The Sims Freeplay- SimChase

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SimChase is a TV game show styled event starting with Season 1: Mother’s Day Madness on April 30th where over the course of 7 days your sim is tasked with completing a set of daily challenges to reach a checkpoint and win a checkpoint prize but be quick as you are competing against a rival sim and if they reach the checkpoint before you they will win the checkpoint prize.

When a SimChase event begins a pop up will appear: 

You will then need to check in at the nightclub with the SimChase host Kam Ham (click on the SimChase symbol that appears above his head): 

Go to SimChase menu- from the active tasks tab you will find the SimChase goal, click on this to open the goal and then click on the blue SimChase symbol that appears next to the goal to get to the SimChase menu:

Here you will see a bar at the top with your sim and the rival sims progress and it also shows you the prizes for each episode (there are 7 episodes to complete, one episode a day): 

Scroll down and you will see the challenges you need to complete for that episode: 

I’m not going to post about the challenges as they may be different for you and they will be different for each season but if you are stuck look for the SimChase symbol on objects around your sims house:

Complete all the challenges on the list in a day, remember:

  • You can complete them in any order but you have to complete one at a time, once you start a SimChase challenge you need to complete it before you can start another one
  • If more than one sim is required to complete a challenge make sure you use as many as possible to complete it as quickly as possible
  • If you want to speed up with SP check the SimChase menu first and see how much it will cost you to skip a challenge or the whole episode as it may be cheaper than speeding up the task (you can only skip a challenge once you have started it)

  • All the Mastery tasks require you to send a sim to the park and click on the sim with the SimChase symbol above their head- these tasks cost simoleons or SP to begin (waste of money if you ask me!!)

  • If you want to get the prize you need to complete all the challenges in an episode before the rival sim (the rival sim doesn’t appear to be a real player so it is going to be very difficult to complete before them as they don’t need to go to work/school or sleep!)
  • If you manage to complete an episode you either win a prize or a chase token:

Watch me completing a SimChase season here:

Chase tokens are used on the second tab in the SimChase menu to spin for roadblocks so you can progress faster or you can throw obstacles in the way of your rival sim to slow them down:

These roadblocks cannot be used against you, they can only be used on the rival sim

The third tab explains what all the different symbols mean: 

SimChase Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I start SimChase? SimChase will start automatically and is only available for a limited amount of time so there won’t always be one available in the game

Where is the SimChase event menu? The SimChase menu is accessed via the active tasks. Tap the blue SimChase icon next to the SimChase task to open the menu

What is the bar at the top of the SimChase menu? That is the progress bar and it shows your sim and your rival’s progress through the SimChase event, completing challenges makes you progress on the bar

Who is the other sim at the top of the progress bar? That is the rival who your sim is competing against. They aren’t a real player but if they reach the checkpoint first they will earn the prize not you and you will need to try and catch up to win the next prize, obviously because they aren’t real they make regular progress whereas we have real life to deal with too!

What does the circle next to the rival’s portrait mean? The circle is a timer that displays how close they are to finishing their current challenge. The grey part on the progress bar shows how much they will progress when they finish that challenge

What prizes do I earn if I win? Chase tokens are always a prize for completing some episodes but the main prizes will vary by Season, you can see on the progress bar the prize you will win for reaching each checkpoint but remember you will have to reach the checkpoint before the rival otherwise they will get the prize instead of you

If I lose an episode do I have to complete the rest of the challenges that day or do I go straight onto the next day? You will have to complete all the challenges on the previous day before you can move onto the next day so really you have no chance of completing this without hundreds of SP if you are behind

If I don’t use up all my chase tokens before the event is over can I use them next time? No, the next time a SimChase Season begins you will start with zero chase tokens again

I found it incredibly difficult to write this post as I do not like the idea of SimChase events at all, they are just a complete money grab in my opinion. I completed this on the early access version and I am not even going to try and complete it on my actual game because it is just set up to make us fail unless we spend hundreds of SP! I added up the times for completing episode 7 and it would have taken me 23 hours without SP which is alright for the rival as they don’t need to sleep!! The mastery tasks are what annoys me the most, why should I pay thousands of simoleons or SP to be allowed to complete a challenge? I know they need to make money but they are becoming as bad as The Sims Mobile with their money grabbing actions, being forced to spend money does not make anyone want to spend money!

