PLEASE READ: Polite Notice and Important News

Polite Notice- PLEASE READ

I really didn’t want to have to write this but it needed to be said, please take the time to read this.

This is to address the complaints from people that their question hasn’t been answered as quickly as they think it should or that I haven’t posted a complete guide to a quest the moment it is released.

This site is entirely written by one person and I do so in my spare time without any financial gain. As well as working on this site I am in full time education, studying for upcoming exams and doing things a normal 20 year old should do.

I enjoy playing the sims freeplay and helping you all, most people are really great and I really appreciate those who have nothing but nice things to say and I want to especially thank those who have supported me by contributing so I can continue to update and improve this site- please know that I am very grateful and this isn’t directed at you!

But there are several people, not just one or two, who spoil it by being rude or expecting me to reply within seconds and it really does get to me and if it continues all comments will be turned off.

Quests are posted and comments are replied to as soon as I possibly can. I get hundreds of comments each week, most of which can be answered quickly but some require more time.

Some people seem to think that I work for EA and have all the answers, I don’t, I just play the game like you so I start quests at the same time as you and if I don’t know something you ask, I make a note of it and try and find it out for you instead of just unhelpfully saying that I don’t know.

If you want a post on something I will usually leave your comment unanswered so I can reply with the link once I have created the post.

If your question is still awaiting moderation please just be patient– you have not been forgotten, its just that your question needs more time or information to answer than I currently have or I may have just had a busy day!

I do my best and 90% of my spare time is spent on this blog but it is incredibly frustrating and disheartening when I get constant negativity, I don’t ask for much but I do ask that you are kind to myself and others.

Thank you for your understanding



ALSO: As most of you have heard by now, my most up to date, best sims freeplay game recently crashed and I lost the whole game as it did not save to the cloud like it should have (YES I did back up to the cloud and I saved it regularly) I contacted EA and have been told there is nothing they can do (they have marked my issue as solved even though it is far from it, deeply unimpressed by their lack of empathy) and I will have to start a new game. I am devastated- I know it is just a game but 3 years of time, effort and money went into that to be told that its gone forever is disappointing to say the least! 

This happened during the Chocolate Egg Chase Easter Quest so I am now trying to catch up on another game, the post is still being updated with help from some very kind people who I cannot thank enough!

It will take some time to get another game up to the same standard as my lost game so please be considerate if I do not post anything for a while (if a quest or event starts during the time I am away I will do my best to get that posted up for you if I can complete it!)

I really don’t want to play the game at all right now but I cannot let you all down!

Thank you for taking the time to read this

Please Read- Copyright Information

I have recently been shocked to learn that someone has been copying my sims freeplay posts onto their website as if they were their own.

I would just like to inform everyone that copying my posts and using them as your own is stealing and illegal, just because its on the internet doesn’t make it free to use as your own and it is breaking copyrighting laws.

My posts take hours to plan and write up, all that time and effort for it just to be copied in seconds is unacceptable and I will take action on anyone who does this.

If any of my posts are on your website please remove them immediately or include ‘written by The Girl Who Games, taken from’ at the top and bottom of each post before further action is taken.

If you like my posts and would like to add one to your website please ask my permission first.

Sorry for the need for this post.

Thanks for reading!

Email and Twitter Information!

I have set up an email address and twitter account for those of you who would like to use those options to ask me questions, get advice or just to stay up to date with my blog!


If you have any questions or screenshots:

For example, when I set up a competition such as: your best house in sims freeplay you can send me a screenshot via this email!

Or maybe you just want to share your sims freeplay house that you are really proud of and I might post it!

Twitter: @TheGirlWhoGames

If you follow me on twitter you can get updates of my posts right on your timeline! Making it easy to stay up to date with your favourite games and news! Aswell as being able to ask me questions quickly and easily!


Thanks for reading!

Hello and Welcome!


Welcome to my new blog, The Girl Who Games

This blog is mainly going to be about the iPad games that I play, my opinion on them and tips and tricks to get you to level up and just help you do better at those games

I have a top 5 list of games that I play EVERYDAY:

-Fashion Story

-The Sims Freeplay

-Bakery Story

-The Simpsons Tapped Out

-Restaurant Story

You may have noticed they are all simulation games (creating your own shops, houses or places) that will be because these are my favourite types of games!

So definitely follow my blog if you need any help with one of those games- you can also ask me questions by leaving a comment (:

Thanks for reading!