit (S300,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Green Blanket Basket (2LP) Green Toiletries (2LP) Pine Bath Shelf (8LP) Mint Splotches Painting (6LP) Green Essential Vases (5LP) Green Snake Plant (3LP) Pine Essential Shelf (7LP) Pine Essential Corner (9LP) Green Essential Dining Chair (3LP) Brown Essential Frames (8LP) Gray Marble Island (20LP) Essential Gray Stool (3LP) Green Essential TV Unit (30LP)

Season 36: Scrappy Scrub-Down! Available 31st December 2021

Outfits for female and male adult sims and hairstyles for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Green Painterly Rug (S35,000) Pink Painterly 2×2 (2SP) Bronze Antique Pendant (S65,000) Silver Antique Pendant (6LP) Green Painterly 2×4 (S45,000) Pink Painterly 2×4 (4LP) Tan Arch Side Table (S53,000) Salmon Arch Side Table (5LP) Orange Modular Corner (S97,500) Gray Modular Corner (9LP) Modern Pee Cleaner (3LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Yellow Paint Cans (S40,000) White Olive Shrub (S84,000) Oak Duster Set (S35,000) Brown Packing Boxes (S45,000) Dusty Pink Deco Chair (S109,000) Orange Modular Seat (S100,000) Orange Modular Ottoman (S100,000) Silver Wall Ladder (S30,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Silver Olive Shrub (8LP) Orange Vacuum (6LP) Pine Duster Set (4LP) Dark Brown Packing Boxes (4LP) Black Deco Chair (11LP) Gray Modular Seat (10LP) Red Wall Ladder (3LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: White Paint Cans (4SP) Gray Cleaning Supplies (S62,000) Red Cleaning Supplies (8LP) Gray Modular Ottoman (10SP)

Season 37: Lunar New Year Spark Up! Available 25th January 2022

Outfits can be found in create a sim and the wardrobe for preteen male and female sims and outfits and hair for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Red Hanging Lunar Lanterns (S65,000) Gold Hanging Lunar Lanterns (6LP) Classic Hanging Firecrackers (S66,500) Dark Hanging Firecrackers (6SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Year of the Tiger Wall Art (S70,000) Oak Low Offering Table (S106,000) White Potted Mandarin Tree (S70,500) Gray Pot Red Envelopes Tree (S70,500) Oak Lunar Banquet Table (S60,000) Pine Lunar Banquet Table (S65,000) Oak Lunar Dining Chair (S45,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Pine Low Offering Table (10LP) Copper Potted Mandarin Tree (7LP) White Pot Red Envelopes Tree (7LP) Pine Lunar Dining Chair (4LP)

Season 38: Mariachi Mayhem! Available 13th February 2022

Outfits and hats can be found in create a sim and the wardrobe for male adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Sunset Hacienda Tiles (S600) Tan Hacienda Tiles (S650) Sunset Rustic Stucco (S600) Teal Rustic Stucco (S550) Gold Hacienda Wall Lantern (S62,000) Silver Hacienda Wall Lantern (4SP) Brown Grated Single Window (S90,000) Red Grated Single Window (7SP) Brown Grated Double Window (S100,000) Red Grated Double Window (8SP) Single Sunset Hacienda Fence (S40,000) Single Teal Hacienda Fence (4SP) Double Sunset Hacienda Fence (S45,000) Double Teal Hacienda Fence (4SP) Corner Sunset Hacienda Fence (S40,000) Corner Teal Hacienda Fence (4SP) Quad Sunset Hacienda Fence (S46,000) Quad Teal Hacienda Fence (4LP) Sunset White Hacienda Gate (S83,500) Teal Ash Hacienda Gate (8SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Ash Red Hacienda Hammock (S250,000) Gray Terracotta Chiminea (S185,000) Cream Siesta Sofa (S97,500) Cream Hacienda Floral Gazebo (S680,000) White Wood Serenade Setting (S200,000) White Lantern Pergola (S300,000) Cream Hacienda Floral Fountain (S103,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Sunset Papel Picado (4LP) Winter Flowering Palms (8LP) Red Siesta Sofa (10LP) Tan Hacienda Floral Gazebo (68LP) Tan Hacienda Floral Fountain (10LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Pastel Papel Picado (4SP) White Wooden Hacienda Hammock (20SP) Autumn Flowering Palms (8SP) Tan Terracotta Chiminea (16SP) Ash Serenade Setting (20SP) Ash Lantern Pergola (26SP)

