The Sims Freeplay- SimChase

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA GameChangers)

SimChase is a TV game show styled event where over the course of 7 days your sim is tasked with completing a set of daily challenges to reach a checkpoint and win a checkpoint prize but be quick as you are competing against a rival sim and if they reach the checkpoint before you they will win the checkpoint prize.

Want to skip to the prizes for each season? Click here

When a SimChase event begins a pop up will appear: 

You will then need to check in at the nightclub with the SimChase host Kam Ham (click on the SimChase symbol that appears above his head): 

Go to SimChase menu- from the active tasks tab you will find the SimChase goal, click on this to open the goal and then click on the blue SimChase symbol that appears next to the goal to get to the SimChase menu:

Here you will see a bar at the top with your sim and the rival sims progress and it also shows you the prizes for each episode (there are 7 episodes to complete, one episode a day): 

Scroll down and you will see the challenges you need to complete for that episode: 

I’m not going to post about the challenges as they may be different for you and they will be different for each season but if you are stuck look for the SimChase symbol on objects around your sims house:

Complete all the challenges on the list in a day, remember:

  • You can complete them in any order but you have to complete one at a time, once you start a SimChase challenge you need to complete it before you can start another one
  • If more than one sim is required to complete a challenge make sure you use as many as possible to complete it as quickly as possible
  • If you want to speed up with SP check the SimChase menu first and see how much it will cost you to skip a challenge or the whole episode as it may be cheaper than speeding up the task (you can only skip a challenge once you have started it)

  • All the Mastery tasks require you to send a sim to the park and click on the sim with the SimChase symbol above their head- these tasks cost simoleons or SP to begin (waste of money if you ask me!!)

  • If you want to get the prize you need to complete all the challenges in an episode before the rival sim (the rival sim doesn’t appear to be a real player so it is going to be very difficult to complete before them as they don’t need to go to work/school or sleep!)
  • If you manage to complete an episode you either win a prize or a chase token:

Watch me completing a SimChase season here:

Chase tokens are used on the second tab in the SimChase menu to spin for roadblocks so you can progress faster or you can throw obstacles in the way of your rival sim to slow them down:

These roadblocks cannot be used against you, they can only be used on the rival sim

The third tab explains what all the different symbols mean: 

SimChase Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I start SimChase? SimChase will start automatically and is only available for a limited amount of time so there won’t always be one available in the game

Where is the SimChase event menu? The SimChase menu is accessed via the active tasks. Tap the blue SimChase icon next to the SimChase task to open the menu

What is the bar at the top of the SimChase menu? That is the progress bar and it shows your sim and your rival’s progress through the SimChase event, completing challenges makes you progress on the bar

Who is the other sim at the top of the progress bar? That is the rival who your sim is competing against. They aren’t a real player but if they reach the checkpoint first they will earn the prize not you and you will need to try and catch up to win the next prize, obviously because they aren’t real they make regular progress whereas we have real life to deal with too!

What does the circle next to the rival’s portrait mean? The circle is a timer that displays how close they are to finishing their current challenge. The grey part on the progress bar shows how much they will progress when they finish that challenge

What prizes do I earn if I win? Chase tokens are always a prize for completing some episodes but the main prizes will vary by Season, you can see on the progress bar the prize you will win for reaching each checkpoint but remember you will have to reach the checkpoint before the rival otherwise they will get the prize instead of you (see below for more information on the prizes)

If I lose an episode do I have to complete the rest of the challenges that day or do I go straight onto the next day? You will have to complete all the challenges on the previous day before you can move onto the next day so really you have no chance of completing this without hundreds of SP if you are behind

If I don’t use up all my chase tokens before the event is over can I use them next time? No, the next time a SimChase Season begins you will start with zero chase tokens again

Where is the map in the park? The map is on the toilet in the park:

SimChase Seasons and Prizes:

I am not going to create a post for each SimChase but below I will include when each SimChase Season is available and images of the prizes you unlock if you complete before your rival sim

