RESULTS: Do you want EA to add more profession careers?

It turns out that players do want more profession careers!


Not me though..


In my opinion I have enjoyed the game a lot less since these professions have been added and if I wasn’t blogging about this game I wouldn’t complete these careers. I was so excited about the police update and I loved the idea of the new professions but I really don’t think it works the way it currently is.

I have spent a lot of the summer glued to my game to try and get as much done as possible before I start back at college as there is no way I am going to be able to complete the quotas to earn the resources needed to build and upgrade my workstations when I am busy all day.

I get that this is meant to be a long term mission but some people only have time to play for an hour or so a day- if you can’t spend more than a few hours playing you are not going to be able to complete the quota any day so will be unable to build any of the workstations as they all require a lot of resources to build. I really think there needs to be another way to earn a larger amount of resources- also I love the idea someone suggested of carrying over the quota to the next day!

Also sims often come in who you are unable to help yet as you have unlocked a workstation but haven’t managed to build it yet. It would be great if these sims didn’t show up until the workstation is built.

The finally issue I am going to mention is the timings for tasks- they get so long! How you are meant to complete the quota without having to use LPs when several sims need help with an hour task (or even longer!) I have no idea!


EA please turn this back into a game- instead of a full time job!


46 thoughts on “RESULTS: Do you want EA to add more profession careers?

  1. I completely agree with everything you say and I’m not looking forward to the doctor/nurse profession being the same! In my film studio I have to help two important sims but have not had these sims (with question mark above) come to the studio in the last three days. I feel like giving up!

    • Same with me. When I had a chance to play for a whole day, I used LPs to speed up the tasks and cancel the shift when it’s 14/15 and sent them to work again. Still no important sim until 8/15 so before working on that, I cancelled the shift again because I figured there is no way another important sim is coming on the last 7. The second important sim came when it’s 9/15. I spent a lot of LPs though.

  2. I totally agree with you. Thank you for being so clear in your exposition. Hope EA accepts your suggestions.

  3. I agree with you. Unfortunately EA seem to have been taking steps to monetise the game over the past year or so in order to generate income. This means that you will be needing to use LPs etc more and more. LPs should really be needed to speed things up rather than needed to get things done. Hope your next year at college goes well.

  4. I agree. The idea was very nice but the resources one has to build up to continue with the professions is quite large. the fact that sims to help require rooms i haven’t built yet is frustrating and I cant completely help them. I do them when I have time but as I am also in school I usually just send my Sims to work before my day and help them out if I have the time.

  5. I agree With you 100 % . I am a college student to . The Sims free play is the only game that I play and it’s hard cause I don’t have to time to complete the police station and other things . Ps : you have been helpful when I play the sims . I always use your blogs when I am lost in the game . Thank you , Tori

  6. Fully agree 100%. And if you save resources to build stations, you run in to storage issues. I love this game, but as you said, it’s become frustrating because of the time and complication with these new careers. Love the idea, but it needs to be simplified.

    Sheryl Osborn Sent from my iPhone


  7. I fully agree with you on the professions. I work on them one day a week. It’s very time consuming and boring.

  8. I don’t enjoy the game as much as before these professions had been added. I get stressed because I have to help so many sims. And I didn’t not have time to play the game so much as these professions demand. And I have expired that my sims gets old too fast. It’s impossible to make it to lever 10 at the police station before my sims are seniors.

  9. Dear Girl Who Games, I agree with you! I use SIMS Freeplay for relaxing from work. I cannot play these new professions all the time when I have to tend to work and family. I would like to see SIMS Freeplay as a game, not a profession. Thanks!

  10. Totally agree with you on the suggestions for improvement, these issues are truly frustrating. I do enjoy the professions, though and don’t want them to be too easy. But they could use some tweaking. Really think you’re wonderful for doing this, best wishes for a successful college year!

  11. I agree, the professions are annoying and take far too long. how can you see 25 people in 8 hours when one task takes 1hr!

    • I think the developers want us to use lifestyle points which means real money. I have given up the police station and the film studio too. Haven’t even built the railway station. And will probably no built it at all. The game has become boring.