Season 40: Sour Squeeze! Available 26th March 2022

Outfits for female preteen sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Citrus Geometric Hanging Lamps (S66,500) Lime Geometric Hanging Lamps (6LP) Pine Hallway Buffet (S70,000) White Hallway Buffet (7LP) Lemon Print Dining Table (S67,500) Lime Print Dining Table (6LP) White Granite Benchtop (S55,000) White Granite Benchtop Corner (S55,000) White Granite Benchtop (S60,000) White Granite Shelf Corner (S60,000) Lime Granite Benchtop (5SP) Lime Granite Benchtop Corner (5SP) Lime Granite Benchtop (6SP) Lime Granite Shelf Corner (6LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Lemon Slice Clock (S70,000) Lemon Wall Calendar (S40,000) Pine Fruit Tower (S75,000) Yellow Potted Lemon Plant (S100,000) Pine Toddler High Chair (S50,000) Yellow Hanging Apron Corner (S70,000) Fruity White Fridge (S110,000) Yellow Fruit Juice Dispenser (S60,000) White Granite Sink (S95,000) Lemon Triple Box Seating (S950,000) Lemon Quad Box Seating (S1,050,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Lime Wall Calendar (4LP) White Fruit Tower (7LP) Green Potted Lemon Plant (10LP) Fruity Lime Fridge (11LP) Brown Fruit Juice Dispenser (6LP) Lime Quad Box Seating (100LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Lime Slice Clock (5SP) White Toddler High Chair (5SP) Green Hanging Apron Corner (7SP) Lime Granite Sink (9SP) Lime Triple Box Seating (95SP)

Season 39: Fruity Free-For-All! Available 11th April 2022

Hairstyles and bathrobes (sleepwear section) for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Yellow Pineapple Scale Wallpaper (S450) Pink Pineapple Scale Wallpaper (S500) Lemon Bath Mat (S50,000) Peach Bath Mat (5LP) Tropical Fruit Candles (S65,000) Pink Fruit Candles (6LP) Gold Marble Sphere Lamps (S65,000) Silver Marble Sphere Lamps (6LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Gold Pineapple Towel Hooks (S60,000) Gold Bathroom Essentials (S50,000) Lemon Shower Cubicle (S120,000) Lemon Laundry Basket (S85,000) Gold Chic Floating Sink (S99,000) Beige Makeup Collection (S60,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Silver Bath Essentials (5LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Silver Pineapple Towel Hooks (6SP) Peach Shower Cubicle (12SP) Peach Laundry Basket (8SP) Silver Chic Floating Sink (9SP) Gray Makeup Collection (6SP)

Season 41: Competing Cottages! Available 3rd May 2022

Outfits for female and male senior sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Elegant White Lantern (S65,000) Elegant Blue Lantern (6LP) Silver Glass Wall Lamp (S30,000) Gold Glass Wall Lamp (3LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: White Suitcases (S60,000) French White Clock (S70,000) White Elegant Wall Mirror (S85,000) Elegant White Ottoman (S140,000) Silver Beauty Products (S75,000) Elegant Silver Table Mirror (S76,000) Silver Perfume Box (S63,000) White Bathroom Cabinet (S76,500) White Elegant Basin (S99,000) White Elegant Vanity (S175,000) White Elegant Double Bed (S243,000) White Elegant Wardrobe (S98,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: French Blue Clock (7LP) Blue Elegant Wall Mirror (8LP) Elegant Blue Ottoman (14LP) Elegant Gold Table Mirror (7LP) Gold Perfume Box (6LP) Blue Elegant Vanity (20LP) Elegant Blue Double Bed (24LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Blue Suitcases (6SP) Gold Beauty Products (7SP) Blue Bathroom Cabinet (6SP) Blue Elegant Basin (9SP) Blue Elegant Wardrobe (9SP)