Season 1: Mother’s Day Madness! Available 30th April 2019

Season 2: Last Resorts. Available 16th June 2019

Season 3: Summer Daze! Available 4th July 2019

Season 4: Teen Retreat! Available 1st August 2019

Season 5: Backyard Battle! Available 23rd August 2019

I found it incredibly difficult to write this post as I do not like the idea of SimChase events at all, they are just a complete money grab in my opinion. I completed this on the early access version and I am not even going to try and complete it on my actual game because it is just set up to make us fail unless we spend hundreds of SP! I added up the times for completing episode 7 and it would have taken me 23 hours without SP which is alright for the rival as they don’t need to sleep!! The mastery tasks are what annoys me the most, why should I pay thousands of simoleons or SP to be allowed to complete a challenge? I know they need to make money but they are becoming as bad as The Sims Mobile with their money grabbing actions, being forced to spend money does not make anyone want to spend money!

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108 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- SimChase

    • I agree – I am not bothering with season 3 or any that come after. season 2 froze on me on the last task and I missed out on the main prize. firemonkeys gave me some simoleons in compensation but it doesn’t make up for the lost prize.

    • I agree, this was my first time playing sim chase and without spending I got behind and won’t win. The mastery challenges take so much simoleons. I have to have my sims garden repeatedly after work and it put me behind a whole episode. I just gave up it’s not worth it.

  1. I’ve got 3 chase tokens but don’t know how to apply them.

    You’re always a big Sims supporter, so your comments on the money-grubbing impossibility of The Chase Certainly caught my attention.

  2. One more stupid thing is that when you spend so much to complete an episode and get a token for spinning they give you stupid simoleons instead of the signs to help me in the episode…… the spin should only generate signs that give us profit., not simoleons and LPs…. 😒🙄

  3. The little picture of the fire table showed cool flames. So I played to win that one reward. But the prize didn’t have fire. I’m not bothering with the rest of these. I don’t trust them.

  4. Is there a possibility that the Sims Freeplay is going to end, rather fade away unexpectedly? I recently came across a comment suggesting that with the Simchase events the makers i.e. Firemonkies are collecting as much money as they can before ending it.
    I personally hate these events but Freeplay has always improved it’s gameplay in the past. They can just fix the event and continuity with the game.

  5. I completed season 3 but it is still showing in my list of quests. I also beat the rival to all the checkpoints but did not receive the prizes for episodes 5, 6 and 7.

  6. I dropped out of the first season of Simchase when I saw the cost of completion. It’s really set up like gambling – once you start the quest and spend resources, you are often in a position to spend more currency than you want to. You have to decide if you’re going to abandon what you spent, or keep going so you will at least get something out of it. I don’t like being pressured by a game so Simchase is not for me!

  7. My simchase is not working anymore. I was playing season 2 and around day 5 the daily challenges suddenly did not show anymore. I had to do the daily challenges without being able to see whether I was ahead or opponent was ahead which was very difficult. Simchase season 2 was in June/July and it is still sitting there till this very day. Please help. Any suggestions?

  8. I totslly agree. Started it but then realized I’d be spending all my SPs. The game is supposed to be fun, not frustrating

  9. I have been away from the game for many months and this was a new thing. I started season 5 but I’m calling it a day. I’ve wasted about £1,000,000 hard-earned simoleons already and day 5 requires £1.2million for the captain know it all challenge.
    There’s no way I’m wasting any more, and I too won’t be bothering with these ridiculous money – grabbing simchase challenges in future.
    I did spend some real world money in here a couple of years ago but I’m definitely doing that any more,especially when they try to force you into it in this way.

  10. For some reason, I had a brief update on the last day of season 2 of SimChase. I completed the season but SimChase season 2 is stalled?? I guess because it is still on my game as season 2 and I haven’t received the prize. So now I see it’s ip to season 6????!!! Do you know of this ever happening? I’ve sent an email to the game creators and it was not resolved. There is no way that I’m going to restart a game after coming this far 😦 …if you have any advice, I am all ears!

    • They said that they had fixed this issue in the previous update, have you updated your game recently? If you have and you still have this issue I would recommend contacting them again, unfortunately I cannot fix technical issues so only they will be able to sort this out for you, sorry I couldn’t be any help.

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