My Wishes for The Sims Freeplay in 2020

In this post I share with you my wishes for The Sims Freeplay in 2020, these are either things I would like to see added to the game or changed for a better gaming experience, (if you would rather watch my video version of this you can find it here) these are in no particular order:

Reduce Prices

Everything has got so expensive recently! When was the last time we could buy a live event prize for less than S10,000? We could when they were first added (French Romance Live Event) but recently the prices have skyrocketed! We do get one for free but that doesn’t mean we should then have to spend silly amounts to get another.

I know their logic behind this is if they bump up the prices then we will have to buy simoleons with real money- the problem is, it doesn’t work as it angers most players so we end up spending less money or even nothing on the game.


More Clutter Items

If you’ve watched some of my house tour videos on YouTube you know I love those kinds of items, they make a house look like a home- like someone actually lives there. They have started adding these types of items in live events which is great but we need more and they need to be available for everyone without completing events or quests and back to my first wish- they need to be affordable.



Subcategories in Categories

It is great that we have had loads of new events with lots of prizes but it has caused buy mode to become a bit of a mess! I spend more time scrolling through the catalogue rather than building. If we had subcategories, for example, in living room section we could have sofa, bookcases and coffee table tabs, we could easily find the item we wanted to use. Decorations is by far the worst tab, I’m not sure where every item would fit so we would probably need a miscellaneous tab too but we could have subcategories like paintings, mirrors, plants and table decorations to make building more enjoyable- spending 5 minutes scrolling to the end of a section to find a certain item really takes the fun out of it!


New Easier Events

I am so over live events, you know I have never really liked them, I put up with them because most of the prizes are gorgeous but I can never complete them on time! I used to set timers every 2 hours 30 minutes even when I slept but I gave up with that and stick to daytime now- it is meant to be a game after all, it is not much fun if you lose sleep over it! Even if they just reduced the amount of glassware needed or give us another glassware station that would really help.

As a long time player it is so boring having the same types of events constantly repeating. It may be easy for the developers to program live events and the dreaded SimChase but they aren’t interesting for the players to complete- collecting arts and craft items for 10 days straight every update and still not completing in time is really disheartening, no wonder lots of people have stopped playing!

We need new events and quests but they need to make them possible to complete in time- the makers should be testing these events themselves before they release them to make sure they are doable and then they would see that it’s impossible to complete events that require us to have more than 24 hours in a day!

When I saw the downtown developer event I was really excited to see something different but then I started it and my heart sank because again it is impossible! The glitches really don’t help but even without them they seem to have forgotten the golden rule again- there are only 24 hours in a day Firemonkeys!!

They just want us to buy social points to complete these and in my opinion that is wrong- for starters it’s wrong that we now have to skip so much with SP, probably because it is so easy to make LP by completing the cooking hobby but it’s harder to make SP so people are more likely to buy them. I have no problem with players spending money on the game, of course they need to make money and I buy items myself from the online store but most players spend money when they are enjoying the game- not when they are feeling pressured to do so. Money grabs don’t work- you don’t get players to spend money by making everything impossible to complete, it drives them away.

I think we need to go back to good old fashion quests, not the ones where you have to wait between days though like back to the wall!


Sell Multiples Button

We currently can sell one item at a time but it would save a lot of time if we could ‘sell all’ or select the amount we want to sell in case we wanted to keep a few and sell the rest.


Different Shaped Rooms

We can add door frames already to make it looks like it’s one room but it would be better if we could just build any shaped room. This seems to be one feature The Sims Mobile has already but strangely lacking from Freeplay.



Better Placing Ability

I had no idea what to call this but I would like to be able to place items where I want and this isn’t always possible, some items can’t be placed on a wall if there is something on the floor in front of that wall and vice versa. They have improved this so we can now have doors next to walls but I think there is still a way to go, we still can’t place most items on walls directly next to doors but we can place the same item on top of some pictures which doesn’t make a lot of sense!


Remove SimChase

I couldn’t create a wishlist without this, SimChase is the worst addition to the game ever in my opinion. I’ve given the makers feedback about this but they just don’t seem to care. The fact that you are completing against a computer is the biggest issue for me, if we were playing against another player who also sleeps and has a life outside of the game it would be less one sided, the hours also don’t always add up (over 24 hours again!) and the paying tasks are too expensive.