Season 42: Stained Glass Showdown! Available 22nd May 2022

Season 43: Wanderlust Wrangle! Available 21st June 2022

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Industrial Black Roof Lights (S65,000) Industrial Silver Roof Lights (8LP) Small Blue Compass Rug (S50,000) Small Orange Compass Rug (5LP) Medium Blue Compass Rug (S61,000) Medium Orange Compass Rug (6LP) Large Blue Compass Rug (S76,500) Large Orange Compass Rug (7LP) Industrial Black Shelf Counter (S55,000) Industrial Silver Shelf Counter (5LP) Industrial Black Shelf Corner (S60,000) Industrial Silver Shelf Corner (6LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Industrial Silver Vase (S50,000) White Frame Travel Collage (S63,000) Black Travel Suitcase (S71,000) Industrial Black Sink (S95,000) Industrial Black Counter (S55,000) Industrial Black Corner (S55,000) Black Wall Mounted Woodpile (S63,000) Industrial Black Furnace (S180,000) Industrial Black Box Shelves (S54,500) Blue Travel Gear (S31,000) Industrial Oak Dining Table (S77,500) Industrial Green Stool (S40,000) Industrial Oak Island (S165,000) Industrial Black Dishwasher (S150,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Industrial White Vase (5LP) Blue Frame Travel Collage (6LP) White Travel Suitcase (7LP) Industrial Silver Sink (9LP) Industrial Silver Counter (5LP) Industrial Silver Corner (5LP) Silver Wall Mounted Woodpile (6LP) Industrial Silver Furnace (18LP) Industrial Silver Box Shelves (5LP) Orange Travel Gear (3LP) Industrial Pine Dining Table (7LP) Industrial Orange Stool (4LP) Industrial Pine Island (16LP) Industrial Silver Dishwasher (15LP)

Season 44: Imagination Altercation! Available 4th July 2022

Tops, shorts and shoes for male preteen sims and dresses and shoes for female preteen sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Snow Mountain Wallpaper (S450) Blue Mountain Wallpaper (S500) Orange Air Balloon Lamp (S65,000) Blue Air Balloon Lamp (6LP) Oak Tub Counter (S55,000) Pine Tub Counter (5LP) Oak Tub Corner (S55,000) Pine Tub Corner (5LP) Stenciled Black Window Single (S80,000) Stenciled Silver Window Single (8LP) Stenciled Black Window Double (S90,000) Stenciled Silver Window Double (9LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: White Hanging Backpacks (S60,000) White Suitcase Drawers (S98,000) Brown Sleepy Laundry Basket (S85,000) Industrial Yellow Toddler Table (S60,000) Oak Antler Toddler Chair (S50,000) Industrial Black Double Bed (S243,000) Oak Toy Train Set (S75,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Blue Hanging Backpacks (6LP) Blue Suitcase Drawers (9LP) White Sleepy Laundry Basket (8LP) Industrial Blue Toddler Table (6LP) Pine Antler Toddler Chair (5LP) Industrial Blue Double Bed (24LP) Pine Toy Train Set (7LP)

