San Francisco!

In case you haven’t seen from my Twitter or missed the notification on my home page I am currently in San Francisco at the EA headquarters!
I arrived on Monday after my first ever flight (11 hours= boredom!) and with the 8 hour time difference it is currently Thursday and I am still suffering from jet lag- I keep waking up at 3am and my body thinks it’s time for lunch! However I can’t really complain as I am having an amazing time here! The weather has been like Summer and I actually got sunburnt on the way to the Golden Gate Bridge- anyone from England will know that October is coooooold!

This trip is an amazing experience and I feel so privileged to be apart of this and I cannot thank EA enough for this opportunity. I have loved meeting people who are as passionate as me about gaming!

So obviously I haven’t had the chance to really play my game yet for the Halloween update but I know the quest is the Night of the Candy Monster Quest again like last year- ( this post may be slightly different to this years but I will update if possible and create a post on what has changed in this latest update as soon as I can once I return home! Time to start my last full day here before I start heading home ๐Ÿ™‚


UPDATE: This years Night of the Candy Monster Quest post is now available here! I haven’t completed it myself yet but the first three sets of goals are up to date, if you notice any changes in the last two sets please comment on the post and I will update it- thank you!


18 thoughts on “San Francisco!

  1. How exciting! Have a great time in my hometown! You are indeed lucky to be there in October, which is, strangely, the only month of the year that ever feels like summer in SF.

  2. Hi like you I’m British I’m from Wales but now live in Tennessee USA. Have a safe journey but enjoy


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  3. Wow what an amazing opportunity for you have a great time ! thanks for all you do for us

  4. Welcome to the Bay! I’m glad you’re enjoying our lovely city and surroundings!
    Nice! Hope you’re enjoying the Redwood shores area too and EA! My daughter spent two months there two Summers ago for a coding immersion program and loved the EA life. Meeting all these different EA employees and all was a great experience for her and I hope you will have a good one too!

  5. Well done! ๐Ÿ˜€You do an amazing job in supporting us gamers in our love of SIMS. Enjoy x

  6. Welcome to the San Francisco! I hope you’re liking the area. I grew up and still live in the area. It’s a great place to be!

  7. That’s so cool that you got to go to San Francisco! I’m so happy for you! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝโ˜บ๏ธ

  8. EA should be thanking you for the assistance you have given players in Freeplay. Without you, I would have given up on this game months ago (who wants to try 4 different 5-hour options to see which works, in a timed quest?). But I have persevered and am at Level 53 (refusing to complete the Life Dreams Legacy until EA let’s us opt-out of aging, lol)! I hope you have a wonderful time in the US. Again, thank you for the hours you’ve dedicated to make Freeplay a more enjoyable gaming experience for us all.

  9. Please post everything you did while in San Francisco. It must have been so much fun. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities.

  10. Do know that we expect a detailed report on your amazing rip! Snatch me a copy of the latest Mass Effect while you are at it! EA has my money already ๐Ÿ˜Š!

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