The Sims Freeplay Levels: I Need Your Help!

Hi everyone, I am currently putting together a catalogue of all the items available in buy mode on The Sims Freeplay including images and how to unlock them (either by levelling up or completing an event) It has been a long process and taken me a few months to get to this point but I am getting there! The issue is I am missing a few of the level up screenshots (see image below) so I don’t know what level some items unlock at

I am missing Level 41 so if anyone does screenshot the level up screens, showing all items you unlock (not just the first lot of items) I would really appreciate if you can email or tweet them to me so I can finish this post:

Thank you!


EA Play!

I’m back in America! This time I am in Hollywood, Los Angeles for EA Play!

EA Play allows players to get hands on with upcoming EA games such as the latest Need for Speed, FIFA 18 and of course I will be getting my first chance to play The Sims Mobile which I cannot wait for!

If you have got a ticket to the event then come and say hi! If not, the event will be broadcast live on so if you can’t be there in person you can still check out what is going on as well as find out about the upcoming EA games! I’ll post all about it when I get back including hopefully some footage of The Sims Mobile and my first thoughts.

Replies to comments will be a bit slow while I am away but I’ll do my best to stay connected with you all!

San Francisco!

In case you haven’t seen from my Twitter or missed the notification on my home page I am currently in San Francisco at the EA headquarters!
I arrived on Monday after my first ever flight (11 hours= boredom!) and with the 8 hour time difference it is currently Thursday and I am still suffering from jet lag- I keep waking up at 3am and my body thinks it’s time for lunch! However I can’t really complain as I am having an amazing time here! The weather has been like Summer and I actually got sunburnt on the way to the Golden Gate Bridge- anyone from England will know that October is coooooold!

This trip is an amazing experience and I feel so privileged to be apart of this and I cannot thank EA enough for this opportunity. I have loved meeting people who are as passionate as me about gaming!

So obviously I haven’t had the chance to really play my game yet for the Halloween update but I know the quest is the Night of the Candy Monster Quest again like last year- ( this post may be slightly different to this years but I will update if possible and create a post on what has changed in this latest update as soon as I can once I return home! Time to start my last full day here before I start heading home 🙂


UPDATE: This years Night of the Candy Monster Quest post is now available here! I haven’t completed it myself yet but the first three sets of goals are up to date, if you notice any changes in the last two sets please comment on the post and I will update it- thank you!