Unfortunately the makers aren’t listening, they won’t even make significant changes to it so they need to just get rid of it. I don’t even bother trying to complete them, I know I won’t be able to so what is the point? I’m not the only one who feels this way, we would rather not complete something than waste money on something that they have purposely made impossible so how exactly does this method make them money?


I could probably go on forever with this list but I think I will stop there! My biggest hope is that they will start listening to us again, they used to be so good at changing things based on our feedback but it is like they don’t care anymore, since The Sims Mobile has come along it is like they have got themselves a shiny new toy and Freeplay has been left to gather dust, forgotten about. As long as they are taking our money they don’t care what we think and if they keep going like this they won’t be here in 2021.

What are your wishes for The Sims Freeplay this year?


The Sims Mobile- Sweet Treat Showdown: Laundry Reloaded Event

Presented by EA GameChangers

The latest Sweet Treat Showdown Event, Laundry Reloaded begins today (19th January 2020) at 10am PT for 11 days. You need to be at level 5 or over to be able to participate in this event.

How does the Sweet Treat Showdown Event work? As they all work in a similar way you can find my Guide to Sweet Treat Showdown Events here, in this post I will be showing you all the prizes available for this event and the quest goals to be completed.

Sweet Treat Fan Fave Quest

There are 8 parts to complete in the time limit to earn 10 Royal Treat Tokens:

1.Play 1 Sweet Treat Challenge Reward: 20 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP

2.Play 3 Sweet Treat Challenges Reward: 40 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP

3.Collect 500 Sweet Treat Tokens (by completing the challenges and events) Reward: 60 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP

4.Play 5 Sweet Treat Challenges Reward: 80 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP

5.Collect 700 Sweet Treat Tokens Reward: 120 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP

6.Play 7 Sweet Treat Challenges Reward: 160 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP

7.Collect 5 Royal Treat Tokens Reward: 220 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP

8.Play 10 Sweet Treat Challenges Reward: 300 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP




There are 42 Sweet Treat Boxes to open with 400 Sweet Treat Tokens each time and 18 Royal Treat Boxes to open with 10 Royal Treat Tokens each time:

Each time you will unlock a new prize (or colour swatch for an item you have already unlocked) and you can buy multiples of each item once you have placed the first one!

If you unlock all the boxes (60 in total) you will unlock the grand prizes which are the Swirl ‘n Fluff Dryer, HotSpot Ironing Board and Laundry Day Chic Updo:

Still unsure how Sweet Treat Showdown Events work? Check out my post here

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The Sims Freeplay- Gardening

The table below shows you everything you can grow on a garden patch. It includes the levels you unlock the seeds at, how much they cost from the garden patch or from the supermarket (you get a discount on most items if you buy from the supermarket) as well as how many simoleons and XP you earn from growing that item.


Remember if your sim is inspired (all their needs are fulfilled) they will earn more simoleons and XP when gardening 


from garden patch


from Supermarket


normal sims


normal sims


inspired sims


inspired sims

Bell Peppers
[Level 1]
30 seconds Free Free S4 4XP S4 4XP
[Level 4]
5 minutes S3 S3 S32 20XP S48 28XP
[Level 4]
20 minutes S11 S10 S100 100XP S148 148XP
[Level 13]
45 minutes S22 S20 S620 240XP S928 360XP
[Level 5]
1 hour S22 S20 S172 120XP S256 180XP
Chilli Pepper
[Level 31]
16 hours S33 S30 S200 1,000XP S300 1,500XP
[Level 16]
1 day S44 S40 S2,800 1,400XP S4,200 2,100XP
[Level 12]
2 hours S44 S40 S300 200XP S448 300XP
[Level 18]
4 hours S66 S60 S480 400XP S720 600XP
[Level 5]
1 day S66 S60 S560 900XP S840 1,348XP
[Level 8]
6 hours S82 S75 S2,000 860XP S3,000 1,288XP
[Level 22]
8 hours S93 S85 S260 1,300XP S388 1,948XP
[Level 9]
9 hours S115 S105 S840 620XP S1,260 928XP
[Level 24]
18 hours S126 S115 S3,000 1,600XP S4,500 2,400XP
Hamburger Plant
[Level 36]
18 hours S132 S120 S800 1,860XP S1,200 2,788XP
[Level 6]
7 hours S137 S125 S800 600XP S1,200 900XP
[Level 14]
1 day 1LP 1LP S5,800 2,400XP S8,700 3,600XP
24-Carot Carrot
[Level 21]
5 hours 2LP 2LP S2,200 100XP S3,300 148XP

Let me know if the levels need updating, I unlocked them all a long time ago!