Season 45: Summer Sand-Off! Available 25th July 2022

Outfits, headwear, shoes and swimwear for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Oak Round Rattan Sidetable (S67,570) White Round Rattan Sidetable (6LP) Oak Beach Trim Umbrella (S89,620) Gold Beach Trim Umbrella (8LP) Oak Rope Tin Lantern (S81,030) Pine Rope Tin Lantern (8LP) Oak Crate Coffee Table (S94,620) Pine Crate Coffee Table (8LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Orange Juice Collection (S65,110) Oak Beach Recliner (S243,090) Orange Juice Display (S56,690) Sunset Striped Beach Towel (S74,030) Oak Crate Sofa Corner (S85,200) Oak Crate Sofa (S92,020) White Potted Tall Monstera (S86,390) Oak Crate Double Sofa (S107,670) Oak Crate Triple Sofa (S119,120) Purple Water Slide (S320,570) Orange Mobile Ice Cream (S261,150) Oak Volleyball Net (S226,960)
  • 2 Star Rating: Pink Juice Collection (6LP) Cream Beach Recliner (24LP) Grapefruit Juice Display (5LP) Orange Striped Beach Towel (7LP) Pine Crate Sofa Corner (8LP) Pine Crate Sofa (9LP) Cream Potted Tall Monstera (8LP) Pine Crate Double Sofa (10LP) Pine Crate Triple Sofa (11LP) Red Water Slide (32LP) Pastel Mobile Ice Cream (26LP) Pine Volleyball Net (22LP)

Season 46: Parental Provocation! Available 15th August 2022

Maternity outfits for pregnant sims and shoes for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Beige Geometric Rug (S65,400) Pink Geometric Rug (6LP) Yellow Leaf Mobile (S68,870) Pink Leaf Mobile (6LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Beige Animal Soft Toys (S43,390) Oak Elephant Laundry Basket (S89,900) Brown Cover Beanbag (S38,970) Oak Retro Toy Shelf (S67,660) Oak Wicker Hamper (S107,150) Oak Rocking Chair (S148,260) Brown Retro Change Table (S97,930) Oak Tepee Cot (S79,280) Oak Instant Camera Stand (S174,460)
  • 2 Star Rating: Gray Animal Soft Toys (4LP) Cream Elephant Laundry Basket (8LP) Pink Cover Beanbag (3LP) Pine Retro Toy Shelf (6LP) Pine Wicker Hamper (10LP) Pine Rocking Chair (14LP) Cream Retro Change Table (9LP) Pine Tepee Cot (7LP) Pine Instant Camera Stand (15LP)

Season 47: Fall Feud! Available 16th September 2022

Outfits for female and male preteens

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Orange Pumpkin Platter (S71,000) Green Pumpkin Platter (5LP) 1×1 Orange Checkered Rug (S41,100) 1×1 Green Checkered Rug (3LP) Brass Glamour Wreath Light (S105,000) Silver Glamour Wreath Light (9LP) 2×1 Orange Checkered Rug (S53,600) 2×1 Green Checkered Rug (6LP) 1×1 Brown Stone Fence (S43,600) 2×1 Brown Stone Fence (S54,000) Brown Stone Corner (S63,700) 1×1 Black Stone Fence (5LP) 2×1 Black Stone Fence (8LP) Black Stone Corner (5LP) Brown Stone Gate (S97,400) Black Stone Gate (10LP) 4×1 Brown Stone Fence (S81,700) 4×1 Black Stone Fence (6LP) Oak Single Wreath Door (S76,200) Pine Single Wreath Door (8LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Orange Pumpkin Planter (S67,300) Brass Weather Vane (S92,800) Orange Corn Stalk (S75,600) Oak Garden Rocking Chair (S232,700) Orange Garden Table Set (S137,000) Oak Garden Shed (S144,300) Orange Pumpkin Leaf Pile (S119,000) Oak Garden Bench (S58,600)
  • 2 Star Rating: Green Pumpkin Planter (9LP) Silver Weather Vane (5LP) Green Corn Stalk (9LP) Pine Garden Rocking Chair (23LP) Green Garden Table Set (13LP) Pine Garden Shed (13LP) Green Pumpkin Leaf Pile (12LP) Pine Garden Bench (3LP)