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57 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- SimChase

  1. We’re you able to give them your feedback? Seeing as they rely on you for giving us these reviews, I’d hope they would place great emphasis on your opinion.

    Also, are we earning any kind of prize(s) for this thing

    • I did give them my feedback yes and I will give my feedback each time they bring out a new simchase event if I have to
      Chase tokens are always a prize for completing some episodes but the main prizes will vary by Season, you can see on the progress bar the prize you will win for reaching each checkpoint before the rival

  2. hi, thank you for info.
    i have a question, i’m not sure u know considering this is the first time such an event is happening, but if i update my game on may 1st, what would happen to the event? can i start it later or i miss on a whole day of progress?

  3. Hello, thank you for the info about this new type of quests. I really like the prizes but all in all I think I will sit the event out, too. I had high hopes for FreePlay, because the game has been around for a long time and still gets regular updates with beautiful furniture.
    To be honest I started distancing myself from the game when ads became mandatory and disrupted gameplay: I immediately stopped grinding for LPs because I didn’t want to go through an endless number of ads for actions that only last 1 minute.
    However I only started feeling disheartened during the Garage Update: the Grand Garage live event required too much glassware to be able to complete it without social points and/or getting bonuses, and then items past the free ones have prices that are out of this world. Like, 50.000 simoleons for a trash can? Really?
    I also liked the limited pregnancy items and I’ve built the maternity store especially to unlock pregnancy events but then I got kicked in the gut with the neverending support tasks: share parenting advice with another sim 20 times? With 40 sims? Not to mention the very long tasks, which at least don’t need to be checked on as often (getting morning sickness snacks for over 13 hours? Again, really??) .In the end I gave up at day 3.
    This SimChase type of events is a complete let down for me. I shall retreat to The Sims Mobile and hope that after Firemonkeys take over it won’t be turned into something even more money-grabbing than it is now (which at first I didn’t believe was possible but the new Sims FreePlay updates have been showing that things can always get worse).
    Sorry for the rant, I had a lot bottled up. I know there are people behind the game and the company needs to make profit, but is making your players frustrated, angry and sleep-deprived a good strategy? Personally I value my sleep time and I would rather spend money on special items from the online store than on impossible events.

    • Bless you, Veronica!!! I think the same as you too!!

      “I know there are people behind the game and the company needs to make profit, but is making your players frustrated, angry and sleep-deprived a good strategy? Personally I value my sleep time and I would rather spend money on special items from the online store than on impossible events.” – That was right on the spot!!

      I also started the CHASE EVENT yesterday, and after not sleeping for 24 hours and spending HALF A MILLION simoleons for the quest (to buy sewing mastery), I ENDED UP WITH NOTHING!!!!

      Not to mention the disgusting pop up ads, which constantly interrupt my game, block my entire phone and are extremely loud!

      I suggest that we bombard Sims Freeplay with negative comments and 1 star ratings, on Appstore and Google Play. May be that way they will finally get a hint.

  4. Thanks for such a quick post about this new part of the game. I agree with you, its getting a bit ridiculous lately. I really enjoyed this game before but now I feel it’s becoming a bit of a burden.

  5. I got the same tasks as you did during day 1, only difference is that I have to make 4 cappuccinos, and you needed just 3.

  6. After looking through your walkthrough I absolutely hate this event!! Not even that long after a pregnancy event which is also a waste of Simoleons and LPs (I would never had spent half a million simoleons on a doctor/yoga lesson so the 13/14 LPs were the best option for me) and now they expect you to compete against a bot who will undoubtedly beat you in this event unless you have an SP glitch where you can just spend your hundred thousand SP as much as you want.