  12. I have to agree with everything you said, I stopped playing a while ago as it was taking way too long and I really don’t have the time to spend hours on the game

  13. I agree about the professions. Though they are kind of fun, at first, there is way too much to do to complete and update the work stations. I have a full compliment of 10 sims cooking constantly, and there are no where near the amount of LPs needed. It really feels like EA are trying to get people to spend money. I am ashamed to admit that I did buy some LPs (it was summer, and I got over-invested) and they are all gone. It would be great if they made the professions a little less taxing (pun intended). Also, it is strange to me that the movie careers (at least in my version) require “helping” 15 Sims to finish early, but the Police careers take 25.

  14. Your comments are spot on. The professions would be more fun if they were more easily attainable. It would help if the “cost” to increase storage was less or you got more storage for the cost. I realize that EA is trying to make more money by “strongly encouraging ” the monetary purchase of LP. EA needs to remember that their audience is mult-generational and not all can afford to buy the large number of LP’s needed to progress in the game.

  15. I agree with you! I had to stop playing because of all the updates, they’re too time consuming!

  16. Completely agree!
    I am frustrated with both the Police and Movie Studio. In the police station, once you open up some of the advanced stations, there is no possible way to complete a shift and achieve the quota without spending Lifestyle points. And that ultimately means spending real money. There just literally isn’t enough time in 8 hrs to do this. Even with maxing out upgrading to lower time. The quota should be lowered to 15 like the Movie a studio.

    As far as the Movie Studio, my problem there is storage. The storage is constantly full because very early (1250—>1300 cost 40,800) it was very expensive to upgrade, so it took a lot longer. (I thought this was actually a mistake in my game because other players showed a different “cost” for upgrading). In the mean time, resources couldn’t be collected during the shift, and at the end of the shift the “bonus” resources were added to the storage literally going way over the limit! I swapped what I could, and upgraded what I could, but at some point you hit the wall.
    Two impossible situations, created to force the player to spend real money. And I get it…ultimately they are trying to make money, regardless of calling it “Freeplay”, and I have spent a few dollars here and there. But giving a player the option to further the game along or to satisfy a players impatience is one thing; but requiring a player to spend money to “win” the game is not OK.

  17. I agree 100% the game has turned into a job. Would be nice if everything didn’t take so much time and resources to complete.

  18. I agree with you. I can’t spend that much time on the game, and I find that I can’t get enough experience pts to get more space from working. I have only been able to update once in the police station, and not at all with the movie job. EA needs to change how we gather items and storage.

  19. Totally agree with you. While I like the proffesions, I don’t have all the time to devote to them that is needed to progress

  20. I totally agree with you. I hardly play anymore. I don’t have time to do these professions and I’ll never have enough resources to build other workstations! Thanks for your comments!

  21. Totally agree! The game is no longer fun. Everything takes way too long to complete. The storage at the Movie Studio fills quickly and the amount of resources for the upgrades are getting to be too much. Getting ready to quit the game.

  22. I just want to thank you on all your points. My frustration levels get so high with the fast pace and too much to do all at once, that what once was a release and escape from anxiety, now provides little positive relief.

  23. I agree that these careers are a big pain when it comes to getting the quotas. It’s annoying and I spend WAY too much time on it. My specialized sims are only on level 7 now and I can only imagine how much worse it’s going to get.

    That being said – I have found something that has helped me tremendously. When you need more resources, send sims to work who are NOT specialized. (You can send your two specialized sims to work either offsite or later so that they can still work towards leveling up.) In my game so far, when I have sims who aren’t specialized, I get people who need help with only the first three basic tasks.
    Sometimes I have one or two (once even three) people who are stuck from before because they have tasks that my mom-specialized sims can’t complete. But every new person that comes for help so far only has tasks that everyone can complete. And if I keep coming back with non-specialized sims, sometimes the people who were “stuck” just disappear. I was able to complete the 25 tasks for the police department three times so far today (in less than 6 hours) and I’m on my third round for the movie studio right now, about to finish up. It really helps get you the resources you need, plus the coins to buy more storage!

  24. I totally agree with this, the professions are just becoming a hassle in my mind. New ones would be great just not the same style

  25. I agree! I barely play the game now. I really lost interest after spending so much time on the police career and getting nowhere with it.

  26. You have a point. It has become like a job. I’ve stopped playing it so often, I just don’t have the time lol.

  27. I enjoy the idea of the professions and progressing through. But got to level 8 in both professions and can’t progress because of the task requirements. And the amount of items needed to open the new rooms

  28. I agree with you completely. I like the professions but it gets so long that I don’t have the time. The police station so far isn’t bad for me but I’m level 7 the actor is already hard and I am level 7. I don’t know about rest but it’s already hard enough for me to keep up on quest that are timed let alone the work too.