Season 48: Autumn Aversion! Available 29th September 2022

Hairstyles, hats and outfits for female and male teen sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Tan Accented Counter (S73,000) Tan Accented Corner Drawers (S79,000) Tan Accented Counters (S80,000) Tan Accented Corner (S86,000) Black Accented Counter (5SP) Black Accented Corner Drawers (6SP) Black Accented Counters (6SP) Black Accented Corner (6SP) Green Leaves Wall Light (S62,000) Pink Leaves Wall Light (4SP) Ash Cluttered Buffet (S120,800) Brown Cluttered Buffet (10SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Blue Wall Wreath (S63,000) Gray Tins (S28,500) Silver Kitchen Utensils (S37,000) Tan Accented Sink (S73,000) Cream Retro Fridge (S129,900)
  • 2 Star Rating: Orange Retro Fridge (15LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Brown Wall Wreath (4SP) Black Tins (1SP) Black Kitchen Utensils (1SP) Black Accented Sink (6SP)

Season 49: Flowerful Faceoff! Available 18th October 2022

Hair, shoes and outfits for adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Forest Sheen Tiles (S400) Sand Sheen Tiles (S450) White Hanging Lightbulb (S102,600) Black Hanging Lightbulb (12LP) Pink Compact Laundry Bench (S80,900) Black Compact Laundry Bench (5LP) Pink Compact Benchtop Corner (S68,900) Black Compact Benchtop Corner (8LP) Pink Compact Benchshelf (S74,700) Black Compact Benchshelf (9LP) Pink Compact Benchshelf Corner (S80,800) Black Compact Benchshelf Corner (6LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Evergreen Potted Monstera (S77,900) Pine Floating Shelved Toilet (S173,100) Pine Roll Holder (S25,600) Pine Floating Towel Rack (S53,100) Pine Botanical Hallway Nook (S43,400) White Botanical Bathtub (S130,000) Pine Botanical Hanging Plants (S64,000) Cream Botanical Floating Sink (S105,900) Pink Compact Bench Sink (S80,200) Pine Compact Washer Dryer Unit (S150,000) White Compact Laundry Basket (S85,700)
  • 2 Star Rating: Purple Potted Monstera (7LP) Walnut Floating Shelved Toilet (14LP) Walnut Roll Holder (2LP) Walnut Floating Towel Rack (6LP) Walnut Botanical Hallway Nook (4LP) Black Botanical Bathtub (13LP) Walnut Botanical Hanging Plants (7LP) Black Botanical Floating Sink (12LP) Black Compact Bench Sink (9LP) Walnut Compact Washer Dryer Unit (15LP) Black Compact Laundry Basket (7LP)

Season 50: Modish Matchup! Available 7th November 2022

Outfits and shoes for female senior sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Orange Fringe Lamp (S65,400) Green Fringe Lamp (4SP) 4×3 Leopard Pink (S90,000) 4×3 Leopard Green (7SP) Cherry Stork Partition (S126,000) Ash Stork Partition (9LP) Silver Post Guardrail (S4,700) Black Post Guardrail (S4,800) Black Post Stairs (S300,000) Silver Post Stairs (25SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Red Hat Stand (S49,000) Black Necklace Display (S97,000) Cherry Fashionista Portrait (S63,000) Metallic Sunburst Mirror (S75,000) Rose Gold Sunburst Mirror (S80,000) Black Jackal Statue (S127,500) Black Sewing Mannequin (S60,000) Black Fabric Display (S87,200) Black Cage Display (S96,000) Black Corner Mirror (S120,500) Cherry Sewing Table (S385,000) Pink Gaudy Divan (S164,800)
  • 3 Star Rating: Yellow Hat Stand (3SP) Silver Necklace Display (6SP) Ash Fashionista Portrait (4SP) White Jackal Statue (10SP) White Sewing Mannequin (4SP) Silver Fabric Display (6SP) Silver Cage Display (6SP) Silver Corner Mirror (10SP) Black Sewing Table (35SP) Yellow Gaudy Divan (14SP)