    I don’t even know if I should attempt this in the first place when I’m already busy. The sad thing is, the prizes look pretty good.

  7. BRAVO to you. I utterly respect your impartial reviews. I’m guessing a HUGE proportion of ‘freeplay’ players look to you for first advice; your guidance, perspective, advice and walkthroughs are invaluable. Per your latest review, and in fact months earlier, I also noticed the EA slide to ‘money grabbing’. I informed them in no uncertain terms I would NEVER purchase in game content again. Players, just play your game, DONT be coerced into spending your real money – we all spent a bit when we wanted, EA are now demanding such huge real money returns just to play that you should just ignore. Play your game, pay for what you can in game, ignore the money grabbing. Round of applause for GirlWhoGames.

    • Agree wit Lis and the others. I have been playing for at least 5 years, and I read your blog before I even considered beginning the Chase. And am I glad I did. I too will just ignore the money-grabbing and keep my resources for things I really want. Thanks for looking out for us. I still love the game, but will spend my resources on things that I consider good purchases. My SP’s are hard to come by, and I only spend them when I absolutely have to.

  8. Dear GWG -Thank you for sharing your experiences and your honest thoughts about this new event, it’s really disappointing that FM / EA are so hellbent on ruining this game with constant pressure on players to purchase resources with real money just to compete in these events

  9. Definitely not a fan. I just started this today, and I already hate it. And that’s after spending $10 on a boost. I probably won’t play it past the first episode, so there’s a $10 lesson learned… Always check here before I start a new event.

    At least with the pregnancy event, you can use a few LPs (which you can gain pretty easily) instead of a ton of simoleons for the appointments, so I’ve started taking to those again. I’m not going to buy SPs (now that they’ve nerfed the SP flower) to complete a mandatory part of the event, and I’m not going to spend a ton of simoleons, either. None of the prizes seem worth my while, anyway.

  10. Dear GWG – Thank you for sharing your experiences and honest thoughts about this new event, it’s really disappointing are so hellbent on ruining this game with constant on players to purchase resources with real money just to compete in these events.

  11. Thanks for this post. I did start it and although I’m not too concerned about spending Simoleons I object to spending SP’s to get a few household items. Spend SP’s, plus use 6 days 24/7 of your time! It’s rather a liberty. Not surprised it was difficult to write either – the lack of instruction or warning mean people can use time and energy then realise it’s not for them at such a cost. Again, thank you.

  12. Thank you for your post and your frankness. I’m in complete agreement that this is a blatant cash grab, and I’m not a happy Simmer. I’ll go through the motions for this first challenge and likely ignore them in the future. Love your blog!

  13. I totally agree! I’m going to play just enough to win a few things but will let it fall by the wayside once it begins to require SP’s/Simoleans/Real Cash.

    Tx for the heads up! I love your forum!

  14. Do you know what happens if you do not complete the challenge on time? Does it just skip to the next episode?

    • Unfortunately you have to complete all the challenges on the previous episode before you can start the next so really there is no way to catch up without spending so many SP!

  15. I agree with you this is awful and the prizes aren’t even worth it. First task I won’t be doing and I’ve left a message on their FB Page

  16. After spending 2sp and 400,000 simoleons to fail the first day, I won’t be completing any more. EA are getting greedy

  17. I won’t play this game either. I’ve played freeplay for years and have spent money. But, enough is enough! We don’t even know what the grand prize is? 👎 to quest, sorry.

  18. I agree with you, this evemt is just another waste of simoleons and time, and we are designed to lose anyway. I hate the event, I only play the first episode (I lost!) and I am planning to just leave it that way, won’t play it anymore. It won’t affect anything, right?

  19. I appreciate an honest opinion and I had already arrived at same conclusions on Simchase, it’s not worth the cost. For example, paying 400,000 Simoleons to learn Expert Sewing was not worth the prize. Two, apparently I didn’t get the upgrade until one evening, have to sleep like a normal working person, therefore the Simchaser against whom I am competing is ‘way ahead of my Sim. Not just for the one Episode, but the opponent has progressed well into Episode 2. There is no way to ever catch up. And if you do, there is no reward, only a “chance” at a reward. I’m done with Simchaser.