*Plant at your own risk! Some seeds you can plant on the garden patch have a green monster triangle symbol on them, this means that they could turn into a sim eating plant instead of the plant. If this happens you will not earn the simoleons or XP you would have got if it didn’t turn into a sim eating plant and you will have to negotiate with it for 3 minutes before you can use the patch again. Although you can usually watch an advert now to get a reward rather than negotiating with it, but it isn’t the full amount and you don’t always get this option.

Baking Table coming soon!


The Sims Mobile- Wumples Wishlist 19 Quest

Presented by EA GameChangers



Wumples has come from The Sims Freeplay to see what is going on in The Sims Mobile and she has brought with her a new quest Wumples Wishlist! Completing this limited time quest in the 5 day time limit unlocks the dry oh my towel rack, sweeping beauty broom and 10 fashion gems.

This quest is slightly different as it has Chapters, you have a chapter to complete each day, if you complete a chapter within 24 hours you will need to wait for the next day for the next chapter to begin. Chapters will continue to unlock even if you haven’t finished the previous one so once you have completed the previous chapter the next one will begin straight away.

1 Wumples is back with a new batch of quests for you! Earn 25 simoleons S10
2 Time to show off your home on Simstagram! Tap a home item to take a photo S10
3 The town council has a survey for you about how often you’d like to take surveys. Take survey about surveys

Costs 20 Energy

4 It’s fun to think about future trips! Discuss dream vacations

Takes 1 hour 

5 My Wumples suit is wumply. Can you help me get it dry-cleaned? Tap a sofa to help Wumples

Costs 50 Simoleons

6 Improve your life by doin’ stuff! Complete 2 standard events S10
2 WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW Each day a new chapter is unlocked to continue the quest 10XP
1 Let’s help out Emily! Complete all LlamaZoom tasks S10
2 We can’t be the only ones who ‘gnome’ the truth! Discuss gnome theories 5 times

Costs 25 Energy (5 each)

3 Improve your life by doin’ stuff! Complete 2 standard events S10
4 There’s been another llama flu outbreak! Wash Llama Flu germs away

Costs 10 Energy

Takes 1 hour

5 Don’t forget self-care! You deserve a relaxing shower Wash away problems in shower S10
3 WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW Each day a new chapter is unlocked to continue the quest 10XP
1 I could use a snack. Could you grab something for me? Find Wumples a snack

Takes 15 minutes

2 You do you. But also do events! Complete 2 long events S10
3 I’m dangerously undercaffinated. Would you get me a coffee? Tap a sofa to order Wumples a coffee

Costs 300 Simoleons

4 It’s time to vote in the town meeting! Fill out your election ballot

Costs 25 Energy

5 Improve your life by doin’ stuff! Complete 2 standard events S10
6 The cafe is looking for open mic acts Rehearse hilarious jokes

Costs 25 Energy

Takes 4 hours

4 WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW Each day a new chapter is unlocked to continue the quest 10XP
1 Help keep our community dust-bunny free! Sweep up

Costs 5 Energy

Takes 30 minute

2 Let’s prep healthy meals in advance! Meal prep! (click on a counter)

Takes 2 hours

3 In the event of having free time.. do an event! Complete 4 short events S10
4 Salads are healthy plus an upper body workout to make! Tap a counter to make a salad S10
5 Your fridge is almost out of apples! Tap a table to order apples

Costs 150 Simoleons

6 Improve your life by doin’ stuff! Complete 2 standard events S10
5 WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW Each day a new chapter is unlocked to continue the quest 10XP
1 Let’s help out Emily! Complete all LlamaZoom tasks S10
2 Wow! That last season of Popular Fantasy Series was amazing! Post fan theories online using a table

Costs 15 Energy

Takes 2 hours

3 There’s nothing sadder than unrequited love between a lamp and a moth. Check lamp for moths S10
4 It’s good to learn about where you live! Read up on the town’s history

Takes 15 minutes 

5 Take a little time to enjoy life with your sims. Complete 3 long events S10


If you complete this quest in the time limit you will unlock the towel rack, broom and 10 fashion gems:

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