    Level 28 but still on level 15 quest.

  29. I think that of the entier Sims franchise the jobs have always been hated because it’s very time consuming, now they are making it even more time consuming than ever!! I really dont like the way prefessions work and I agree with this post 100%. I just cant play for that much time! And buying LPs are any other things with real money is way too expensive for me (or at least in my country it is).

  30. I agree with you. I have a job and can not play enough to complete these. I was excited, but have found myself not playing s much anymore.

  31. Movie Studio can’t be played under these conditions. People leveled up to professions that are almost impossible to unlock, the income for jobs is not enough to increase storage capacity. So, workers doing nothing and items being lost. The Police Station is still working, but meeting the necessary tools to continue unlocking jobs is too high and getting them too slow. Only a VIP could play these new professions. I can’t afford paying money to continue playing which is so sad because this is the best game ever! I click all the ads! That should have a reward other than the actual ones and be replaced for things that allow us to have these two new stations working well. I’ve just unlocked the Train Station and I suppose it will be the same, hope not.

  32. I’m so frustrated with the entertainment career. I unlocked the costume station but when I click on the people with 3D glasses it says I can’t because the costume station isn’t built. But when I look at what I need for the costume station it says I need 300 (or something) 3D glasses. I need more popcorn but it keeps giving me 3D glasses which it won’t let me click on.

  33. Yes, it takes a long time for some of the tasks to complete in professions… yet, let’s say you have 8 police officers… 2 of them will level up to specialize, while the others will only get to level 6. So… if you want to focus on getting enough resources… use 2 sims that are not specialized at the same time. The sims that need help will come out with only the 3 basic tasks that don’t take a long time. In this way, 2 officers can usually finish up in less than 1.5 hours. It’s a little longer for the movie people, but not much. So unless I need badges for the other specialized players I don’t usually use them.

  34. Totally agree with blogger. I think players just like seeing new work places. But the tasks are ridiculous and unrealistic. Also, boring. Unless there is real money rewarded, it shouldn’t be soo time consuming and hard to level up, For ex. It says you cant even see any kind of progress of your workstation until you complete a long period of work.

  35. I totally agree when the professions first started the tasks lengths were reasonable and I could easily complete the 25 tasks in a shift. but now, the length of tasks has grown exponentially and now i can barely get to 13 completed tasks before the time runs out. (police update) the film set has even longer tasks but at 15 is just about manageable on some days but most time only again get to 13 tasks. I’ve just started the medical profession and I can’t comment on it as of yet. But this professions tasks is just pointless timewasting now. It’s not feasible to complete unless you do nothing but the professions and play constantly. It means I often miss or come very close to the end of the week before i can complete the weekly tasks as u spend all your time on these professions. What a terrible update from EA

  36. Look like most of us here are in agreement with you. Luckily i managed to built everything in police station and that because of glitch before the movie update. However, i had to restart the police profession since am not getting the reward(the outfit) after the update. Since then i finished upgrading all workstation. Until today i’ve yet to reach level 9. It’s annoying because i get the reward(the outfit) for movie studios but not police station and yeah it’s impossible to complete police shift without spending LPs even when you have every workstation at level 20. As for the resource, i’ve yet able to build General Practice in hospital and unable to get badge for 3 freaking days now. I’m stuck at collecting specific resources for both specialisation.

    To EA, you still not fixing my hobby ending early issue.

  37. I agreed with bella ting: I decided it took a while doing only 2 Sims leveling up in a profession. With the professions : just use the Sims as grinds. (Like use 6-10 sims no life dreams assigned) it is so fast (45 minutes for police (25 needed interactions) if all but 2 are lvl 6/below) Get the coins instead of resources to farm the resources. And it collects the coins to increase storage. But you do have to have 2 specialization to open up rooms.
    Whenever a resource you need pops up cancel shift and start the shift of the other sims that need that resource.
    I have not used LP for the police nor movie studio.

    My question is – if anyone knows, after lvl 10 is achieved, any purpose of keeping the resources or said professions?

    • Once you have reached level 10 and built all the workstations there really doesn’t seem to be any need to keep sending your sims to work to help sims during the day, you could just send them to work off site like normal careers.

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