  20. I completed the first challenge. When I was about to start the next challenge I looked at the price of completing the task in the park; 600k Simoleons or 28SP. At this point I decided it wasn’t worth it and walked away, even though I had beaten my opponent in the first leg. I had already spent 14SP to complete one task in the first stage and that is about as much as they’re going to get from me.

    It’s not fun when you have to use your hard earned money to fritter away on challenges that really aren’t going to give you anything remotely close to what you spent at the end. I’ll save my SPs for the Live Events.

  21. I love your blog and I’m subscribed to your YouTube channel. Thank you so much for posting honestly about the Sim Chase challenge. I had a suspicion I was wasting my time. Your post confirmed it. Should have read this yesterday.

  22. Sim chase is awful.. There is no way to win unless you spend money. If you sleep or go to work you will never catch up. If your rival finishes an episode before you do, are you still required to finish all the tasks or can you just go on to the next episode. I Love your posts, thanks for all the info.

    • Unfortunately you have to complete all the challenges on the previous episode before you can start the next so really there is no way to catch up without spending so many SP!

    • Hello I started the simchase and used SP for one of the episodes to complete it then the whole event dissappeared and I didn’t even get the reward for that episode. Any ideas how to get the event back up or why it happened?

  23. I’m agreeing with you on this one. I’ve lost most of my sp in stock and realize this isn’t fun at all. I might as well of just deleted my stock. Bad bad idea. As much fun as the pregnancies.

  24. Thank you for this post, I have been following you for a long time so you were the first person I went to and I agree I hate this quest because I’m going against a robot and I’m probably just going to stop because there is no way I can complete it

  25. I agree with you and stopped trying on this. Costs too much and impossible timings. Lost the first episode despite being around to get the tasks done (apart from when asleep!). However, as the opponent started way ahead for the second episode, there was no chance of catching up. The final decider was a task to find 36 coins using up to 12 sims over 3 hours but they only find 1 or 2 each! Ridiculous. According to others, if you actually win an episode, the opponent gets to start the next one along with you rather than carrying on from where they were, unlike if you lose.

  26. This event drained me from my SP real fast, to the point where I had to spend almost all my LPs on the SP plant hoping I can get at least 20 more SPs… (got a total of 6 SPs for 60LPs)
    I had almost 2M simoleons, and now I have about 500k (I did spend some on the maternity store, but I would have still had over 1.1M simoleons if it weren’t for this quest)
    And I’m only on the third day!
    The first (and currently last) token I used got me 2,500 simoleons instead of a boost… And I really needed it on day 2.

    But despite all of this, the one thing that actually bothers me the most is this one quest I got, to find clues in a stack of magazines: it says it would take 6 hours, but in reality it takes 7.5 hours. Does it actually give you the time for a 3-star item that doesn’t even exist? That just annoys me.

    By the way, anyone knows a way to get SP besides the social quests?


  28. I have a question about the coin things; if you don’t use all of them for spins, do you lose whatever you had left of them when the challenge is over or will they still be there next time (not that I’m going to do this again)

  29. Agreed with the last statements, it really feels like forcing you to buy their packs of simo in order to chase after their quest. I am really disappointed and regret since I finished the first episode which cost me 400K and 10 SPs.
    They keep progressing even we are resting and this is so out of logic, and now the game events items from live event for sure press down your simoleons cause like a vase cost like over 10 thousands of simoleons and a piece of bush is a hundred thousands and even there is wallpapers and floors for SP and LP, If I had known from the beginning from the early access I would quit doing the SimChase Quest. T.T

  30. Thank you for your explanation about this event, I just have a quick question: is there a time limit for the event or do I just have to beat the rival in order to win the prize?
    Longer explanation: I don’t see a timer to the end of the event, only the one that shows how long you have to wait until you can start the nex day. I was able to hold the computer back a whole day using the snail’s pace, does that mean that if on day 7 I still have a day of advantage I will have two whole days to complete the event instead of just one?

