The Sims Freeplay- House Design Competition Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition!

For those of you who don’t know the competition was to create a one story house for a couple with 2 children.

I received lots of great enteries so it was hard to pick my favourite but I finally have!

I’ve picked a winner on a regular plot and also one on a premium plot.

I have included details about the winning houses below, with pictures and a floor plan of the house so you can copy the layout easily.

Winner- Regular Plot

Jill L

house design comp winner 2

imageAs I myself have a pink and white themed house I was really happy to see this design! There is a lovely big kitchen at the entrance of the house which leads to the really nice living room, I love how simple but effective this design is. The bathroom is in a good place, between the master bedroom and bedroom 1.

Bedroom 1 would be perfect for a preteen girl, but could always be changed to a teen room when she grows up, the same goes for bedroom 2 which at the moment is a cude toddler room!

The garden is very neat, I like the layout of the flowers and the whole outside area, the garden plots are hiding away behind the bathroom keeping the place tidy.


Winner- Premium Plot


house design comp winner



twins rooms and living area
back garden

When I first saw this house I said wow, I loved how pretty the girls rooms were as Jem said: “I designed for a couple with twin girls but it could be easily changed for boys.”  I really liked how the space had been used in the corridors, for a one story house you sometimes feel like there isn’t enough room but this way of using areas usually not in use is great!

The living room flooring is a great colour, again this could always be changed to match twin boys. There is a lovely sized kitchen and master bedroom and the bathroom is in a good place, the cinema room is also a nice added touch.

There is a good sized swimming pool in the garden, which could always be made bigger if you wanted.



Well done to the winners!

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28 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- House Design Competition Winners!

  1. I love the houses that you picked. I started mine but because I can only work on it on weekends and at night I kept falling asleep. That’s ok I’ll be ready for the next time. A head start at that. Lol

  2. They r sooooo much better than mine!!! My house looks terrible compared to theres… I guess I’ll try again nxt time.

    • Yes I got it, I didn’t reply because I didn’t want to give it away who won and I also stored it in another folder as unread until I selected the winners

  3. Hello 🙂 I really wish I entered this comp!!! These houses look fabulous!!! Love your blog by the way 😉 I have a question, I have unlocked the pet shop and can buy Cats and dogs… but I can’t find the rabbits and fish? I didn’t even know you get could fish till I saw this house 😀
    Jen 🙂

  4. Your site is great! I use it all the time. Could you tell me where that cool striped rug comes from in between the twin girls rooms? I’ve never seen it…

  5. I wish I had known about this. My house has a master bedroom, a baby/toddler bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room and a kind of sub-house ( because, let’s face it, we’re better off away from society!) for preteens/teens with a computer, globe,bookcase and a wardrobe, along with an ensuite bathroom. Would you like to see a photo?

  6. I really enjoy your site. The information and tips are very helpful. I also thank you very much for adding me as a neighbor through Facebook. I was your neighbor for about a month, but I found out today the link was no longer active. I’m not sure if this was something I did wrong, if so it wasn’t intentional, but nevertheless thank you for being my neighbor for a month!

    • Thanks!
      No you haven’t done anything, I had to disconnect my game from facebook and reconnect it as I haven’t been able to get on to the party boat for weeks and now my neighbours have all gone and I don’t know why- hopefully it will sort itself out soon, sorry!

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