PLEASE READ: Polite Notice and Important News

Polite Notice- PLEASE READ

I really didn’t want to have to write this but it needed to be said, please take the time to read this.

This is to address the complaints from people that their question hasn’t been answered as quickly as they think it should or that I haven’t posted a complete guide to a quest the moment it is released.

This site is entirely written by one person and I do so in my spare time without any financial gain. As well as working on this site I am in full time education, studying for upcoming exams and doing things a normal 20 year old should do.

I enjoy playing the sims freeplay and helping you all, most people are really great and I really appreciate those who have nothing but nice things to say and I want to especially thank those who have supported me by contributing so I can continue to update and improve this site- please know that I am very grateful and this isn’t directed at you!

But there are several people, not just one or two, who spoil it by being rude or expecting me to reply within seconds and it really does get to me and if it continues all comments will be turned off.

Quests are posted and comments are replied to as soon as I possibly can. I get hundreds of comments each week, most of which can be answered quickly but some require more time.

Some people seem to think that I work for EA and have all the answers, I don’t, I just play the game like you so I start quests at the same time as you and if I don’t know something you ask, I make a note of it and try and find it out for you instead of just unhelpfully saying that I don’t know.

If you want a post on something I will usually leave your comment unanswered so I can reply with the link once I have created the post.

If your question is still awaiting moderation please just be patient– you have not been forgotten, its just that your question needs more time or information to answer than I currently have or I may have just had a busy day!

I do my best and 90% of my spare time is spent on this blog but it is incredibly frustrating and disheartening when I get constant negativity, I don’t ask for much but I do ask that you are kind to myself and others.

Thank you for your understanding



ALSO: As most of you have heard by now, my most up to date, best sims freeplay game recently crashed and I lost the whole game as it did not save to the cloud like it should have (YES I did back up to the cloud and I saved it regularly) I contacted EA and have been told there is nothing they can do (they have marked my issue as solved even though it is far from it, deeply unimpressed by their lack of empathy) and I will have to start a new game. I am devastated- I know it is just a game but 3 years of time, effort and money went into that to be told that its gone forever is disappointing to say the least! 

This happened during the Chocolate Egg Chase Easter Quest so I am now trying to catch up on another game, the post is still being updated with help from some very kind people who I cannot thank enough!

It will take some time to get another game up to the same standard as my lost game so please be considerate if I do not post anything for a while (if a quest or event starts during the time I am away I will do my best to get that posted up for you if I can complete it!)

I really don’t want to play the game at all right now but I cannot let you all down!

Thank you for taking the time to read this


7 thoughts on “PLEASE READ: Polite Notice and Important News

  1. I’m so sorry people have given you a hard time and even more that you lost your game. I love your posts. I’ve read your advice for awhile now. I’ve started a new game like a month ago on my android after my ipod got lost and at least for me I enjoyed a chance to get time limited prizes I missed the first time around. I’ve been building my town up in houses, sims , lp’s and money before anybody even thinks about finshing the 1st untimed quest at the very beginning of game after intro. Ive also read your list everyday so i can determine when i have enough resourses to get to the next untimed quest (preteens). Your site is amazing dont let others get you down. I would love if you wanted to be neighbors. I’ve been to the neighbor page but I’m not sure if the people are still active or how to add anyone on my android Sims game. At your convenience I’d appreciate advice even if you don’t want to be neighbors.

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate it

      Unfortunately I am unable to add anymore neighbours as my game center is full and facebook suspended my account but if you look on the neighbours needed page, under the section for the method you want to add players by you will see the heading: NEW, these are the usernames I have recently added so those ones are most likely to be the active ones, I hope this helps!

  2. Thank you for doing what you do. I have always found your tips to be very helpful. I don’t understand some people who think the world revolves around them. I’m in my mid 50s and am frequently surprised by the younger generation’s sense of entitlement. One question that I have is that after reaching level 55 is it worth continuing the game? I still don’t have enough resources for the monuments.

    • Thanks for this!
      Yes I think it is worth still playing, especially if you haven’t finished the monuments yet but they do keep updating and adding new quests and events so the game doesn’t really ever end

  3. I am overwhelmed by the amount of support I have received about this post- some of the comments actually made me very emotional. I won’t be publishing them but I have read every single one- I wish I had the time to reply to each one individually and let you know how much your kindness means to me
    You are all amazing and I cannot thank you enough! x

  4. When I updated the Sims free play, I lost the architecture feature, and was wondering if you knew how to help as EA has not replied back 😦
    Thank you for your time and sorry to read you lost your whole game.

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