    • There is a time limit, you have to complete the event in 7 days but there is no timer apart from the timer for the simchase boost which you can purchase from the online store (the timer for how long you have left to buy that is the same timer as you have left in the event) so I would guess that you would only have one day to complete day 7 before the time is up

      • I almost forgot about this comment. I’m just here to say that there is no fixed 7-day time limit, you only need to worry about the rival and if you slow it down you have extra time. However with the way the event is constructed I would say we aren’t supposed to be able to complete it without paying and I wouldn’t put it past EA to change things up and make it even more difficult next time around.

      • Even though it doesn’t actually show a time limit I would say there is still one as the rival will definitely be completing an episode a day at a good pace so at the end of 7 days they will have completed the season and got the grand prize if you haven’t beat them to it.

  31. I completely agree that it is a waste of Simoleons! I mean since the update included this “task” my app keeps crashing and the Sims have to redo their action and lose their progress! This even happens when i’ve spent the Simoleons or the SPs which is VERY annoying because i’m spending double! i think this event needs to be reconsidered and made more fair.

  32. I find myself being less and less interested in the game. I now sometimes go days without playing. The ads are annoying and I stopped playing as much when they showed up and all these times events are designed for people who play 24/7, not open it 1-3 times a day.

  33. Wow! I am so thoroughly disappointed in the SimChase! Having to PAY to do a challenge is ridiculous, as most of the challenges EA puts up in FreePlay are difficult enough to complete in real time if you have any real life at all! Thank you for posting an unbiased opinion- I opted out as soon as I found out I had to waste money on the mastery challenge, I already watch enough ads to pay for the time I spend on the game, and promoting it. Oooph!

  34. I feel the same, not spending any more money on these games, this task is money grabbing and no fun at all. I used a lot of resources on the pregnancy task and did not enjoy doing it. I vowed not to bother doing one again and they come up with this task that is virtually the same. I completed level 1, started level 2 then gave up. Shame really as I have been playing this game since 2013 and have enjoyed it.

  35. Simchase: boost is only available for the next 20 hours or so, I assumed that that is the time limit for the simchase event. I just want to know if I can still complete the last episode (ep. 7) even though it will take 23+ hours for me to complete all the task and my rival is half an episode behind me. I really want to get the prize so I set alarms just to remind myself that I need to start another task and persevere to collect LPs (cooking) to spin for SPs just to get the mastery tasks faster.
    So will the simchase event stop right after that 20 hours or will it wait until one of us (me and rival) finish all the tasks?

  36. I gave up after three days and cleared out of simoleons (I don’t do Social tasks so don’t get many SPs). I could beat the other Sim but didn’t want to spend the money. I like challenges but they have to be fair – this and the pregnancy ‘event’ just aren’t, they are just trying to encourage players to buy SImoleans. Lucked out with me!

  37. Couldn’t agree with you more regarding this event. It’s been a while since I’ve been to your page, but I came back special for this event because I thought “Surely I must be doing something wrong! Because otherwise, the only way to have a chance of winning this is to stay up 24 hours a day…and even then you have to spend a lot of SP and/or simoleans.

    I’m finally on episode 7. I won a few and lost a few, but I lost the round that got you the armchair, which annoyed me. I probably will not win this episode either; even though I was winning when I looked a couple of hours ago…now I am losing by a mile, and I have zero idea why.

    It’s a total money grab, and I am not going to spend crazy amounts of SP to get this grand prize. Maybe if hardly anyone wins it, they will offer it as a download or as a prize in another game or something.

    Biggest moneygrab I have seen yet, and I’ve been playing this game nearly 3 years.

  38. I won 5 of the 7 days but never received the prizes? Do you have to win the whole chase to get rewards?

    • Most of the prizes are chase tokens which you use on the second tab in the SimChase menu to spin and try and stop your rival from winning but it would have said at the end of each day when you won which items you have won.

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