Season 51: Christmas Cacophony! Available 28th November 2022

Tops, pants and shoes for adult male sims and outfits and shoes for adult female sims

Star Ratings and Prices: 

  • 0 Star Rating: Pinecone White Candles (7LP) Pinecone Red Candles (7SP) White Log Side Table (4LP) Oak Log Side Table (4SP) Rose Gold Cabin Ceiling Fan (9LP) Gold Cabin Ceiling Fan (9SP) Pine Fairy Light Pillar (25SP) Pine Fairy Light Tall Pillar (17SP) White Cabin Buffet Table (9LP) Walnut Cabin Buffet Table (9SP) White Cabin Frame Single (10LP) White Cabin Frame Double (12LP) Oak Cabin Frame Single (10SP) Oak Cabin Frame Double (12SP) Silver Hanging Snowflake Lights (6LP) Gold Hanging Snowflake Lights (6SP) White Window Sill (S93,100) White Window Sill Double (S109,100) Oak Window Sill (9LP) Oak Window Sill Double (10LP)
  • 2 Star Rating: White Plaid Eggnog Bowl (8LP) White Cabin Entryway (13LP) White Festive Stockings (4LP) White Cabin Bookshelf (9LP) White Cabin Desk (18LP) White Gingerbread House (8LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Red Plaid Eggnog Bowl (8SP) Oak Cabin Entryway (13SP) Walnut Festive Stockings (4SP) Walnut Cabin Bookshelf (9SP) Oak Cabin Desk (18SP) Pink Gingerbread House (8SP)

Season 52: Club Clash! Available 25th December 2022

Outfits and shoes for female adult sims and tops, pants and shoes for male adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices: 

  • 0 Star Rating: Bronze Geometric Heart Light (S64,700) Silver Geometric Heart Light (6LP) Brown Beaded Partition (6LP) Gray Beaded Partition (6SP) Purple Bar Middle Unit (S138,500) Black Bar Middle Unit (13LP) Neon Purple Pole Lights (S105,000) Neon Yellow Pole Lights (9LP) Brown Mirrored Discoball (S94,100) Silver Mirrored Discoball (9LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Neon Aqua Bathroom Sink (S88,900) Neon Yellow Bathroom Sink (8LP) Black Abstract Cubicle (S143,300) Neon Yellow Bench (S80,100) Neon Purple Wall Wings (S105,000) Silver Karaoke System (S171,800) Brown Triangles Dance Floor (S286,950) Purple DJ Deck (S168,500)
  • 2 Star Rating: Orchid Curved Bar Sofa (14LP) Brown Abstract Cubicle (14LP) Brown Restroom Hand Dryer (10LP) Neon Aqua Bench (8LP) Neon Yellow Wall Wings (9LP) Black Karaoke System (17LP) Silver Triangles Dance Floor (28LP) Yellow DJ Deck (16LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Cream Curved Bar Sofa (14SP) Silver Restroom Hand Dryer (10SP)

I found it incredibly difficult to write this post as I do not like the idea of SimChase events at all, they are just a complete money grab in my opinion. I completed this on the early access version and I am not even going to try and complete it on my actual game because it is just set up to make us fail unless we spend hundreds of SP! I added up the times for completing episode 7 and it would have taken me 23 hours without SP which is alright for the rival as they don’t need to sleep!! The mastery tasks are what annoys me the most, why should I pay thousands of simoleons or SP to be allowed to complete a challenge? I know they need to make money but they are becoming as bad as The Sims Mobile with their money grabbing actions, being forced to spend money does not make anyone want to spend money!

Want to see an example of a SimChase event and tips to completing one? Click here to read my completing a SimChase event post

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